Keeping your precious Opal Jewelry safe and secure is essential to increase its shelf life and let the stone offer an immense amount of shine and reflect back light. The colorful Opal lets you express yourself and it will be giving you all the good reasons to showcase your royal status for a long while. Though, if you aren’t careful while handling your Opal, it will be giving you a real tough pill. These get broken easily and are considered highly fragile towards exposure to UV rays and high temperatures. There are a number of care tips that are flooded over the internet but here we will discuss only what experts have to communicate to you, to help you preserve your prized possession for a lifetime. Always remember your real opal rings are precious and should be given the much-required care.

Key Care Tips For Opal Jewelry

The opal jewelry looks new if you ensure the seven care tips are considered and follow as and when the situation asks for it. The tips are:

1. Keep it away from direct sunlight

Sunlight is not going to do any good to your precious Opal. You need to understand the fact, it will be harming your stone badly. The content of this mineral stone is 20-30% made up of H2O, which can get evaporated and the original type of the stone gets lost. It will look dull and would not be reflecting the light with shine as it usually did earlier. Your Fire Opal Ring needs to be away from sunlight as it too has water content which is essential to maintain its original form.

2. Wash your Opal Diamond after use

It should be religiously done by you. Every time you wear your aesthetic ring for a party or event. You need to clean it up after getting back from the party. It will help you to maintain the quality of the Opal and you will be able to wear it for a longer period of time. The process of cleaning is essential. You need to use warm water and a mild soap combination. Please note, avoid using hot water as it is not recommended for any jewelry. The combination of warm water and mild soap should be made in a bowl and your jewelry should rest in for a good 5 minutes, later use a soft bristle brush to clean it all and wash it under the freshwater to get rid of any possible dirt.

3. Securely Place Each of Your Opal Jewelry in Separate Jewelry Box

Your Opal Necklace needs to be placed in a specific jewelry box and should not be left in a cluster of pieces of jewelry. Such ignorance will cause scratches and the polish of your precious stone will get degraded. No value addition will be made to your product rather it will be getting all messed up. The thing that is to be noted is the inside of the box, it has to be soft clothe preferably padded from every corner. It will help you to maintain the moisture of the Opal pendant and you can easily get access to the same just by opening the secure box.

4. Always wear your Jewelry after You have applied make-up and body mist

It is the way celebrities and big banners keep their jewel the same way for long intervals. First get your make-up, hair-do, dress up and everything that is essentially done and then go for the jewelry. It will not get exposure to your products which can certainly harm it and worsen the condition of your precious jewelry. It is necessary to protect your jewelry from chemicals and products to maintain it’s natural form.

5. Try to keep it away from Harsh Chemicals

Opal men’s rings and every other jewelry have to be kept away from harsh chemicals. The detergents, hair color, bleaching agents, harsh soap, and any other form of product that has chemicals should be kept strictly away from your precious Opal. These can adversely harm your stone and can degrade the overall presence of your jewelry.

6. Keep a check over your Jewelry at regular Intervals

The Opal Jewelry is the one such possession that is adored by men and women and keeping it in the right condition is the responsibility of every owner. You need to keep a steady watch and maintain the condition of your jewelry every 6 months. If it is party wear, you need to check it and ensure it is in good condition, safe within the jewelry box.

7. Don’ forget to deep clean Regular opal Jewelry by an expert

Referring to an expert is a good thing to do. You certainly have to ensure that your jewelry is monitored by an expert at regular intervals. It will help you to keep it in a safe and sound position. It will be adding the much-required shelf life to your product.

We are dedicated to educating our customers about Jewelry care. We have a specific section that is dedicated to our mission. You can read it and understand each part that addresses jewelry care in detail. Happy Reading!

September 20, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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