Here is everything that you need to know about promise rings and its significance. So, the first thought that strikes to your mind while hearing the word promise ring is exactly the reason behind gifting it. It is given to make a Promise! People seem to attach promise ring with their partner only, but in a broad scenario, it is not the true case. Then? Whom can you give a promise ring exactly? Honestly, to anyone!

A promise ring meaning can be considered as the token of love and commitment, and you can offer it to friends, your lovely family member or your partner. A promise ring is simply given to show your adoration and loyalty towards the relationship you share with that person.

History Of Promise Rings in Brief

The concept of a promise ring is ongoing since the roman era as Romans has to wait fix amount of time before marrying. So, they used to give promise rings as a sign of their commitment in the course of that period. During the 14th century, posy rings came into existence, its band consist of engraved short poetic phases (Often written in French or Latin) signaling romantic feelings. 

The trend changed in the 19th century when “regard” and “dearest” were cleverly marked in acrostic rings. “Regard” consisted of emerald, ruby, garnet, amethyst, and diamond, while “dearest” was communicated with sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, tourmaline, and diamond. 

Modernization made the promise ring a precursor of engagement, indicating a midway guarantee of forever togetherness. 

What does it mean when you give your girlfriend a promise ring?

Although, a promise ring signifies devotion and loyalty toward your partner, it may also evoke her feelings and she might takes up a hint that you are going to get engaged with her as well. Because sometimes a promise ring is also known as a pre-engagement ring, and if you are planning to gift a promise ring to your girlfriend, do not forget to express your emotions.

Girls are filled with curiosity about what does a promise ring mean from a boyfriend? Well it is super special for them, as it intensifies their expectations from a guy after that. From a guy’s perspective, it is given when he is serious to take this committed relationship to a higher note.

When Should A Promise Ring Be Given? and What to say while giving it

There is no perfect moment to give a promise ring, if you are in love and you think it is the right time then don’t even wait for a second. Traditionally, if It has been long that you are together! and you want to take a step further without stating that you are engaged, then a promise ring will serve your purpose well. Although, there are no specific criteria for the symbolism of a promise ring because it has a different purpose for each couple. The immediate thought that runs through your mind with a word promise ring is - a pledge of immense love.

This is true because a promise ring demonstrates how much you adore your partner and how willing you are to stay with your partner.

Promise Ring Meaning - A ring symbolizing commitment and fidelity to your partner when you step ahead from dating casually to officially exclusive. This is the main purpose of promise ring, justify your commitment with your partner with a cute connotation.

Significance Of Promise Rings For Couples 

A promise of commitment and fidelity is made when you give (or exchange) a promise ring to your significant other. “A promise ring is an emblem of promise to ourselves and to god that we will remain pure till marriage”, stated Joe Jonas in an interview. Some couple may take their relationship to the next level by making a promise of forever and beyond with a promise ring, indicating an engagement in the future. Giving and receiving promise rings for some couples is considered as an announcement of their devotion and honesty till they are together.

Is a Promise Ring Serious?

For some people, it is a preconceived notion that a promise ring is signaling engagement, which is not true in every case. In most cases, a promise ring is a gesture of love between two people involved romantically at that time.

How a Promise Ring Look Like? and Promise Ring Styles

Though every one has their own preferences and choices when it comes to rings, but it is fundamental to know the basic difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring. Promise rings are minimal, often features heart symbol and infinity knots to symbolize the honesty of love and devotion. While, engagement rings are heavy, can be vintage and halo.

Promise Ring Styles - Heart, Plain Bands, Interlocking, Minimal Solitaire Gemstone, Engravings and Infinity Knots are the diverse types of promise rings. Choose what your girlfriend would love to adore on her finger.

Do you kneel for a promise ring?

You should make your promise ring proposal quite special, but that does not mean you have to kneel down for it. Traditionally, the answer to this is absolute no! It will be quite skeptical for your partner and she might take it as a marriage proposal.

Promise Ring Finger - Ideally, a promise ring can be worn on the ring finger of either hand. It is your choice on which hand you are more comfortable putting it.

How do you pick a promise ring?

You must be well aware about the choices when it comes to trend and fashion. But if that is not the case, try observing her jewelry pieces for few days and you will be able to make a fair decision.

Gifting a promise ring to your girlfriend is probably the most romantic sign one can do to strengthen the relationship. But how to pick a promise ring for girlfriend is a daunting task, well, don’t be troubled. Firstly, decide the metal that suits your girlfriends’ personality, then finalize the style and setting of the ring. Most couples choose a heart symbol to express their love but the design of your choice can also be the case. A minimal solitaire ring would also look elegant. You can also pick a promise ring for her that has her birthstone, it will be surprising and cute gift for her. A personal message engraving would melt her heart for sure!

