Seriously who doesn’t want to flaunt their engagement ring and want to make people really envy with their brilliantly sparkling ring? Everyone right? So, here we are sharing tips on how can you elaborate your engagement ring without spending too much money on hefty carat size.

Wondering how is that even possible? well this is the magic of illusion, it can make your engagement ring appear bigger than its original carat size. Before heading any further let discuss, what is an engagement ring and what values it holds for you and your significant other? This is the basic question on which so many of us are pondering. The real meaning of an engagement ring, its importance, size, and appearance and later we will focus on what are the factors to enhance your engagement ring.

True Meaning Of An Engagement Ring

An engagement ring connotes an eternal promise to vouch for your partner, whose love makes you feel alive. It will perhaps be the most romantic expense for your significant other that you will ever buy. An engagement ring indicates that you and your partner are going to share a bond of commitment and devotion for a lifetime. 

We can say that exchanging engagement rings is a traditional way to pledge that you are going to be with your partner through thick and thin, no matter what! From your engagement day till eternity, you are vowing faithfulness, infinity, and perfection towards your soulmate.

How Does The Appearance Of An Engagement Ring Matter?

The context of appearance here is the timelessness of an engagement ring that you will bestow on your partner. An engagement is a precious piece of jewelry, that your partner will keep for a lifetime. Trends change and so do choices! It is better to plump for an engagement ring that speaks for enduring fashion.


It is essential to put thought into selecting an engagement ring for your partner as it is a considerable expense and it should be a deal-breaker. With time an engagement ring should remain the most exquisite piece that your partner will admire all her life. For lovers deciding their future together, it is a “be all, end all” choice and hence, it should withstand the test of time, and hence along with the value that it holds for you and your partner, its appearance also matters a lot.

Using a higher setting makes a diamond look Large?

Higher Setting Engagement Ring

Absolutely Yes! a high setting makes a gemstone or a diamond to sit high, resulting in increasing the wow factor. It helps in protruding the stone higher than your finger, and hence the center stone looks more captivating. With a high setting, you stone will appear more brilliant and sparkly as gemstone facets get more more light to filter.

White Gold Is One of Player in Saving Your Cost, See How?

Simply change your metal color to white gold. See. if your center stone is diamond and it is held by prongs, that are crafted in yellow gold or rose gold, it will unintentionally create a color difference, resulting in making your stone appear smaller than it actually is. The most conventional solution for this is switching your metal color to white gold? Firstly, it would not create a color difference, and secondly, it will enhance the stones’ appearance. This is best way you can opt for lesser carat stone by being in your budget.

Does a hidden halo make ring look bigger?

Beautiful Hidden Halo Ring

Adding a hidden halo to your ring is like doing a trick with magic wand, it makes the center stone appear 15% more bigger, in other words a hidden halo setting can make your center stone look bigger up to one and half carat larger, isn’t it a huge difference?

Although you wont be able to notice it from the top, but when when you watch it from the side angle, you will see a noteworthy difference in its appearance. And a hidden halo is not only used to make a stone appear bigger, but is also used to make a ring classy and stylish that it will make your finger stand out. Therefore, a hidden halo ring is worth definitely worth it!

Fine Setting that make Diamonds Look Bigger

A setting that surrounds diamonds’ circumference in a way that the stone appears big is one and only bezel setting, and it is used generally for round and oval diamond. Bezel setting also ensures that your ring is secure and safe. It is a better choice for people who actively takes parts in vigorous exercise.

What Cut Makes a Diamond Look Bigger?

Diamonds’ cut is a major factor to showcase the depth and shape of the stone. The cut interestingly plays an important in enhancing the diamond’s glow. Although, round cut is a very popular cut for engagement rings, but oval cut appears larger because of its elongated shape.

Even a princess cut diamond appear bigger than the round one, because a when we see a princess cut diamond from the top, it will have larger table, resulting in appearing bigger and better. But eventually, choose a cut that is loved by your partner the most.

Round Cut and Shape Has all the Power!

You may choose to go after fancy shapes but round shape is the one one that can never go out of trend. Round shape looks the biggest when worn on finger, its carat weight appear more. The light that comes from outside, reflects and make it appear larger, considering the not so deep cut of round diamond.

6 Tips on How To Choose Your Engagement Ring That Look Bigger

Remember! the size of your stone is not at all proportional to the love between you too. Stone size, cut, clarity and color are all a way to admire your ring more and to be in the trend. Your love for your partner should rise beyond all these materialistic things. 

But , imagine having an engagement ring with a big stone and a partner that loves you unconditionally. It's a dream come true right? what if we tell you a few ways to make your ring look magnificent? Yes! there are tried and true ways to maximize your ring appearance that exclude increasing carat size. 

