The day you’ve been dreaming about - is finally here!

Since the time you got engaged, it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, and your wedding day is going to multiply the rush of emotions before you take the final plunge.

You want everything to be just perfect and we got you! Right from your wedding outfit to your accessories, wedding jewelry, venue, menu, flowers and the moment you walk down the aisle! You’ve planned it all and even lived it a thousands times in your imagination, and trust us, this is no exception.

And along with your long list, we heard that you also want to add something blue for wedding day? If that’s what you are looking for, you’ve landed up on the right blog. So, without any further ado lets now talk about the blue jewelry for your wedding day.

Blue gems are known to represent love, good luck, and a pinch of royalty and different types of blue hue adds different sentiments to your wedding day.

Lets get some of our facts straight about the blue piece of jewelry and then we’ll show you the best assortment of some of our extravagant pieces of Blue Bridal Jewelry.

What is the significance of wearing Something Blue Wedding Jewelry?

Blue color symbolizes positiveness, it is the color of hope, depth, confidence, stability, sensibility and faith.

Isn’t it true that all the qualities of blue gemstones can be perceived as a good sign from the universe to add blue Gemstone Wedding Jewelry on your special day?

There are several types of blue wedding jewels, each of them has their own significance and allure. Namely, blue sapphire, different kinds of blue topaz and tanzanite.

Besides these aspects, the Blue Gemstone Bridal Jewelry has other amazing powers that soothes your soul and gives you immense peace of mind.

So lets get to know the appealing shade of blue in a deeper sense.

The Different Pop of Blue Color You need to know!

The Different Pop of Blue Color You need to know!

The “something blue” you are looking for your blue big-day jewelry are all described in this blog. So, that you find it easier to decide which blue gemstone will suit your wedding outfit.

  1. Blue sapphire

    Blue sapphire is the most known gemstone that is highly preferred for its rich color and texture that possesses royalty and classiness. On the Mohs hardness scale, blue sapphire ranks on 9 position that can be worn under normal conditions and resist the effect of common chemicals, light, and heat. Blue sapphire comes in the category of precious gemstones, we’re sure its deep blue hue will captivate your gaze.

  2. Aquamarine

    Another beautiful stone - Aquamarine is a light blue stone, it has sea blue color tint which makes it a true beauty. This exotic stone is known for its indefinite pastel blue colors that are the symbol of relaxation and calmness. This aqua blue gemstone has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the scale of Mohs scale and is known for its exuberant cut and clarity. If you love going subtle with blue, aquamarine is the stone for you.

  3. Blue Topaz

    Blue Topaz is another one of the most popular gemstone that is highly appreciated for wedding jewelry. Blue topaz is found in the three most luxurious colors in the market that is London Blue Topaz, Swiss blue Topaz, and Sky blue topaz, and all three are always in demand. These are generally affordable and good-to-go for blue wedding jewels due to their Mohs scale durability of 8 grade, also, they goes perfectly well with Rose gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold, and reflects good radiation on the wearer. 

  4. Tanzanite

    An extremely rare gemstone that is found in Tanzania, its vivid color has mistaken for the precious sapphire as it resembles that. This purplish soft blue hue of this gemstone often leave people awe-struck! It shows 6.5 to 7 Mohs scale hardness which is considered as a good choice to opt for bridal jewelry to give an intense look to your bridal gown. 

Now, that we have sorted your curiosity regarding stones, let move on to see some of our bestselling blue jewelry pieces for brides -

Rosec jewels bring you an array of exuberant Blue Gemstone Bridal Jewelry that our brides love to adorn on their special. Let's have a glance over the selected blue gemstone jewelry set and feel what is so different in it. 

  1. Royal Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring 

    Royal Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring

    Follow the tradition with the spiciness of modern touch with our east west blue sapphire and moissanite ring. The royal blue hue of the center stone amaze us all!

    Featuring, 5X7 MM oval cut blue sapphire stone beautifully set in prong setting, both its sides are surrounded by round cut glittering moissanite to give thins ring an ageless effect. Donning this Blue sapphire gold ring with your wedding outfit would be a perfect idea!

  2. Big & Bold Something Blue Bridal Ring set 

    Big & Bold Something Blue Bridal Ring set

    A bold choice for bold brides!

    The fierceness in you would demand this marvelous deep blue jewelry piece for sure. This wedding ring set is a distinctive choice bridal jewelry.

    Featuring, a 4 MM round cut deep blue stone in the center, knows as blue sapphire, held in 6 prong setting and two pear cut diamonds flanking, while other round cut diamonds are accentuating the wedding ring set making it full of charm for you to adore lifelong.

  3. Princess Cut Blue Sapphire Ring

    Princess Cut Blue Sapphire Ring

    Enhance your bridal look with this astonishing wedding ring, and amaze your partner!

