So, you have finally decided to make it official ? We can only wonder the many emotions that must be running in your mind before popping the big question.

Emotions, full of love, that make this journey towards a happily ever after an endearing one; that of excitement, for what the next chapter of your love life holds for you; and that of nostalgia, thinking of the journey that finally brought you here.

But above all, that of nervousness, for how to finally put all those beautiful emotions that you’ve been feeling into words when you get down on the knee. Ever since you’ve decided to make her eternally yours, you’re on a hunt for a unique way to tell the sweet tale of your one-of-a-kind love story, aren’t you? We understand the dilemma and we have got just what you have been looking for. Let’s break the big secret to you:

Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings have become an increasingly popular choice for that matter, and the profound meaning each gem carries is the one to be blamed.

Gemstones have gained the reputation of being the hued tokens of love that speak to every relationship in a uniquely beautiful manner. Each gem holds some sentimental value, each gem carries an endearing meaning. You just have to find the one that best commemorates your relationship (and we’re here by your side for that).

So we might have been smitten with the traditional diamond engagement rings for quite some time now, let us do the honors of unraveling what the world of engagement rings holds beyond these traditions. Stay put, we’re about to delve deeper into the world of gemstone rings with you (and make you fall in love with it, that’s for certain):

Is it okay to have a gemstone engagement ring?

Without a shred of doubt, yes!

People go the unconventional way and opt for these hued rings to mark the big day for many good reasons. Some simply like the color, while some are more moved by the meaning the gem holds (and you’re about to fall into this category as well once we discuss the meaning behind every gem). Whatever the reason might be, one thing we say for certain: these colored rings are the hottest trend today and is here to stay.

Fun fact: Studies suggest that Millennials are more likely to go for a gemstone engagement ring, since they wish to possess a token of love that holds some unique meaning to their relationship. They truly are keeping up with the trend!

What gemstones make a good engagement ring?

Some of the most popular gemstones to mark the big day are: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Aquamarine, Topaz. But since each gem reflects a different symbolism, the best gemstone ring varies from person to person. Some might show more interest in sapphire as it is believed to be a lucky stone for marriage, while others consider Ruby to be the best bet for having ties with love and passion.

Behind the Glitz and Glam: What does the gemstone say?

Just like every color tells a story, likewise each gemstone holds a meaning. And since you’re here, we see you as someone who goes beyond the aesthetics to ensure that the engagement ring truly makes for a good fit for your one and only. And like why not? Who doesn’t want their betrothal ring to speak to their relationship in a million endearing ways?

But if you’re confused as to what would serve as the perfect ring for that very matter, come let’s find you one by discussing the meaning and symbolism of each:

  • Garnet:

    You might have fallen for garnet for its rich red hues but once we unravel what a wondrous gem it is, your love would just multiply.

    Name meaning: The name garnet itself has been derived from the Latin word ‘Garanatus,’ which stands for seed-like thanks to its resemblance with the deep red seeds of pomegranate.

    What does a Garnet Engagement Ring say?

    For the passionate love: Want something that celebrates your commitment towards one another and ties you in an unbreakable bond of love forever? Our miraculous Stone of Commitment, Garnet is the one to rely on for that matter. Fondly hailed as the stone of love and friendship, Garnet speaks to your romantic heart quite dearly. The fiery red hues insinuate how passionately and unconditionally you’d keep the love alive, always!

    The wonder gem for relationships: True to its raging appearance, it represents victory. That tells everyone loud and clear how your love is going to win over the world (and our hearts), come what way. Moreover, it is a renowned stone of manifestation (talk about being magical). And what better stone to bring you and yours closer to the dream life you’ve fantasized about together than the stone of manifestation itself?

    Protective powers: This blazing red stone gifts courage and strength to your one and only. Last but definitely not the least, a Garnet Ring also helps in mending the broken bonds of love and keeping you away from negativity. So, you’re not just looking at a stone, you’re practically looking at a protective shield for your relationship. Now that’s making us cry some happy tears!

    Gorgeous Garnet Engagement Ring

    Gorgeous Garnet Engagement Ring

    We’re no mind readers but didn’t a glance at our Garnet Engagement Ring remind you of the passion with which you’ve promised to love one another? It is hued with no ordinary red but the deep red color of intense love after all.