Strategically picking a stone color, cut, setting, shape, bands, and prongs in an engagement ring can boost its appearance, wonder how? read the point mentioned below - 

  1. Better Cut is Always Brilliant 

    A diamond appears larger when it reflects more light or we can say when it has better cuts. So, make sure that the ring you are purchasing has a well-cut diamond. It will make your engagement ring look larger and more beautiful. The carat weight will remain unchanged as it will only appear bigger visually.

  2. Wisely Choose Your Stone Shape

    Well, a round shape is the most demanding one when it comes to making your diamond appear bigger. More weight is reflected if the diamond is circular cut, it creates an illusion of its size.

    You can also opt for an elongated shape like oval, marquise, or emerald to make your engagement ring look bigger than its actual carat weight. These shapes tend to cover a larger area of your finger and hence make your engagement ring look bigger.

  3. Go Clever With The Right Prongs

    Choosing the right prongs puts your stone in a focal point, it not only highlights your stone but also makes it appear bigger and better. A 6-prong setting is considerably helpful to make your diamond appear larger. You need to choose slim prongs in the right number to amplify the stone size.

  4. Trick The Eye With Colored Stones

    Recognize which color stone will suit your partner’s personality as colored gems appear larger than a diamond in size. Blue, green, yellow, or pink, you have ample choice in colored stones. Choosing colored stone always helps if you are restricted to a certain carat weight.

  5. A Delicate Band Will Do The Magic

    If you want to make your stone look big, make your ring band thinner, and will automatically emphasize the stone. Your stone will appear large in comparison to the shank if the band is tapered near the center.

  6. Cluster or Halo Which Is Better?

    Both ways you can make your engagement ring appear bigger without increasing the carat weight of the ring. In a halo setting, a center stone is surrounded by petite pave stone and creates a look as a whole. While in a cluster setting, stones of equal or near equal sizes come along in a group to create a hefty appearance. 

The above-mentioned factors are necessary to keep in mind, if you want to make your engagement ring bigger, without disturbing your budget.

You Can Also Play With Your Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring

Surprisingly, when you put both your lovely pieces of jewelry on different hands, it will get noticed much often. You may be unaware that your wedding band might overshadow your engagement ring. If that is the case, then to bring notice on your engagement ring, you can put your engagement ring on the right hand and wedding band on the left one. It’s a trick! so that both your wedding and engagement will get their fair share of compliments.

Take Care! Your Engagement Ring Should Be Cleaned Regularly

To maximize your diamond’s sparkle, keep your ring clean and debris-free. It will enhance the sparkle of the diamond and make will your ring more eye-catching. It is common for a jewelry to get dirty with the sweat, dirt and other things and these makes a ring look very dull and hence, it appear small. To avoid this, you can get your ring cleaned by a professional in every six months. However, you can clean your ring all by yourself sometimes by using dish-washing soap, warm water and a soft toothbrush.

Check Out The Collection of Rosec Jewel’s Most Popular Engagement Rings -

  1. Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring

    Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring

    Brilliant round cut emerald, held in 4 prong setting to create an enchanting appeal. While the gold crafted shank is accentuated with beaded details and diamonds to showcase a vintage spark. It is an engagement ring that you simply can not ignore if you are a gemstone ring fanatic.

  2. Bewitching Blue Sapphire Flower Engagement Ring

     Blue Sapphire Flower Engagement Ring

    The round cut blue sapphire is stunningly held in claw setting, to seek all the attention. Being surrounded by the round diamond halo, make this ring more captivating and the split shank is accentuating the presence of gemstone. A truly eye-catching engagement ring for the most memorable day of your life.

  3. Gold Flower Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

    Gold Flower Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

    A scintillating diamond placed among beautiful gold leaves is giving this engagement ring a dreamy look. The round cut of diamond is dropping romantic hints for you and your partner, so just grab it. A genuine nature lover can not resist to buy this magical diamond ring.

  4. Dreamlike Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring

    Dreamlike Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring

    A forever graceful ring will immediately enhance your engagement look with its gleam.An oval cut diamond is accentuated by round diamond double halo to give this ring a mystical look. With this engagement ring on your finger, the spotlight is all yours to step in!

  5. Nature Inspired Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

    Nature Inspired Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

    A beautiful round moissanite is impressively held in double prong setting to tempt allgazes. Engraved with floral designs on the shank creates a vintage look, whereas, a luxurious touch is showcases by beaded gold designs. This nature inspired ring is justifiable choice for your big day.

Make a right decision to choose to the perfect engagement ring that your lady will adore her whole life and unquestionably flaunt in front of her girls’ gang! You can also check out our vast collection of engagement rings, handcrafted precisely in gold. For latest styles and designs, you can shop from here.

November 10, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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