Moonstone comes from the family of feldspar minerals. It is known for its adularescence phenomenon, the glow that appears to be packed inside the gemstone. The finest quality moonstones have a sheen of blue color on a colorless background. The stone has been used in fine jewelry by some very well-known designers of the Art Nouveau era, such as René Lalique and Louis Comfort Tiffany. Though the stone has always been part of history but it gained momentum during this period as the focus was on mystical stones instead of traditional ones. With a gap of brief period in between, it became popular again during the 1960s "flower child" movement and with designers of the 1990s.

Asularescence sometimes displays a cat’s eye or an asterisk effect. The gem has sparkling bluish rays, but in the presence of light, it shines with a pearly glow. And when moonstone is moved, the beautiful iridescence seems like the moonlight falling slightly behind the clouds.

It comes in multiple colors like blue, green, peach, pink, champagne, gray, and green, though white and colorless with blue or rainbow sheen remain the most valuable ones. Moonstones can be found all across the globe, but the finest variety comes from India, Sri Lanka, the USA, Australia, Madagascar, and Myanmar.

Moonstone Zodiac: June Birthstone (Gemini)

Along with pearl and Alexandrite, moonstone also acts as the June birthstone and is assigned to the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Geminis are youthful, active, and full of energy. But their restless, indecisive, and anxious nature can be a reason for trouble. Their birthstone, moonstone, gives the required intelligence and inner guiding light that helps in taking confident and clear decisions.

Moonstone blesses them with prosperity and intense passion, which helps them to overcome their inconsistency and lack of interest. Being filled with moonlike qualities, it helps in creating balances between the yin and yang sides of personalities, between the negative and positive sides of the mind. This balance is beneficial for Gemini’s judgmental nature, which stops them from looking at positives. The stone is known to make the person calm and grounded, which is essential for June borns because of their impulsive and flighty nature. Effortless healing happens once you wear the moonstone birthstone. It detoxifies the digestive system, revitalizes the blood cells, and opens the heart to new possibilities.

Myth and Legend of Moonstone

Ancient Romans and Greeks

Along with the Hindus, ancient Romans also believed moonstone is composed of moonlight. The mere appearance and lack of proper research made them hold onto the belief. On observing the gem closely, one will see a constant movement of light hidden on the insides of the stone. The Ancient Greeks and Romans saw the goddess of the moon and love inside it.

Hence, Greeks merged the names of the goddess of love, Aphrodite and the goddess of the moon, Selene and named Moonstone as "Aphroselene". For them it was a gemstone of femininity, romance, dream emotions, rejuvenation, intuition and sleep. It is known as an aphrodisiac and when worn by two people during full moon, the stone will make them fall passionately in love. Moonstone was also known as "Travelers' Stone". It was worn by mariners as an opulent way to stay protected while traveling by sea, especially at night.

Hindu Mythology

Moonstone has been considered a sacred stone in India. In age-old Hindu traditions and mythology, it was believed that a moonstone was embedded in the forehead of the Hindu deity Ganesh, the four-handed god of the moon. The magnificent gem was always placed on a yellow cloth, so that its sacredness was kept intact. Also, it was believed that moonstone is formed with solidified moonbeams as it reflects the same sheen.

As per other legends, moonstone can bestow the wearer with the gifts of prophecy and clairvoyance. It grows their wisdom and clears the mind from the clouds of confusion.

Asian Myth and Legend

As per Asian myth, the blue moonstones are brought by the tides only once every 21 years. Moonstone with a blue sheen is one of its most valuable varieties. It was used as amulets and hung from fruit trees to grow crops abundantly. They also used moonstone to cure insomnia. Another ancient lore says the moonstone is a talismanic gem for winter and is very auspicious if worn on Mondays.

In India, it was a tradition to gift moonstones at weddings as they symbolized love. They believed the gem would allow romantic partners to read their future. They also felt that the stone’s luster grew and weakened with the changing phases of the moon.

Ancient Asians thought the moving light inside the gem to be a live spirit. They believed if moonstone was given as a wedding gift for the thirteenth anniversary and every thirteen years after that, the gem would wash away the negative symbolism the thirteenth number brings with it.

The magnanimous stone has been mentioned in the Indian epic texts as well. As per one famous legend from Vedic history about the battle between Lord Vishnu and the demon Bali, when Vishnu breaks Bali’s body into pieces, the parts that fell on Earth transformed into different jewels and the sparkle in his eyes got converted into "Chandrakanta" (chandra is translated as "moon") or "Moonstone."

Presently, the stone is believed to help with the acceptance for change and the ability to go with the flow. No matter how you feel about it and for what purpose you decide to wear it, it will remain a gorgeous stone. You can find different styles and great variety in moonstone jewelry. Now, it is widely worn and loved by men and women of all ages.

September 29, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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