Note - Make sure the the promise ring you are giving should not look like an engagement ring, because it may cause a misunderstanding too!

How much should a promise ring cost?

Every planning plotting is done but you are perplexed about the price of promise ring! Take it easy, we have sorted it too. You can sit back and relax while choosing a promise ring for your partner without worrying too much about the expense. To buy a promise a ring, you need not to loose much from your pocket, unlike engagement ring that costs few thousand dollars, a promise ring will only cost few hundred dollars. Promise ring are super affordable and an average couple spends not more than $400 on a promise ring.

Buy a stunning, cute and minimal promise ring for her, and promise her to be love her with all your heart.

What do you do with your promise ring after your engagement?

Preference is all yours! If you have work the promise ring on the finger ring then after an engagement ring, you can switch it’s place. You can also put it on a chain and wear it as a necklace. If your promise ring is a stackable piece, then you can stack it with your engagement ring too. It is all optional, but if you wish to put it away safely then it is completely fine to do so.

How long you should wait for engagement ring after giving a promise ring?

It is all up to you and your partner! Sit down, relax and discuss how to take things further with your partner and then plan for a marriage proposal. An open discussion is a healthy one, so, do not take any decision forcefully.

Extras : Do Guys Wear Promise Ring?

There is no specific rule that promise rings are just for women. In fact, is is common for a guy to wear a promise ring simply to share his devotion for commitment. Many times, couples find matching promise bands to showcase their love and intimacy.

Have A Look At Rosec Jewels’ Bestseller Promise Rings -

Here we are mentioning the best of our promise rings collection. Choose from our wide range for promise rings for him and her and surprise your significant other. If you want to give (or wear) a promise ring, you can opt for it directly from here.

1. Showcase Your Eternal Love With Infinity Promise Ring

It is probably the best kind of promise ring to gift to a person whom you intend to love forever. These infinity promise rings connote love that never fades, an unspoken commitment, and enormous faith. The distinctive style of infinity promise rings is eye-catching. Once you get engaged with your partner, you can also stack these promise rings to your engagement ring. 

2. You Have My Heart Promise Ring

Now that your heart belongs to your partner, what’s a better way to say it than the heart promise ring itself? You and your partner’s acceptance of lifelong commitment and protection are represented by this pure heart ring. You can opt for a simple diamond heart ring or any gemstone heart ring (according to your partner’s preference) to portray your devotion to your significant other.

3. Enchanting Floral Promise Ring 

Flowers are fascinating gifts for women, they depict innocence, new beginnings, and reverence. These flower promise rings have the same purposes and you can never go wrong in picking a floral ring as a promise ring for your partner. Opt from simple diamond flower rings or gemstone ones, your ring selection would impress your lady. You can also choose a freshwater pearl flower ring for your partner if she is a pearl fanatic.

4. Solitaire Promise Ring For Your One And Only

“I love you” and “you are my one and only princess”, trust me, your lady loves to hear it over and over again. So, why not say it with a “solitaire” promise ring, which she will love to keep on wearing every time? You know how your lady wants her promise ring right? Whether she wants a simple solitaire ring or a crossover band with it. If she is likely to choose a promise ring with Celtic details, you can easily find her choice of promise ring in our collection.

5. Withstand Your Bond With Three Stone Promise Ring

The symbolic meaning of three stone ring is to represent the couple’s past, present, and future. Many celebrities have opted for three-stone engagement rings because of their denotation. It is a thoughtful choice for a promise ring too! You can go for a distinctive style and gemstone of your choice while selecting three stone promise ring that connotes your love and loyalty to your partner.

6. Distinctive Promise Ring For Your Unique Bond

Unique promise rings are captivating, they serve a purpose of love and devotion without interfering with her style statement. Distinctive chic promise rings are popular as well because of their minimal appeal. If you want to gift a promise ring that never goes out of style, then these creative rings can be your best friends! 

Again remember! Do not get caught up the between a promise ring and an engagement ring. Although the symbolism is love, devotion, and loyalty both have their significance. A promise ring may lead to future engagement (not necessarily) but an engagement ring symbolizes a commitment to be forever together. A promise ring connotes that you want to take things to another level and you are romantically involved with your partner.

Prevent yourself from the confusion between a promise ring ans eternity ring as well, because there is a fine line between these two. You can simple give promise ring to the people near and dear to you, while en eternity ring is meant to be given to the one you think is your eternal partner. A promise ring is a great gesture to celebrate love and to showcase the importance of your partner in your life. Choose a promise ring according to your partner’s preference and mark your new beginnings.

November 02, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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