    Talking about its breathtaking design, it is fashioned with Asscher Cut Garnet set as the center stone (of all our attraction of course). It has further been complimented with a Stunning Halo of a series of Round Cut Moissanites around, that is bestowing the center stone with a sparkling and more defined touch. After you, Garnet and Moissanite are the couple everybody is shipping and you’d find that extremely hard to deny.

    Don’t wait up, keep your ardent love alive always by commemorating it with our Garnet Ring, and let her crush over garnet (and you) for a lifetime.

  • Amethyst:

    The rich violet hues of this purple quartz might have caught your attention, but there is much more to it.

    Name meaning: Amethyst derives its name from the Greek word Amethysts which means ‘not intoxicated.’

    What does an Amethyst Engagement Ring say?

    The Couples Stone: We all crave for the kind of love that is eternally faithful. And since you have found yours, keep at it by commemorating it with an Amethyst Ring. Wondering why Amethyst? Well, because it is renowned to signify faithful love, so much that it is has even been nicknamed as the ‘couples stone.’ And like who is to question that? It is after all the birthstone of the month that is always brimming with love, February.

    For blissful togetherness: This pretty purple stone is renowned as the stone of peace and patience. As if it is blessing you with the kind of relationship that never hits the rocky road. Moreover, it also strengthens your relationship with your one and only since it is given as a promise of fidelity. Last but definitely not the least, it works as a shield that protects the emotional stability of your relationship!

    Fun fact: The saint of love and marriages, Saint Valentine, used to wear an Amethyst ring that was engraved with Cupid. If you’re a romance fanatic, we understand if you’re looking at Amethyst with heart eyes now (we’re too).

    Moreover, this purple gem works wonders for spiritual clarity and purity of spirit. It helps in connecting you with the divine. And what’s more blissful than that to grace the big day, don’t you agree?

    Alluring Amethyst Engagement Ring

    Alluring Amethyst Engagement Ring

    We’re no royalties but we think this Amethyst Ring made us just as obsessed.

    This Regal Ring ring has it all: a flair of vintage vibe, the royal pop of purple that we can’t stop admiring, and Diamonds that we just can’t ditch. And if she likes it that way, you’re looking at the ring that is finally going it to make it official. The pop of purple is all thanks to the Center Stone of Pear Cut Amethyst. And the Sparkling halo of Round Cut Diamonds is the true game changer for subtly adding more definition to the center stone.

    So whether it’s her purple obsession that’s got you here, or you’re considering Amethyst to finally make her faithfully yours, you’ve laid your eyes on the right ring.

  • Aquamarine:

    A glance at the marine blue hues of Aquamarine is enough to instill a sense of calmness to the wearer. But how does it celebrate your love? Let’s discuss

    Name meaning: The name Aquamarine has been derived from the Latin word Aqua that stands for ‘water’ and marina that means ‘of the sea.’

    What does an Aquamarine Engagement Ring say?

    For a happy marriage: Let your ‘happily ever after’ be commemorated with the happy stone for marriages, Aquamarine. Yes, you heard that right. The unconventional brides would go all gaga over it. The bright-blue hues of Aquamarine are reminiscent of the clean and clear sea. As if it’s instilling a sense of hope that you’d always look for the calm in the chaos. It also represents everlasting youth, perfect for the kind of love that refuses to grow old. Longevity and devotion is something that the blue hues of Aquamarine personify.

    Transparency: It evokes a feeling of clarity and transparency in relationships. Not many people know that Aquamarine is also a great stone of communication. If you ever find difficulty in expressing yourself in relationship, you know the stone to rely on now, don’t you?

    Fun Fact: What if we tell you that this serene stone was also prized as the treasure of the mermaids? Or did the beautiful blue hues give that away already?

    Additionally, it is also regarded as the Stone of Courage that does the job of imparting strength to the wearer.

    Admirable Aquamarine Engagement Ring

    Admirable Aquamarine Engagement Ring

    Let the calming vibe of our Aquamarine Engagement Ring bless your love life with tranquility and peace. If she is always searching for something bright & blue in her jewelry box, congratulations, your search just ended.

    Fashionable, extraordinary yet so subtle, this engagement ring is a wow worthy piece that demands to commemorate special occasions. And its alluring design would convince you of that! It has been fashionably framed with the serene center stone of Round Cut Aquamarine, that makes it such a classic. The Halo of a series of Round Cut Moissanites define the look of the center stone with its sparkling touch.

