What is Rose Gold? Is It a Real Gold

Are you excited about your dream ring shopping? of course! You are. A ring that's universal significance is eternal love and devotion must be expense worthy. The shape of your engagement ring must be in your mind beforehand, but opting for the metal color is a daunting task. Here is why you rose gold is the best option for your engagement ring.

Rose Gold is basically a reddish or distinct pink tinted gold, which is made by mixing copper in certain amount. It is the most unique and stronger variation of gold in the market, its warm hue gives a beautiful feeling by simply looking at it. Now, what gives color to the rose gold, so, the most made up mixture for rose gold is about 25% copper and 75% pure gold for 18k gold, whole it is 42% copper and 58% pure gold for 14k gold. Rose gold is lovely on the eyes, more durable and substantial form of gold. And no, it is not truly a real gold, because it is a kind of hybrid.

Caratage Gold Silver Copper
10K 41.70% 20% 38.3%
14k 58.30% 9.2% 32.5%
18k 75% 9.2% 22.2%

Source: World Gold Council

Symbolism of Rose Gold

It is not easy to confine this beautiful rose gold color with countable tags, but still we strained out few things for you to know.

Romance, affluence, elegance and so much more. Rose gold is all what your heart can desire for. The soft hue of rose gold is composed and refined, it gives a feminine appeal and a touch of luxury. Rose gold clearly signifies pure love emotion, its eye catching and sumptuous.

Why Are Rose Gold Engagement Ring Trending?

Why Rose Gold Engagement ring Is Trending

The trend have completely changed since last couple of years, and now brides are making unconventional choice and that is why rose gold engagement rings are coming to trend. Also, because rose gold engagement ring makes a bride look unique, modern and feminine. Moreover, rose gold engagement ring looks the most attractive among other choices of metals. This soft pink hue of rose gold makes it trending, and because of that a rose gold engagement ring is a great alternative of yellow gold.

Unique And Surprising Features Of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The most talked metal color these days for engagement ring is Rose Gold for sure! And undoubtedly, a bride wearing a rose gold engagement ring stands out! If we talk about its unique feature, it must be its free-spirited beauty. Rose gold goes along very well with all skin tones and it adds a wow factor in a brides’ personality. The subtle hue of rose gold draw a distinct appeal, it has surprising singular impact.

Rose gold looks premium and it compliments every skin tone and goes well with gemstones also. Depending on the taste and preferences, you can get it in a more pink-reddish tone (more copper alloy mix means more red tone). With gemstones, rose gold creates an antique appeal. Shades of rose gold like dusty, dark, and millennial pink are all strikingly beautiful.  Now, the question arises whether rose gold tarnish or fade? We can understand your fear and that is why a clean and clear statement about it would be an ease. So, no a rose gold does not tarnish if it is made from pure gold and copper.

Rose Gold Wedding Bands are a Plus Point.

Rosec Jewels Engagement Ring plus Points

If you want to compliment your rose gold engagement ring, then opting out a rose gold wedding band is probably the best thing to outshine! The blush tones of rose gold highlights the dazzling gemstone and additionally, a rose gold wedding band adores your finger with its graceful charm.

What Gemstone Can Be Worn On Rose Gold Besides Diamond? 

You can pop your rose gold engagement ring with almost all the colored gemstones. Starting from lighter shades to the darker shades of spectrum, rose gold compliments all the gemstones besides diamond. So, choosing a gemstone what your heart says, would be an excellent choice. For example, to give a monotonous look you can pick dazzling morganite and enhance your bridal look. Other than peachy morganite you can pick other lighter color gemstones like, pink sapphire, pink tourmaline or rose quartz.

But if your want to play with hues, you can pick bright colors. For example, Ruby, Garnet, and Amethyst for a spunky look or you can stick to Aquamarine and Blue Sapphire for ethereal glow.

History Of Rose Gold

Carl Faberge, a Russian jeweler, used rose gold for the time in 19th century. Gradually, rose gold became a metal of choice around 1920’ (Victorian era) for engagement rings. Rose gold has the potential to add subtle warmth and femininity when worn by the bride, its hue was considered elegant and romantic and from there on, the rose gold fall under a luxurious metal color category.

Pro’s Of Rose Gold Engagement Ring -

Rose Gold Durability And How To Clean It?

