Garnet is a stone with rich symbolism, significance, and power. This symbol of love is a powerful agent in setting up things that are not going right for you. The vibrant and versatile garnet can fill anyone with confidence and sincerity. For ancients, the garnet amulet has been used for protection from enemies and evil spirits and garnet stone has been a token of love and friendship. Apart from these, it heals you from physical weakness and emotional turmoils.

Physical Healing Properties of Garnet

Physical Healing Properties of Garnet

Garnet is considered a mystical gemstone that has the power to remove all negative energy and heal the body via stabilizing the Chakras. The physical benefits of this stone are not limited which is mentioned in the following section.

  1. Detoxification and Purification

    Garnet is a stone that exudes physical healing properties like purifying and detoxifying the blood and keeping the process smooth, reducing chances of cardiac arrest, heart attack, increasing metabolism, and give strength to the lungs. This stone rejuvenates the whole human body and a stated a good stone for heart and lung health. 

  2. libido, metabolism stimulation, heart, and lungs.

    If you face issues regarding low libido or less desire for physical intimacy, then keeping the garnet stone close to you could be your savior. It’s a sexually charged stone that can transform your energy in that direction, making you feel more comfortable with your partner. The fierce red and orange color of Garnet will ignite the fire in you and its vital nature will grant you the required endurance and stamina.

    The stone, due to its red blood hue, detoxifies the body, regulates blood circulation, and keeps one’s heart healthy. It helps in building the metabolism once again and reboots the system. You will be able to easily absorb the nutrients that your body needs.

  3. Blood clotting, DNA regeneration, vitamin, and mineral assimilation

    Garnet is believed to assist in regenerating the whole body, metabolism simulation, and DNA generation. It helps the human body to absorb vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A, D, and E, magnesium, iodine, and calcium. Garnet Gemstone is a great helper in balancing cardiac rhythm and helps in curing arthritic pain and rheumatic pain

Mental Properties Of Garnet

Mental Properties Of Garnet
  1. Emotional protection, mental illness, hopelessness, courage, Positivity, and support

    Garnet helps you to become a person of commitment. It helps you to become better at handling and dealing with relationships. When it releases toxins from your body, you not only feel physically fit but mentally stable too. As a result, you will be sorted and new. The wearer will feel freedom from negative and unwanted emotions of jealousy, self-doubt, and insecurity. You bond more closely with your loved ones.

  2. Grief, emotional pain, confidence, courage, and self-esteem

    The warmth of Garnet’s colors is highly uplifting. Whenever you feel fearful or insecure, you can use it as a talisman. It will help you overcome the emotional roller-coaster and low self-esteem. Hence, you will have a healthy approach to life and a positive point of view to be able to make the right decisions and not emotional ones.

  3. Balance, insecurity, revitalization, luck, love, and success

    For people who often feel lost during the crisis, the Garnet will make sure to pull you back from existential and emotional space. It helps you to find calm in chaos, ensuring you remain at your best to handle the situation, irrespective of how severe it is.

Chakra Healing Properties Of Garnet

Chakra Healing Properties Of Garnet

Garnet is connected to your Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Heart Chakra. By bringing this stone into your life, you can activate these Chakras if they are blocked.

  • The Root Chakra

    When this Root Chakra is in alignment, it will strengthen your individuality and self-worth. The key to happy living is being able to do things without fear and a sense of insecurity, and Root Chakra does that for you. It keeps you feel grounded and gives your stability both emotionally and physically. 

  • The Sacral Chakra

    By channeling your Sacral Chakra, your creative powers and passion are enhanced. This presents just below the pubic bone that is connected to the feeling of self-worth, pleasure, romanticism, and sexuality.

  • Heart Chakra

    The Heart Chakra presents just above the heart or center of the chest. Working on your Heart Chakra will fill you with love and compassion that will make you happier as a person. It is the middle Chakra in all 7 Chakras that helps in keeping stabilizing the lower and upper Chakras. 

Metaphysical Properties Of January Birthstone

Metaphysical Properties Of January Birthstone
  1. Commitment and Understanding

    Wearing a Garnet stone, help you in understanding the situation and let your think thoroughly that what exactly happening in your life. It improvising your thinking capability and give you the confidence to take the right decision to commit it. From the perspective of relationships and love life, it helps you to improve the bond between you two and give you a sense of commitment to take a strong decision. 

  2. Energy flow and Balance

    Garnet is a gemstone that is beneficial in creating a good balance between your emotions and energies that influences your whole body. This is majorly associated with boosting the mood and uplifting your spirit towards the positive aspect. Wearing Garnet Jewelry helps you to find your soulmate, and regain confidence and a new spark in your life.

  3. Friendship, negative thoughts, and bad dreams

    To deal with bad dreams or nightmares, you can keep this January Gemstone Garnet under your pillow and this helps in curing or healing anxiety and depression. This stone put your energy in the right and productive direction that is believed to bring, success, love, and achieving goals.

Wearing Garnet

Do you know that garnets have been used in bead jewelry since 3000 BC? Garnet bead necklaces and bracelets have been discovered in century-old tombs. In today’s time, garnet is commonly used as a gemstone in jewelry. Using it as jewelry is one of the best ways to feel connected with the force present inside the stone. You can wear it as a garnet bracelet, a garnet necklace, or even a garnet ring. Direct contact with the skin is essential for you to bask in its full glory.

The healing stones that can go well with your garnet are Obsidian, the passionate stone; Tourmaline, the protector stone; and Rose Quartz, the stone of love and passion. Grab this glorious stone and let go of all the impressions that are blocking your way to healthy and happy well-being. The way it led the way for Noah in the dark, will illuminate your path too. The gleaming energy of the gem can add vitality to anyone’s life, can fill anyone’s heart with warmth, and can help anyone rise above the mundane events of life.

September 28, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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