Are you prepping to propose your lady love for lifetime commitment and looking for a perfect ring? It might seem like a daunting task in the beginning when there are so many options available in the market, from simple to fancy ones. Getting a colored engagement ring instead of going with diamonds has been on trend for quite some time now.

If you are interested in covering every aspect of buying the perfect engagement ring for her then you have landed on the right page.

Did You Know? Blue Topaz Engagement Ring is becoming an increasingly popular choice among the brides-to-be who look for some unique alternative to the traditional engagement rings in diamond. Yes, you heard it right! So now, whether you find yourself confused by the heavenly blue hues of blue topaz, or can’t resist bouncing back to the sparkly diamonds but are still considering other options, let us guide you throughout the process (feel free to thank us later though)!

What is Blue Topaz Gemstone?

Blue is the most loved and popular color of the topaz in today’s jewelry market. It is solid and available in a broad range of blue colors, right from pale to deep with a moderate dark blue tone.

In the history of ancient times, Egyptians held this stone with more value as they considered the Blue Topaz stone as a source of sincerity and growth in the relationship. Besides that, Jewish people proclaim Blue Topaz Gemstone as a true medal of honor and only rewarded to the senior priest.   

What does Blue Topaz's Engagement Ring Mean?

Blue topaz is a lovely gemstone that comes in a variety of shades such as London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, and Sky Blue Topaz, and each of them is significant in their own sweet way. It is a loved choice to commemorate engagement with because of its beautiful meaning that is associated with inspiration, calmness, and peacefulness.

Blue Topaz is said to be the stone of good fortune and love and it is also believed that it encourages positive communication, honesty, and openness between lovers. 

What to look for while buying Blue Topaz Engagement Ring?

You might have decided on the stone, but we understand that the process of purchasing an engagement ring is no cakewalk. What kind of design does she prefer? What quality to chase after? What even is considered as a good quality blue topaz engagement ring for that matter? These might be some among the million questions that must be running in your mind and our guide is here to help end the dilemma once and for all. After all, the ring that binds the two of you together forever has got to be ‘one of a kind’.

Let’s get you a step closer to finding that perfect engagement ring:

The 4C’s 

Searching for a sparkling Blue Topaz Gemstone Engagement Ring?

Selecting a Blue Topaz Gemstone must start by acknowledging the special detailing of the stone. The grade of Blue Topaz depends upon the 4C’s that are - Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight. The 4Cs prominently describe the beauty of stone and its value. Let's learn about the 4Cs of Blue Topaz in detail: -  

  1. Color

    The vibrancy of color plays a crucial role in the worthiness of Blue Topaz Gemstones. Deeply saturated drenched Blue Topaz stone call for higher price tags than the lighter shades. Blue Topaz Stone is available in color variations including:

    London Blue Topaz- London Blue Topaz is known for coming in an alluring inky blue or grey-blue shade. In fact, its color is considered to be the darkest of all Topaz varieties. Additionally, it possess a moderate to dark color saturation, that makes it so appealing to look at. If she likes her jewelry dark and dazzling, a London Blue Topaz engagement ring is the one to go for.

    Swiss Blue Topaz-  Swiss Blue Topaz is rewarded with a unique electric blue hue that interestingly, is quite reminiscent of the rich color of Caribbean Sea. It is hailed for being of a perfect medium blue shade, darker than Sky Blue Topaz but lighter than London Blue Topaz. If she is more inclined to vivid and bright blue shades, she’d love a Swiss Blue Topaz Engagement Ring.

    Sky Blue Topaz- Sky Blue Topaz possesses a delicate light blue color, perfectly resembling the color of a clear blue sky. It carries a vitreous luster and its pastel blue color is sometimes confused with that of aquamarine thanks to the uncanny resemblance. If she is a lover of light and subtle colors, a Sky Blue Topaz Engagement Ring would sure do the job.

  2. Cut

    Cutting a gemstone requires some skilled artistry since the process is aimed to enhance the luster, color and brilliance of the gem. That being said, Round cut is considered as the most sought after choice for any engagement ring as well as specifically for a blue topaz stone. For one simple reason: this classic cut intensifies the gemstone’s brilliance, brightness and luster like no other. Moreover, if she is always captivated by classics, this cut is the one to go for.