We know you want to wear you engagement ring regularly and for that you must be worried if rose gold is durable or not to be able to withstand with time. See scientifically, copper is a hard metal and since rose gold is made by mixing copper to gold, it make a wonderful durable metal. Rose gold is resistant to scratches and nicks, so it can easily be worn daily without worrying too much. Getting a rose gold engagement ring clean is also a easier task, of course with a proper care, if that is what you are concern is.

Remember to not use harsh cleaners because he metal may react odd. You can simply just wipe up the dirt and oil with a cloth or can use soap and water at home to maintain its real radiance. For the complex type of jewelry, you can take it to a professional cleaner and get your jewelry cleaned.

Versatility and Popularity of Rose Gold

Rose gold is quite a popular choice among brides for an engagement ring these days. It is versatile and additionally, it holds more durability than yellow and white gold. The shade of rose gold is made with mixed copper alloys, hence it is a contemporary and refreshing alternative for brides. Rose gold indicates a romantic connotation and also symbolizes faithfulness. Brides are choosing distinct ways to be unique with their jewelry and opting for rose gold is the best way to elevate their look. 

So many popular faces of Hollywood have picked rose gold metal for their engagement ring, like Anna Camp and Aline Brie. And its fashionable flair makes it the most versatile metal color choice for engagement ring. The warm tones of subtle pink reddish hue goes along with other jewelry and fuse with them miraculously.

Its Vintage Look and Romantic Connection

A vintage rose gold engagement ring is a stunning choice to make for a new modern bride who loves to flaunt her distinctive appeal. Since pink hue is always interconnected to love and intimacy, rose gold is also a symbol of deep romance.

How Brilliantly It Goes With Skin Tones

Every skin tone is beautiful and rose gold compliments it all! From the darkest to the lightest, the rose gold has the potential to make every skin tone glow. The brilliance of rose gold is graceful and divine, it effortlessly adds charm to any finger.

Price What We For Rose Gold Ring

You will be astonished knowing about what price our company offers! Rosec Jewels’ rose gold engagement ring price is same as of a yellow gold engagement ring. That means you do not have to stretch your budget to buy a beautiful rose gold engagement ring of your choice.

Have A Look At Beautiful Collection Of Rosec Jewels’ Bestseller Rose Gold Engagement Rings -

  1. Beautiful Cushion Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring

    Beautiful Cushion Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring

    Professing love to your partner? Get this swoon-worthy moissanite engagement ring and elate your lady. This magic-like sparkling engagement ring is featuring an 8 MM cushion cut moissanite, which is accentuated with round petite moissanite stones. The presence of this classic engagement ring will make your big day worth celebrating.

  2. A Timeless Moissanite Ring 

    Beautiful Timeless Moissnaite rings

    We know you want to present something as exquisite and dazzling as your lady. Look at this designer piece featuring moissanite solitaire, sparkling halo, and side stones to enhance the beauty of your occasion. Fashioned in 14k rose gold, this engagement ring will awaken emotions one more time when you will present this ring to your beloved.

  3. Aesthetic Double Halo Engagement Ring 

    Aesthetic Double Halo Engagement Ring

    Spellbind your significant other with this gorgeous engagement ring. It has Cushion-cut morganite, and round petite diamond forming a double halo stunningly. Both the morganite and diamond is complementing the metal color. If you want to buy an engagement ring that your partner will never stop cherishing ever, then this is it!

  4. Vintage Inspired Classic Ring

    Vintage Inspired Classic Ring

    You can never go wrong with this stunning yet aesthetic engagement ring for your elegant bride. A brilliant-cut moissanite is held in a bezel setting and a tempting halo is highlighting the oval-cut stone beautifully. Artistically handcrafted in 14k rose gold, this engagement ring is a classic piece in itself. This oval engagement ring gives an elongated look to your bride’s finger and eventually, she will love wearing it all her life.

  5. Miraculous Princess Cut Ring

    princess-cut moissanite engagement ring

    Both classic and modern, this princess-cut engagement ring is a timeless blend! The petal prong setting in which the moissanite is set gives this ring its actual charm. Moreover, the round petite moissanite is flanked in a twisted way, making this ring a captivating piece for your beloved. This moissanite engagement ring is an adorable choice, that she will cherish forever.