    This deep blue cut diamond sapphire ring, is a statement piece in itself, you’ll love this ring today and beyond.

    Featuring, a 4 MM princess cut blue sapphire in prong setting beautifully, and pretty dainty diamonds are accentuating the beauty of the center stone by making a halo and side stones. If you want something extra to your look, you can go for blue sapphire pendant necklace for your plunging neckline for a modish classy look.

  4. London Blue Topaz Stone Bridal Earrings 

    London Blue Topaz Stone Bridal Earrings

    Its extravagant luster and allure of the the topaz blue gemstone is all set to flourish a glamorous mania on your wedding day.

    Featuring, 4X5 MM oval cut London Blue Topaz, taking the center stage, held in 4 Claw setting, while the round scintillating diamonds are surrounding the stone beautifully, making these earrings a pair of designer drop earrings.

    So take a flare with your wedding gown and flaunt your beautiful “Blue” - A pair of earrings, on your wedding day.

  5. Blue Sapphire Station Chain Bridal Necklace 

    Blue Sapphire Station Chain Bridal Necklace

    The deep blue sapphire is believed to bring love, luck, and charm, and we know you certainly want these all!

    Featuring, oval blue sapphires in prong setting, embellished with round diamond around it and in alternative design, in a gold station chain. Pairing up this Blue sapphire necklace with you wedding dress would give you a stunning look.

  6. Aquamarine Cocktail Jewelry Set

    Aquamarine Cocktail Jewelry Set

    The dreamy light blue hue of aquamarine makes us all wonder of its beauty!

    If you want your wedding day look to be like a Disney princess, you surely go for this drop pendant and these small blue studs.

    Featuring, oval cut aquamarine in prong setting and gleaming round moissanite accentuating the light blue gemstone adorably. This aquamarine pendant and earrings set will add a flair of elegance to your wedding day outfit.

  7. Oval Aquamarine Bridal Jewelry Set

    Oval Aquamarine Bridal Jewelry Set

    Choose this exceptional aquamarine pendant and light blue earrings for your wedding day outfit and go completely exclusive.

    Featuring, oval cut aquamarine in prong setting and round moissanite around it, giving it a fancy sunburst look and exuding its true beauty. You’re sure to seize the moment while down the aisle donning this lighter shade of blue jewelry.

  8. Aquamarine Floral Wedding Jewelry

    Aquamarine Floral Wedding Jewelry

    The “something blue” incredible pendant you would ever imagine!

    Your outfit as well as your vibe will certainly match with this floral pendant necklace, this pendant is sure to fill you with inner peace and mental clarity.

    Featuring, a soft blue round cut aquamarine, held in claw setting and round moissanite arranged in such a way that they are extending its beauty so much more!

    You can carry this pendant solo or can don light blue flower studs with it for a more fuller look on your wedding day.

  9. Dazzling Aquamarine Bracelet for Wedding

    Dazzling Aquamarine Bracelet for Wedding

    For your glamorous and edgy personality, this leaf bolo bracelet is an apt choice!

    If jewelry is your way of expressing subtlety and authenticity, you can not deny this aquamarine bracelet. Donning this bracelet will not only amp up your look, but it will also boost your confidence.

    Featuring, marquise cut aquamarine in prong setting, showcasing their charm in a leaf shape pattern. This aquamarine bolo bracelet is elegant and its just the way you like!

  10. Light Blue Aquamarine Floral Wedding Bracelet

    Light Blue Aquamarine Floral Wedding Bracelet

    Yay another scintillating piece from aquamarine gemstone bracelet array!

    This breathtaking beautiful Double Chain Floral Bracelet will make your wrist look absolutely gorgeous. Already eyeing on this bracelet? Then just grab it for your wedding look.

    Featuring, marquise cut aquamarine in prong setting, arranged in a such way that it looks a four petal flower, in a double gold chain, extending its beauty and allure.

  11. Gorgeous Aquamarine Drop Earrings

    Gorgeous Aquamarine Drop Earrings

    The magical allure of these light blue drop earrings is sure to make you gasp how amazing!

    If you wish to look like a frozen princess on your wedding day, then this pair is crafted for you. Donning these earrings would enhance your look with its luster.

    Featuring, 5X7 MM pear cut aquamarine in prong setting, acting as a drop and round moissanite are arranged beautifully to give this pair a more enchanting look.

  12. London Blue Topaz Infinity Heart Pendant

    London Blue Topaz Infinity Heart Pendant

    The most special day of your life demands the most alluring jewelry piece!

    Blue topaz gems are full of mysticism and so as this infinity heart bridal necklace. It has the power to amplify your complete wedding look, and we can bet on this.