    The classic appeal is to die for, as if it is made for the brides that like to go unconventional but can’t ditch the traditions entirely. Don’t be surprised if Aquamarines become her new crush now!

  • Emerald:

    The ‘jewel of kings’ Emerald is a gem we all love, be it for its youthful green hues or the royal fashion appeal. Stay put, you’re only going to fall for this gem more once you get to know what it holds behind.

    Name meaning: The feminine name of this treasured May birthstone means ‘the green gemstone.’

    What does an Emerald Engagement Ring say?

    Towards a blissful love life: What better stone to bless the new chapter of your love life than the ‘stone of new beginnings’ itself? Emerald has long been hailed as the stone of rebirth, that the youthful green hues would tell. On top of that, it is also renowned as the symbol of good fortune. As if behind its gorgeous green hues, this miraculous stone works as a lucky charm for your relationship.

    Made to foster Unconditional love: If the kind of love that knows no bounds, the kind that is truly pure, best describes your love, then go ahead make her yours with an Emerald Engagement Ring. It has gained the reputation of promoting unconditional love. Apart from that, it also represents truth and protects from unfaithfulness, for you to remain ardently in love for an eternity of togetherness.

    Towards a harmonious love life: True to its serene green hues, Emerald is believed to promote peace, calm and balance. The color green itself has strong associations with nature. Isn’t that the green light you were looking to embark on a successful and pleasant love life? Go, grow in love together.

    Last but definitely not the least, an Emerald Engagement Ring helps in bringing partners closer together. If you wish to express your intent for a blessed and happy marriage, no need to say that in words, just rely on Emerald to do the job.

    Elegant Emerald Engagement Ring

    Elegant Emerald Engagement Ring

    We don’t see any reason to not turn heads for this Emerald Engagement Ring. Isn’t green the new symbol of romance already after all? You’d now understand Cleopetra’s obsession with Emeralds.

    What makes this gorgeous green ring one-of-a-kind is the combination of Vibrant Emerald and radiant diamonds. It has intricately been designed with the Center Stone of Octagon Cut Emerald with the Halo of Diamonds complimenting it like nothing else. The elongated Octagon Cut not only maximizes the color intensity of the green Emerald, but would also make her pretty finger look more refined. If she likes to keep it bright and vivid, an Emerald Engagement Ring is the one to go for.

    It doesn’t hurt to show your colorful side and go a little more vibrant when looking to ditch the classics, don’t you think?

  • Rhodolite:

    The rosy red color of Rhodolite is already women’s favorite, but did you know it also works as a great alternative to the classic diamond engagement rings?

    Name meaning: Thanks to its rosy hues, Rhodolite has been awarded with the name ‘Rhodon’ which is Greek for rose-like.

    What does a Rhodolite Engagement Ring say?

    R in Rhodolite stands for romance: Are you both always fetching compliments for being that one adorably romantic kind of couple? If yes, then you’re in luck for landing at the right place and the rosy red hues of Rhodolite would tell you why. Having ties with the heart chakra, it carries a romantic vibe within. Just how the pomegranate seeds are eternal, a Rhodolite Engagement Ring represents eternal love. Not just that, it also encourages kindness, commitment and compassion. Self-love is also something Rhodolite doubtlessly fosters.

    Rely on Rhodolite for Emotional Balance: It also works wonders for emotional balance. Additionally, it helps in healing past traumas and encourages you to get rid of the inability to give and receive love. Didn’t your heart just melt? We wonder why Rhodolite has been such a rare gem to commemorate the special day.

    Romantic Rhodolite Heart Ring

    Romantic Rhodolite Heart Ring

    Do you call her the queen of your hearts? Does she always make you skip a heartbeat? What if we tell you that you could express it all without having to say a word?

    Romantic is an understatement for our Rhodolite Engagement Ring. It would do the job of making her fall for you all over again. Let its endearing design tell you how. This lovey-dovey ring has been handmade with the Center Stone of Heart Shape Rhodolite that insinuates how your heart would always belong to her. It has further been accentuated with Round Cut Diamonds on the sides, that sparkle forever just like your love.

    Let only love and romance take over the big day when you make her yours for a lifetime. Our Rhodolite Ring certainly can’t wait to serve as a lifelong token for that matter.

  • Ruby:

    Red is the official color of love. That already makes Ruby a winning pick. And we bet, she has a thing for red rubies already. We can’t wait to begin telling you what makes Ruby an ideal stone for engagement rings.