    Apart from that, other popular options are oval, pear and cushion cut. While oval cut, thanks to its elongated shape, makes the fingers look petite and long, pear cut rewards the gemstone with a bigger appearance. And cushion cut, with its interesting pillow like shape, enhances the luster of Blue Topaz. Additionally, if she is more into fancy shapes, marquise and trilliant cut are your best bet.

  3. Clarity 

    The Blue Topaz is Type1 Gemstone that signifies it’s almost free from inclusions, flaws, and scratches that can be seen by the naked eye. This level of Gemstone clarity makes blue topaz an eye-clean gemstone.

  4. Carat 

    Carat is the standard unit for measuring the weight of a gemstone. If she prefers wearing a lightweight ring, go for the one that falls under the 1 Carat mark, while is she likes to wear lofty weighing jewelry, you can go beyond to even as many as 4-5 carats.

The metal of the Engagement Ring

Once you are done with the selection of Blue Topaz Gemstone, it's time to decide on the metal. Gold has always been the most classic choice to go for with when it comes to engagement rings. Not only does this metal facilitate you with many color options to choose from (white gold, yellow gold and rose gold) but the glitz and glamour that gold offers is beyond comparison. While white gold is an increasingly popular choice for modern brides thanks to its subtle and silvery white hue, yellow gold is the traditional choice that compliments every skin tone and rose gold, on the other hand, bestows the jewel with a feminine touch and romantic appeal. Be sure of her preferences, and what compliments the design and stone the best and decide accordingly. To be well assured of quality, make sure that the gold is hallmarked and you’re good to go.

Tips to take care of your Topaz Engagement Ring

Blue Topaz - They are softer in various aspects which signifies they can be damaged easily, forming cracks and chips in the stone if not taken care. You can consider following the below-mentioned tips that would help you to keep the stone clean and maintain it's shine over the time.

  • Take a bowl of slightly warm water and make a soap solution but make sure to avoid any moisturizing soap
  • Soak the ring in the water for 10 to 15 minutes approximately and then clean the stone using soft cloth or soft brush to remove the dirt from the corners. Make sure to pat the stone dry later on.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes and steam while wearing a Blue Topaz Engagement Ring. 
  • Never try to use an ultrasonic cleaner on Blue Topaz Ring because it tends to break the gemstone.

Best Blue Topaz Engagement Ring from Rosec Jewels Collection

  1. Lavish London Blue Topaz Ring with Moissanite

    Lavish London Blue Topaz Ring with Moissanite

    The kind of ring that’d make them stop and stare! It features the center stone of an enormous Asscher Cut London Blue Topaz complimented with sparkling side stones of Round Cut Moissanites. London Blue Topaz is itself a symbol of everlasting love, making this engagement ring a perfect token that commemorates your eternal love. Also If she is more into royal jewels, this engagement ring could be your best bet.

  2. Round Blue Topaz Ring with Halo

    Round Blue Topaz Ring with Halo

    This Classic and statement making Round Cut London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring is an opulent choice that you can enjoy for decades. The Classic Round Cut Solitaire of London Blue Topaz is beautified with a Sparkling Halo of Round Cut Moissanites. If she likes to keep it simple, look no further than this Classic Engagement Ring.

  3. Princess Diana Inspired Oval Shape Ring

    Princess Diana Inspired Oval Shape Ring

    Princess Diana set the bar high for engagement rings when she looked breathtaking donning her iconic oval cut halo engagement ring. Ever since, women have dreamed of flaunting a similar ring that turns many heads. Look no further, our Princess Diana inspired ring is here to fulfill that desire of hers. This royal Ring showcases a Bright blue center stone of Swiss Blue Topaz enhanced with a sparkling Halo of Round Cut Diamonds. It indeed is a one of a kind pick for your one and only.

  4. Swiss Blue Topaz Solitaire Ring

    Swiss Blue Topaz Solitaire Ring

    Your ring, your way, your comfort our preference. Let your imagination get wings and fly high with the Rosec Jewels Blue Topaz Engagement Ring collection. We bring you the right jewelry to your side, so you can make your bae feel happy and special. Incorporating the colored blue topaz gemstone into the gold metal gives a statement look to your better half and the bigger gemstone gives her hand the fullest look to steal the whole limelight for her.

  5. Minimal London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

    Minimal London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

    Sky Blue Topaz Engagement Rings are cheerful, bright, and filled with oozing spirit. It has a creative and expressive hue that makes it perfect for women who prefer going with the unique options. The best part of the Ring is its unique gemstone that holds various spiritual benefits such as love, compassion, understanding, and stable relationships that last longer. 