  6. Catchy Emerald Vintage Ring

    Vintage Inspired Emerald Engagement Ring

    Emerald above all! if your lady is a fan of vintage engagement ring. The truly feminine vibe exhibited by this emerald engagement ring has an alluring charm. Handcrafted to perfection, this rose gold engagement ring will give a trendy bride look to your lady. The round emerald is glimmering at the center, and round diamond are creating a halo to highlight the emerald. Each detailing of this ring enhance its beauty. The milgrain gold details, the diamond side stones, everything is just beautifully set in this ring. Buy your lady this ring and see her reaction for vintage love.

  7. Forever in Style Antique Moissanite Ring

    Forever in Style Antique Moissanite Ring

    Your lady is your Queen! Make her feel like one! Choose this engagement ring for your beautiful bride and adorn her finger with the best halo engagement ring she could ever desire for. This radiant ring is embellished with round moissanite center stone, and a halo of the same for enhanced appearance. The antique split shank is embellished with moissanite as well and the milgrain gold details all over makes a statement of breathtaking bride.

  8. Princess Diana Inspired Engagement Ring

    Princess Diana Insipired Ruby Halo Engagement Ring

    For the everlasting love of your life, this strikingly beautiful engagement ring is beyond any description. Being inspired from Princess Diana Engagement Ring, this ring has Oval cut ruby which is adorned by a diamond halo, to give your bride an enchanting look. This ruby engagement ring is justifiable choice for your lady. Get this ring and don’t wait to kneel down to propose her with this ruby ring.

  9. Filigree Gold Solitaire Ring

    Ruby Filigree Engagement Ring

    Looking for something vintage yet subtle and minimal? You have got to grab this Ruby Engagement Ring today! The captivating piece of fine jewelry is embellished with brilliant round cut ruby, held in prong setting, a twisted rope frame accentuating the ruby and filigree gold details over the half shank to give vintage vibes. Handcrafted to perfection, this ring is the best for your vivacious bride.

  10. Alluring Split Shank Engagement Ring

    Oval Cut Moissanite Split Shank Engagement Ring

    The feminine grace of this engagement ring will make your lady feel on the top of the world! Incredibly held in a double claw setting, the oval-cut moissanite is attracting all the charm. The split shank band is featuring round petite moissanite to complement the center stone. This 14k rose gold engagement ring is a symbol of pure and eternal love. Buy this moissanite ring for your bride and double her happiness.

  11. Celtic Moissanite Engagement Ring

    Celtic Moissanite Engagement Ring

    Your elegant bride deserves this delicate Moissanite Ring. Thoughtfully crafted with a Celtic knot design that exhibits a token of togetherness and love. Unique octagon-cut moissanite solitaire is the focal point of this rose gold engagement ring. The celtic details are an emblem of shared love and faith between you and your partner. So? What are you still waiting for? Get this engagement ring and overwhelm your lady.

  12. Romantic Moissanite Heart Engagement Ring 

    Moissanite Heart Engagement Ring

    A great choice to celebrate romance and passion all together. This heart solitaire ring is a tasteful choice for your partner. Fashioned in 14k rose gold to reflect deep love and devotion, this ring features an 8 MM heart shape moissanite, held in double prong setting and pave set round moissanite flanking to enhance the center stone. Propose to your lady with this moissanite heart engagement ring and make her go swooning.

  13. Desirable Ruby Heart Ring

    Heart Ruby Engagement Ring

    Ring that includes red! doubles the love and passion. Not kidding! This glistening ruby solitaire heart ring is an enticing engagement ring for your significant other, accentuated with pave diamond flanking over rose gold shank. Get this 3-prong set, 5 MM Heart Shape Ruby Engagement Ring and shower immense love on your significant other. Give your deep connection a true meaning, with this ruby diamond ring.

  14. Bewitching Wedding Engagement Ring Set

    Wedding Engagement Ring Set

    Among all, this moissanite wedding ring set is a showstopper! A graceful and radiant piece, handcrafted to perfection in 14k rose gold. This bridal ring set is featuring a 7 MM cushion cut moissanite stone at the center and gorgeous round moissanite forming halo, while the other ring has pear and round cut moissanite, complementing the moissanite engagement ring beautifully. Present this truly gorgeous piece to your lady on the most special day of your life and make her fall in love with you all over again.