    Name meaning: True to its deep red hues, the name Ruby has been derived from the Latin word ‘Ruber’ which means red.

    What does a Ruby Engagement Ring say?

    Dearly loved stone of love: Shall we call it the epitome of love? Or shall we call it the favorite of all the lovers out there? Whatever we choose to call it, we certainly know that it won’t be enough to explain the deep ties of love that it possesses. The beloved birthstone of July, Ruby, has long been used to insinuate commitment and needless to mention, love. This miraculous gem carries the ability to inspire devotion and passion. French jewelers have righteously regarded as a ‘dearly loved stone.’

    Why for engagement?: Did you know? Ruby is recommended to be used when you face a rough phase in your relationship. It has a strong impact in enhancing energy and passion in a relationship. After all, there is a reason that it has been awarded with the title, ‘king of all gems.’ This romantic red stone guarantees a success in love. Try telling us you don’t wish to grace your love life with it already?

    Why for her?: If you wish to bless her with only happiness and optimism, Ruby makes the job easier for you. It not only protects from thoughts of self-doubt and depression, but also imparts mental strength and courage to the wearer. It is anciently believed to protect against misfortune.

    Royal Ruby Engagement Ring

    Royal Ruby Engagement Ring

    We don’t mean to brag but have you ever come across a ring so classic yet so romantic? Let love make room for itself over everything else with this gorgeous Ruby Ring.

    Be it for its boldly feminine hues or romantic appeal, we see why Ruby is such a favorite among women. So why not ask for your queen’s hand with the king of all gems? This exquisite ring has aesthetically been encased with the Center Stone of Oval Cut Ruby, that has only been beautified with a Sparkling Halo and side stones of Round Cut Diamond. Oval cut further intensifies the deep red color of the stone, adding to its romance quotient.

    Ruby and Diamonds are the new power duo everybody stans and you’re welcome to the club!

  • Peridot:

    The olive green hues of Peridot make it a somewhat unique pick to commemorate the big day, and it doesn’t stay behind when talking of the endearing meaning every gem carries.

    Name meaning: Peridot is a feminine name that means ‘a green gemstone’ in Arab.

    What does a Peridot Engagement Ring say?

    Have you ever found yourself immersed in the yellow-green hues of Peridot? If yes, you’d know that Peridot can certainly bring cheer and happiness to your life. A mere glance is enough!

    The good vibe stone: Talking of cheer, it has even been hailed as the ‘gem of the sun,’ by Ancient Egyptians. The bright green hues carry good vibes and a happy spirit, probably what makes this August Birthstone a unique one to celebrate your ‘happily ever after.’

    What makes Peridot so special?: Why to go the unconventional way and pick something so unusual? Let’s get to know. The USP of Peridot remains that it can aid in promoting peace in relationships by bringing a balance between mind and emotions. Thanks to that, it has even been regarded as the ‘stone of compassion.’ The cherry on the cake is that a Peridot Engagement Ring also helps in fighting off jealousy and anger.

    Fun Fact: To your surprise, many suggest that Cleopatra's famous collection of green stones wasn’t really of Emeralds, but that of Peridots. Looking at the exquisite beauty of this August Birthstone, we certainly can’t deny.

    Additionally, it also imparts strength, good health and vitality to the wearer.

    The olive green hues are certainly not the only thing drawing you towards a Peridot Engagement Ring now, are they?

    Pretty Peridot Engagement Ring

    Pretty Peridot Engagement Ring

    Vintage lovers assemble! No, we haven’t revisited the Art Deco Era but didn’t our Antique Peridot Engagement Ring trick you into believing that?

    Whether she falls for its Vintage fashion appeal or the gorgeous green hues of Peridot, we certainly know that this Peridot Engagement Ring just can’t go unnoticed. That describes the royal aura it creates. With refined craftsmanship, this alluring ring has been framed with the enormous center stone of Oval Cut Peridot. The Stunning Halo of Round Cut Moissanite adds more definition to the center stone, giving it an aesthetic appeal. But the artistic touch of gold Milgrain detailing is what truly sets it apart.

    Unique is the new cool! So, why not just play along and propose her with the most extraordinary token of love?

  • Blue Sapphire:

    The royal blue hue of Sapphire might be something that captured your attention, but that won’t be the only thing. That we’re saying with full certainty.

