Moonstone, the stone of the moon, aptly resembles its physical and internal nature. It is made from the minerals of the earth and contains earthy elements, but it appears like a moon that shines bright in the sky. Anyone seeking calmness and rest in life should consider wearing this gem, which is one of a kind. It is plain, but its blue and sometimes rainbow shimmer make this stone very appealing to the eyes. The stone is known for its adularescence effect.

The moon represents feminine energy, and thus, this stone, which is considered a representative of the moon, is directly linked with divine feminine energy. The Ancient Romans saw a goddess of love in it. They connected the stone with fertility, sensuality, and the inner goddess. It is considered a very powerful stone for women as it takes care of all her issues, from the reproductive cycle to the hormonal system.

Moonstone for Women

Women inherit qualities like compassion, love, and wisdom. Apart from this, women are also highly sensitive and emotional beings as compared to men. Even every man has a feminine side filled with the aforementioned qualities. The sensitivity and emotional aspects, if not managed properly, can lead to high stress levels and hormonal issues. To flip those unwanted feelings, this stone comes to the rescue. It can aid in the rebirth of positive emotions such as patience, nurturing, care, intuition, and wisdom.

Here is a list of few of the many benefits of moonstone for a woman:

  1. Moonstone helps in restoring hormonal balance and takes care of emotional and physical instability that women face during PMS, menopause, and pregnancy.

  2. It is believed that the moonstone enables complication free child delivery. It also soothes the pain a woman faces during childbirth.

  3. The stone will help in curing indigestion issues by removing the toxins from the body and assimilating the nutrition.

  4. The moonstone will assist you in sliding into deep sleep. Insomnia causes irritation and restlessness, which results in disturbed hormones. So, wearing this stone can activate the pineal gland, which produces the sleep hormone.

  5. In addition to that, it can be used to prevent nightmares and promote good dreams.

  6. As women like to stay youthful and energetic and look their best, moonstone helps them rejuvenate and recharge their bodies. The moon symbolizes beauty as it renews itself every month. By recharging your stone on the full moon, you can also experience the feeling of being refreshed.

  7. The stone helps with releasing anger and frustration locked within. Legends believe that if you don’t let go of anger inside, the stone will lose its luster.

  8. This stone can help you embrace change and be more accepting. You learn to align yourself with the rhythm of nature and go with the natural flow of life rather than creating resistance.

  9. The stone clears your energy field, creates elevating and joyful vibrations by removing negativity and creating a protection cover against it.

  10. The stone helps any woman to tap into her inner wisdom and already present intuition, thus helping her to become more determined and purposeful in life.

The stone is made up of the same essence as a woman's body. So, if any woman were to be gifted a gemstone, nothing could be better than a moonstone. Its soothing effect and mystical qualities will help her feel her best. Also, She can choose to wear it as a moonstone ring, bracelet, necklace, or simply carry it in her bag. In every form, it will guide her to the right path of growth and healing.

Be it men or women, both need to have a balance of yin and yang, feminine and masculine. If one dominates the other, one starts experiencing imbalances in their expression and quality of life. The moonstone aids in achieving the necessary balance of both energies.

July 05, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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