  15. Enduring Oval Diamond Halo Ring

    Oval Diamond Halo Ring

    Since we can not stop staring this dazzling diamond engagement ring, its safe to state that this is the most beautiful engagement ring you will ever across. If you want to give something special that withstands time forever, this oval engagement ring is the piece for you! It is artistically crafted in spellbinding 14k rose gold to create a fairy tale look, that your partner will admire all her life. This ring features, an oval cut diamond in prong setting and double halo of diamond to double the sparkle! The pierced work on the shank enhance the rings’ beauty along with diamond side stones and milgrain details. Pick this diamond engagement ring for your lady before its too late!

  16. Iconic Diamond Heart Statement Ring

    Diamond Heart Statement Ring

    Nothing can replace the charm of a diamond heart engagement ring, a new age bride would love to fall for this statement ring on her dreamy day. A truly enchanting ring is fashioned in 14k rose gold, featuring 4 MM heart shape diamond and round diamond in double halo to make a statement of jaw-dropping beauty. This diamond heart engagement ring is absolutely a perfect piece to kneel down and present the lady of your dream.

  17. Fancy Bubble Shank Diamond Ring

    Fancy Bubble Shank Diamond Ring

    Want to give a cute dreamy ring to your lady on her big day? Surprisingly, this precious round diamond ring is a bewitching piece of fine jewelry, redefining the elegance of the modern bride. The centrally place round diamond is held in prong setting, bedazzles by accentuating halo, framed in 14k rose gold over bubble shank, making this diamond engagement ring is a desirable jewel piece for engagement.

  18. Joyful Floral Engagement Ring 

    Floral Engagement Rings

    Looking for a ring for your beautiful bride that stands out? Then this flower engagement ring is here to have all your heart. Engagement ring featuring 4 MM round diamond, held in prong setting and gold petals all around gives this ring an extremely beautiful look. An astonishing diamond ring for the most awaited day of your life, the rose gold petals of this diamond engagement ring convey emotion. A perfect floral ring for your contemporary bride. Kneel down and present this exceptional engagement ring while whispering those three magical words “I Love You”.

  19. Black & Bold Tahitian Pearl Engagement Ring

    Black & Bold Tahitian Pearl Engagement Ring 

    Let us guess! Whatever be the occasion, she can never ditch the color black. Well then, you’re looking at the engagement ring that no black lover can ever resist. Having been fashioned with the center stone of Tahitian Pearl that has been complimented with a sparkling Halo of Moissanite, this Engagement Ring possesses the black and white combination that just never goes out of style. When paired with rose gold metal that adds the feminine touch, its fashion appeal needs no description.

  20. Beautiful Blue Sapphire Teardrop Ring

    Tahitian Pearl Floral Ring

    You know why royalties opt for Sapphire to commemorate their big day? Not only is its rich royal blue color too hard to take eyes off but it also blesses your new journey together with love and happiness. That makes this Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring another top pick in our collection. It has been framed with the center stone of pretty pear cut Blue Sapphire and further enhanced with a Sparkling Halo of Moissanite, adding more definition to the captivating cut and color of Sapphire. But guess who serves as the icing to the cake here? Doubtlessly, Rose Gold metal that graces it with a feminine touch thanks to its blush pink hues, thus making it an ideal choice for your pretty lady.

  21. Distinctive and Pure Freshwater Pearl Bow Ring

    Pure Freshwater Pearl Bow Ring

    If you are seeking an engagement ring that has grace, charm and style all together in it, then congratulations! you wish has been granted. This pearl engagement ring can never go out of glamour, the rose gold bow with a diamond over it creates a distinctive and appealing look. Pearl ring showcases unconditional love and a profound connection between you and your partner. After you, this Pearl Ring will be the next crush of your bride for sure!

Celebrities like Whitney Port and Blake Lively have picked rose gold for their special day and many more are opting for this exceptionally beautiful metal. If you are curious to choose rose gold for your engagement ring, go for it. The rose gold will look truly iconic with any style without a doubt. Look forward to add a dreamy touch to your look on your special day with rose gold engagement ring.

November 11, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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