    Name meaning: Sapphire gets its beautiful name from the Latin word ‘saphirus,’ which means blue.

    What does a Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring say?

    Talking of unconventional rings and leaving Blue Sapphire behind, well that’s quite impossible! Right from its holy associations to its beautiful ties with fidelity, you wouldn’t find a single thing about a blue sapphire ring that is any less than endearing.

    Sapphire, the divine stone: Did you know? The celestial blues of Sapphire are known to connect you with divine favors. Some even believe it to be the reflection of the sky and it certainly derives its symbolism with hope from this notion. And who wouldn’t want to have blessings of such a divine stone for their big day, you tell us? Moreover, Blue Sapphires that possess star-like optical effect are highly regarded to symbolize faith, hope and destiny by Christians. Talk about being religiously precious!

    Take blessings from Sapphire: This beautiful blue gemstone has often been associated with love, loyalty and happiness. If you’re tying the unbreakable knot of love, blue sapphire would only strengthen your relationship since it has the reputation of enhancing the sentimental element of relationship and instilling trust between lovers. You know what makes it just right to commemorate your ‘together forever’? It is hailed as the stone of new love! So, if you’re planning to take your love life to a next level, a Blue Sapphire Ring is deemed as an ideal choice. Not just that, it also fosters harmony between lovers.

    Special for your precious one: By now, you’d have known why to trust Sapphires to grace your relationship. But did you know? It also imparts happiness, power and strength to the wearer, so that your precious one stays protected at all times. Moreover, it calms the mind and enhances spiritual clarity.

    Princess Diana Inspired Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

    Princess Diana Inspired Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

    From Princess Diana to Kate Middleton, this iconic Sapphire ring has had the heart of royalties for quite a long time. And we completely understand the obsession. Probably why when talking of Sapphire, we just couldn’t leave this historic ring out.

    If she’s equally head over heels for Princess Diana’s ring collection, it’s a given that this ring is her favorite. And what better occasion to present it to her than the special day of you confessing your true feelings? This royal ring features Oval Cut Blue Sapphire that takes the center stage and is further decorated by a halo of scintillating Diamonds all around.

    Blue, bright and beautiful: this exotic Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring is indeed a timeless classic.

  • Ethiopian Opal:

    Renowned as the queen of gems, Opal catches the eye with its flirtatious play of colors but that certainly can’t be the sole reason and we’d tell you why.

    Name meaning: Interestingly, this precious stone derives its name from the Sanskrit word upala which stands for jewel. Some even suggest that it was once called ‘opallios’ which implies ‘to see a change in color’ in Greek.

    What does an Ethiopian Opal Engagement Ring say?

    Opal- the magical stone: Did the rainbow-like color hues of Ethiopian Opal give you an idea of the colorful love life you’re about to embark upon? Or its dancing light like appearance got you all excited for the new journey? Whatever got you more drawn, this October birthstone is indeed magic! True to its flamboyant appearance, it signifies hope and purity. What makes it truly special is that when presented as an engagement ring, it reflects the distinctive spark of your relationship. Speaking your love language is not so difficult now, is it?

    Opal- the cupid stone: Did you know? Romans adore Opal since they believed it to have ties with the God of love, Cupid, thanks to its resemblance with his clear complexion. In fact legend has it that, Caesars, in complete awe of Opals’ precious and powerful abilities, presented their wives with it as a token of luck. Not just that, it is even believed to enhance the mutual understanding between couples.

    Opal- the emotional intensifier: Opals have gained quite the reputation of being an emotional intensifier. They even instill a sense of happiness and calm to the wearer. Representing purity, Opals also foster honesty and faith in a relationship (isn’t that the driving force of every relationship, after all?)

    Ethiopian Opal Floral Cocktail Ring with Moissanite

    Ethiopian Opal Floral Cocktail Ring with Moissanite

    Take the rainbows along with you when you decide on forever with our Ethiopian Opal Engagement Ring.

    A mix of floral and colorful is always a big yes for every woman! And since she is no ordinary girl, then why shouldn’t she skip the ordinary and fall for everything colorful a little more? This Captivating Cocktail Ring has beautifully been decorated with the colorful center stone of Round Cut Ethiopian Opal. On top of that, the Floral Halo of Moissanite all around is serving as a show stealing assortment.

    Choose to bloom in love but don’t forget to make it truly colorful!

