What is a January Birthstone?

January Birthstone, Garnet is a group of silicate minerals that has over 20 different varieties of garnet. These varieties are popularly known as species. These species are made of the same physical properties but different chemical properties. The usage of garnet, especially red garnet, has been prevalent since the bronze age. Its six primary species are named "Pyrope", "Almandine", "Spessartine," "Grossular," "Uvarovite" and "Andradite".

History of January Birthstone’s Symbolism

For the ancients, the January Birthstone was a symbol of blood, life force, protection, and Christ's sacrifice. Its most popular red color variety was called the "Carbuncle". The carbuncle has been mentioned in various religious and cultural texts where it is described as a stone that emits a bright light even in total darkness. Hence, garnets are known to light your path and help you travel through darkness.

Garnets were used as gemstones or abrasives. In earlier times, warriors and sailors wore garnets to prevent enemy attack because they believed it to be a protection stone. Some warriors used garnet pellets as their belief was that their red color would heal wounds and injuries. Clergy during the middle ages kept this as a symbol of Christ's blood and sacrifice.

As per Greek mythology, the stone was a gift of love and a token of friendship. Two friends or lovers would gift each other garnets while parting, to symbolize a safe return and union after the trip.

The rich stone has managed to attract people’s attention and the mythological stories around it have made it more symbolic, which continues till today. Its benefits have extended to the professional, spiritual, and physical realms of life.

Benefits of January Birthstone

  1. Boosts Professional Success

    Boosts Professional Success

    The belief says one who is pursuing success in work and business can place the garnet stone or crystal at their workplace. It will give the right push by bestowing the person with tremendous focus and determination. With a focused mind, you get clarity and new ideas too, to take your career to new heights.

    It will attract you more positivity and abundance, which will leave you a fulfilled person in professional and financial matters.

  2. Ignites Love and Passion

    Ignites Love and Passion

    The stone is known for passion, love, and intimacy. Having a garnet by your side helps you attract the love of your life. And if you are already in a relationship and struggling through it, then the red stone will help you to ignite that lost spark within you and your partner. You will feel closer to your partner. The stone was once described as the "frozen flame of the human heart."

  3. Eases Depression

    Eases Depression

    Being a stone of the root chakra, it makes your roots strong. In simple words, it makes you a person with a stronger identity by curbing your depression and fear. You will feel uplifted physically and emotionally. Low energy levels hamper growth and keep you emotionally miserable most of the time. Wearing garnet can improve your energy flow and make you feel rejuvenated. It is helpful in dealing with emotional trauma as well.Clears Writer’s Block

  4. Clears Writer’s Block

    Clears Writer’s Block

    Mediating on Garnet will help you overcome your creative block. Sometimes, due to a lack of inspiration and sometimes due to a clogged mind, we are unable to think clearly or come up with new ideas. The stone will provide you with maximum clarity at the right time. Therefore, writers can write with new energy, and people in other creative fields can also take similar benefits from it.

  5. Maintains Physical Health

    Maintains Physical Health

    There are many physical problems that are taken care of by the powerful garnet. Issues like low libido, poor blood circulation, and heart disorders. Its strong connection with the root chakra makes it excellent for reproductive health for both men and women. Because it draws energy from the earth, it can help with conceiving a child, addressing health issues during pregnancy, and renewing love, passion, and sexuality. And its connection with the heart chakra rejuvenates the circulation and prevents heart diseases.

  6. Uplifts Mental Health

    Uplifts Mental Health

    Garnet not only looks after your physical health, but also your mental health. By flushing out the toxins from your body, it makes your mind lighter and happier. You will no longer feel tormented by ill feelings such as jealousy, self-doubt, and insecurity. The warmth and life force inside the stone infuse the wearer with an uplifted state of mind. People who suffer from low self-worth and emotional vulnerability can also make use of it.

Grab this glorious stone and you will let go of all the impressions that are blocking your way to healthy and happy well being. The way it led the way for Noah in the dark, it will illuminate your path too. The gleaming energy of the gem can add vitality to anyone’s life, can fill anyone’s heart with warmth, and can help anyone rise above the mundane events of life.

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September 28, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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