  6. 2 Stone London Blue Topaz Ring

    2 Stone London Blue Topaz Ring

    If your partner's dream engagement ring choice is delicate and classy, then this 2 Stone London Blue Topaz Engagement ring from Rosec Jewels has everything that she could have wished for. A stellar assortment of diamond against the sparkling gold metal give her a spectacular look. Let her experience the charm of the ring to embrace the outfit and her elegance. 

  7. London Blue Topaz and Diamond Engagement Ring

    London Blue Topaz and Diamond Engagement Ring

    If she loves all things floral and fancy, this is the one for her. Sweep her off her feet with this breathtaking Engagement Ring that features a beautiful center stone of Round Cut London Blue Topaz, sparkled up with a Floral Halo of Round Cut Diamonds. Let this Floral ring signify that your love would forever bloom!

  8. Amazing Emerald Cut Ring

    Amazing Emerald Cut Ring

    Let her look as graceful as a blue swan. This Octagon Cut Swiss Blue Topaz Ring, would elegantly drape against her finger just like a bejewels cloak that is intended to look her engagement ring bigger. The iconic Emerald cut is always been the mark of the love union of two love birds for a lifelong time. Have a closer look and embrace the beauty of the Moissanite detailing that is worth buying. 

  9. Heart Shape Sky Blue Topaz Ring

    Heart Shape Sky Blue Topaz Ring

    Wanna give the love of your life a heart-shaped engagement ring, this piece of blue topaz ring checks all the boxes. With the oozing artisan feel, the diamond is scattered all around the golden band just like happiness is coming your way with heart fullness.  

Topaz Engagement Ring buying tips 

An engagement ring is a meaningful jewelry piece that has everything which can express your love language to cherish the moment. Your ideal search for an engagement ring needs more clarity so you can make it best for her. 

Know your Budget 

Budget is a very important aspect that everyone has to look into before making the actual purchase so you can find the right engagement ring as per your comfort. In this purchase, the color, and carat weight matters a lot so you will have to make the purchasing decision thoughtfully. 

Know her ring size 

This step holds more importance than any other since an accurate ring size is the first footstep towards buying a perfect engagement ring. Make sure to take good notice of the rings she already wears, if possible measure it up with a tape. To make the job easier, you could always take help of the complimentary ring sizer that we avail free of cost.

Understand the care your Topaz needs

Topaz is a strong and demanding gemstone that needs to be taken care of with proper products and precautions to protect it from potential damage and maintain its shine. Cleaning and caring tips are already shared in this blog so you can check them in the above section.

Consider the need to personalize your ring

Understanding the sentimental value the engagement ring holds for you, we avail complete customization services. If you have a specific design in your mind, we’d breathe life to your imagination. If you wish to inscribe a heartfelt message on it, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to add more meaning to your ring by personalizing it and see her smile ear to ear.

Choose a certified and verified jeweler or retailer 

We’re talking of the ring that she’d practically live in. She’d cherish that little token of love for a lifetime. To be well assured that it is in its best state at every given point of time, go for a gemstone ring that is certified by a reputable gemological institute.

Making quality our best policy, at Rosec Jewels, we only avail authentic and certified jewelry. Every piece of jewel goes through various stages of inspection and analysis to pass the parameters of quality validation.


  1. Can a blue topaz be a wedding ring?

    Since Blue Topaz represents love and loyalty, it can also make for a perfect wedding ring. It also possesses a hardness of 8 out of 10 on Mohs Scale which makes it slightly durable to be worn on a regular basis, making it a highly sought after choice to modern wedding rings with.

  2. What does a blue stone ring symbolize?

    It is believed that the blue topaz rings symbolize heaven and attract heavenly blessings to the wearer. Although they are associated with good fortune, protection from evil or envy, and a symbol of royalty. 

  3. What is the Zodiac sign of the Blue Topaz Gemstone?

    Sagittarius and Capricorn both are the zodiac sign for the blue topaz gemstone. These are unique and have strong signs in astrology. 

  4. Can Blue Topaz scratch easily?

    Possessing a hardness of 8 out of 10 on Mohs Scale, Blue Topaz is quite a scratch resistant gemstone. It can withstand the wear and tear of daily use with much ease.

November 22, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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