  • Citrine:

    The joyful yellow hues of Citrine might remind you of the sun but what if we tell you just like the sun, this stone would always shine bright upon your relationship?

    Name meaning: True to its lemon like color hues, Citrine gets its beautiful name from the word ‘Citron’ that is French for lemon.

    What does a Citrine Engagement Ring say?

    Citrine- the happy-go-lucky stone: Have you ever laid eyes upon a gemstone version of the sun? Yes, you are now! Well, true to its bright appearance, Citrine carries the energy of the sun. And thanks to that, it is representative of optimism and happiness. You’re going to set foot towards a joyous love life with the blessings of Citrine! This November Birthstone also encourages love to blossom like a sunflower and inspire hope.

    Citrine for relationship: Citrine is often hailed for its ability of imparting mutual appreciation and admiration to your relationship. Not many people know that it has long been a symbol of romance. True to its jubilant appearance, it helps in warding off negativity as well. Having said that, we sure think nothing works quite like Citrine for a truly jovial love life.

    For her: Apart from that, Citrine is also regarded as the stone that brings a balance to your emotions. It not only imparts confidence and strength but also cleanses the wearer’s aura. So, why not present it as a token of your blessings for her and let Citrine do all the magic afterwards.

    Charming Citrine Engagement Ring

    Charming Citrine Engagement Ring

    We’re sending some warmth and positivity your side with this jovial Citrine Engagement Ring that just demands to be treasured!

    Did you say she is your sunshine? Then why not ensure that she shines just as bright forever with this Citrine ring? Make her yours with this bright and beaming emblem of love that has graciously been crafted with the center stone of Asscher Cut Citrine. Adding to its radiance with pure elegance are the side stones of Round Cut Moissanite. Citrine and Diamond are indeed a sparkling affair and nobody can convince you otherwise!

    The happy go lucky person in her demands a Citrine ring and we have handcrafted it with nothing but love, just for you!

  • Blue Topaz:

    Sky Blue, Swiss Blue and London Blue Topaz: we are all a fan of the color varieties of this blue hued gemstone Topaz. Let’s tell you what’s beyond that.

    Name meaning: Blue Topaz has been rewarded with the name from the Greek word ‘Topazion’, that interestingly is an Egyptian island in the Red Sea.

    What does a Blue Topaz Engagement Ring say?

    For the deep bond of love: Blue gemstones have long been a favorite among the unconventional brides-to-be and the profound ties that they have with love justifies the obsession. And Blue Topaz certainly doesn’t like to stay behind. It beautifully signifies true love and deep emotional attachment. Did you know? It also works wonders to build bridges between people, which makes it such a miraculous gem for relationships. That’s because of its abilities to enhance clear communication and clarity of feelings in relationships. True to its calming blue shades, Blue Topaz imparts peace and understanding. If that’s the kind of relationship you’d always want to be blessed with, go for Topaz.

    The jewel of loyalty: Its resemblance with clear sky and still sea waters would’ve given you an idea of what a mystical stone it is. And it indeed is since it represents loyalty, righteousness and trust in relationship. The three wondrous things you’d love to beautify your relationship with!

    A Gift of Topaz insinuates a will for romantic and deeply committed relationship or simply an appreciation of one! This Blue gem is remarkable in many ways. You’d see that for yourself once you get your hands on it.

    Classic Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

    Classic Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

    Dark, royal and extraordinary: a London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring has got it all and more! We don’t know about the stars but you certainly can promise her the skies with their gem version, London Blue Topaz.

    Enough chasing only diamonds! We recently found out that love is in the blues, specially when those are of Blue Topaz. Let’s let the design further convince you. Exuding pure class, this engagement ring has been handcrafted to perfection with an Oval Cut Center Stone of London Blue Topaz. While the refined halo of Moissanite exquisitely accentuates its beauty, the Solid Gold metal bestows it with a luxurious touch. Needless to mention, this blue hued beauty pretty much brings everything to the table.

Summing up

Going the less traditional way and opting for gemstone engagement rings that hold a unique sentimental value is the new cool today. And we’re here to play along. We have covered gemstones of every month and discussed the endearing meaning each holds to help you pick the one that speaks to your love more. Meanings might be different from one another but each one is just as adorable in its own significant way. Thank you for staying with us right till the end, we hope you had a lot to take away from this discussion. Here we sign off wishing you all the luck in finding that one engagement ring you wouldn’t wait to propose your ladylove with.

November 25, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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