Emeralds are extremely valuable, and no jewelry collection is fully complete without one. For individuals born in the month of May, the birthstone emerald is considered lucky. The mesmerizing aura of a vibrant green emerald gemstone is well known. If you desire one for your precious jewelry collection as well, we've compiled a list of things to consider while purchasing Emerald Jewelry online.

Is it safe to purchase emerald jewelry online?

Yes, purchasing Emerald jewelry online is entirely safe. When you shop online, you can choose from a wide range of options, and if you want to customize your own design, online businesses are well suited to do so as well. To avoid any risk or disappointment, all you have to do is conduct some research and follow the advice we've provided below to make your job a little easier.

Here are the following tips while shopping Emerald Online

1. Purchase from a trustworthy jeweler only

Only purchase Emerald jewelry from a trustworthy jeweler, whether online or in person. Don't be attracted solely by big discounts. Examine their online presence for reviews and active social media sites. Inquire whether they can provide proof that the emeralds they're selling are genuine.

2. Select the appropriate shade of green

Emeralds are found in nature. Each one is a one-of-a-kind creation of Mother Nature. As a result, their color may vary. The greatest emerald color is one that is bright and uniformly green. An emerald should not appear too black, too blue, or too yellow.

3. Be prepared to find flaws

Inclusions are blemishes and defects seen in natural Emeralds that are known in the gem industry as inclusions. Glass-transparent emeralds are so uncommon that only the wealthiest collectors can purchase them when they are discovered.

4. Cut is very important

The green color of Emeralds is well-known. However, the expertise of the gem cutter who sculpted the gem from a rough stone determines how effectively its color is shown. By giving an emerald the proper form and number of facets, a gem cutter can make a difference in its color. As a result, the uniform green color in an emerald tends to be a sign of a good cut as a general rule.

5. It's all about the location

Emeralds aren't all made equal. Colombia is said to have the world’s best emeralds. Natural emerald reserves in the country are the richest in the world. Colombian emerald cutters are incredibly skilled, so you'll almost certainly obtain a stunning gem.

6. Check out customer reviews

Check customer reviews first if you want to get even more sure about your purchase, and you'll be able to see unedited pictures that buyers have provided while giving their feedback.

7. Look up videos and images, then compare

Watch videos and look at photographs of actual Emeralds before making a purchase. The most convenient method is to conduct research online. The best way to appreciate what real emeralds look like is to look at high-resolution photos. Close-up videos and photographs of the gemstone are very vital when shopping online.

8. Go through the returns policy

Check to see whether your Emerald purchase is refundable so you may return it if it isn't what you expected. To avoid disappointment, double-check your ring size before purchasing a custom-made emerald ring.

When Purchasing Emeralds Online, Are There Any Red Flags to Look Out For?

If you want Natural Emeralds, stay away from terms like "synthetic" and "simulated." Synthetic emeralds are created in a lab rather than being found underground. Lab-grown emeralds are less expensive and have superior color and clarity. They're real, but they don't have the same natural history as mined emeralds. In other circumstances, jewelry will also be named as simulated emeralds in the title, but the stone will be cubic zirconia or green zircon in the fine print.

Purchasing Emerald jewelry online is not a tough row to hoe. Just some research and knowledge and you are good to go. Because we cherish our clients' faith in us, we have SGL-certified jewelry for them. On our website, you can browse our extensive collection of Emerald Jewelry. We have variety of Emerald Rings,Emerald Bracelets, Emerald Pendants, Emerald Earrings.

Choose the best for yourself out of a number of offerings. And if you're here to shop something for your girl but aren't sure what to get, we can help with that as well.

September 30, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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