    Featuring, an 8 MM heart shape London Blue Topaz, accentuated by dazzling round diamonds, which are covering the heart shape stone as well as the infinity gold design beautifully. This blue topaz and diamond bridal jewelry is worth buying for your wedding day.

  13. Created Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

    Created Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

    Do you want your wrist accessory full of beauty, but with a sustainable jewelry?

    Well, this magnificent bracelet is just for you! The charm of you wedding outfit and your wedding look would be multiplied wearing this mesmerizing bracelet.

    Featuring, dainty heart shape crated blue sapphire and round moissanite - creating a perfect combination of beauty and glam. This tennis bracelet would definitely fall in your favorite’s list.

  14. Something Blue Princess Cut Crossover Ring

    Something Blue Princess Cut Crossover Ring

    Oh so beautiful and elegant! This is gonna be your reaction when you’ll witness the beauty of this ring.

    This ring has the exact bling that you require on your wedding day with your wedding outfit, not sure? Try it out!

    Featuring, princess cut blue sapphire solitaire, artistically held in 4 prong setting, and it’s beauty is exhibited by the round cut moissanite covering the half part of the gold crossover shank.

  15. Created Blue Sapphire Floral Jewelry for Brides

    Created Blue Sapphire Floral Jewelry for Brides

    You can resist but to fall for floral jewelry? We’ve got the best flower jewelry for brides!

    The luxury pick for your wedding day must include something royal, so why not trying the best one? The round blue sapphires glittering in this jewelry set are all lab created, that makes this piece a sustainable jewelry. Isn’t it great?

    Featuring, dainty round cut created blue sapphire, forming a cute little flower, while, gleaming round moissanite are accentuating the half gold flower, making is a distinct piece of fine jewelry.

  16. London Blue Topaz Wedding Band Ring

    London Blue Topaz Wedding Band Ring

    Thinking about a wedding ring in blue that can work as a ring and band both?

    Here, it is! This versatile wedding band ring is beautiful piece, that deserves to be in your wedding day jewelry collection.

    Featuring, vibrant emerald cut blue topaz, arranged in an east west style, giving this ring a statement wedding look along with the scintillating round diamond, that is embellishing the half eternity shank on both the sides.

  17. Swizz Blue Topaz Vintage Wedding Ring

    Swizz Blue Topaz Vintage Wedding Ring

    The Swiss blue topaz stones are the most desirable ones, when it comes to bring abundance, perfection and joy.

    If you are someone who always wish to stay connected to the vintage designs, then this designer vintage ring is handcrafted just for you.

    Featuring, a 5 MM round cut Swiss blue topaz, and round diamond decorating the gold floral pattern, exuding the perfect vintage vibe out of this wedding ring.

  18. Sky Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

    Sky Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

    Did you know all the Blue topaz gemstones are also know as December Birthstones?

    Well, now you know! So if your birthday falls in December, its a good reason to buy it for your wedding day too!

    Featuring, 6 MM round cut Sky blue topaz in the center attracting all our gaze, and tiny diamond around it to accentuate its charisma. These blue topaz earrings are sure to fetch compliments!

  19. Sky Blue Topaz Infinity Jewelry Set

    Sky Blue Topaz Infinity Jewelry Set

    For the day that will remain fresh in your memory forever!

    This infinity jewelry set is so pretty that you just can’t deny donning it with your favorite outfit. You loved this bridal jewelry set at the very first glance? We knew it!

    Featuring, oval cut Sky blue topaz, held in prong setting in a little tilted way to make for an distinctive appeal and the dainty round cut diamonds are exhibiting brilliance through embellishing the gold infinity design. Grab this jewelry piece for your wedding day and you’ll thank us later.

  20. London Blue Topaz Teardrop Hoop Earrings

    London Blue Topaz Teardrop Hoop Earrings

    Fancy drop earrings that is both captivating and full of opulence? Is that you who dream about these king of jewelry?

    If yes, smile a little bigger, your wish is being granted! These drop earrings are perfect for donning with your wedding outfit as their charm is unmatched.

    Featuring, 6X8 MM pear cut London Blue Topaz, as drop and the round cut moissanite is accentuating the center stone admirably along with the gold hoops. These earrings are miraculous for the blue topaz fanatic bride.

  21. Light Blue Tanzanite Geometric Pendant

    Light Blue Tanzanite Geometric Pendant

    Your love for blue hues will be multiplied, when you’ll see this tanzanite bridal pendant.

    Donning this tanzanite hexagon pendant necklace with your wedding dress will make you a trendsetter among your friend! Don’t you want that too?

    Featuring, 5 MM round cut tanzanite, held in claw setting, taking the center stage and sparkling round diamond are accentuating the stone miraculously. This something blue jewelry has an alluring diamond accent bail, which would make you go swooning.

November 13, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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