The allure of Emerald is undeniable. They exude an eternal sense of optimism, devotion, and love. Emeralds are one of the four most valuable stones on the planet and are widely used in engagement rings. The best emeralds are both natural and uncommon. They have a lot of color saturation and a lot of shine. Because high-quality emeralds are such a big investment, it's critical to understand how to select them before making a purchase. That's why we've put together some useful tips for selecting a high-quality emerald Jewelry so you can make an informed decision when making this purchase

What Indicates a High-Quality Emerald?

The color of a high-quality Emerald is a vibrant green with a medium-to medium-dark tone. It will also include a small number of inclusions that will be effectively hidden by the color and cut. A good cut on a high-quality emerald enhances the gem's brilliance while also increasing its overall strength.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing High Quality Emerald

1. Choose the right shade of green for Jewelry

Colors ranging from bluish green to pure green, with vibrant color saturation and a tone that isn't too dark, are the most attractive Emeralds. The most valuable Emeralds are translucent. Their color is evenly dispersed, with no color zoning evident to the naked eye. If the color is too yellowish or blue, the stone isn't an emerald, but a different type of beryl, and its value reduces proportionally.

2. Look for inclusions or fractures in Emerald Gemstone

It’s extremely uncommon to find a flawless or translucent Emerald. Because it has many flaws, such as black spots, a hole, or a scratch, an emerald with sufficient purity is more expensive than an emerald with flaws. As a result, some customers and trade members recognize and accept the existence of inclusions in emeralds. Eye-clean Emeralds are very precious because they're so rare.

3. Examine the cut of an Emerald

Cutting an emerald is difficult due to its flaws, but if it is cut properly, it is considered a more expensive stone. Emerald can be cut as an oval, heart, or rectangle shape, but the cutter must keep the emerald's strength. The cut of the emerald stone is taken into account when selecting the highest grade. The finest quality emerald stones are oval-cut or cushion-cut emerald stones.

4. Certified Emerald Gemstone Jewelry

Because there are so many fake Emerald vendors on the market, it is important for a buyer to check if the emerald is certified or not. Before purchasing an emerald stone, make sure to inspect its color, size, shape, weight, and clarity, as well as verify that the stone has been confirmed by an authorised gem certification lab like SGL.

5. Purchase an Emerald gemstone Jewelry from a reputable gem seller

Gather information about the gem seller, read other user reviews, and analyze the company's market reputation before purchasing Emerald gemstone Jewelry.

6. Figure out whether the emerald has been treated and, if so, then how

Most Emeralds are treated in some way because they are likely to have major inclusions. The emerald may appear to be of higher quality than it is if it has been heavily treated to improve its appearance and conceal imperfections. If the stone has been addressed, determine if the therapy was major or minor. Inquire as to whether the stone has been inspected for fillers. Obtain a report from an independent laboratory confirming the emerald's natural status and the amount to which it has been treated.

Emeralds have been used in jewelry for over 4,000 years and still are in trend. They continue to add their stunning green splendor to engagement rings all around the world, but more significantly, Emerald symbolizes the love, hope, and commitment that any loving couple has, regardless of how many years they have been married. So, knowing the facts about emeralds can help you make the best selection possible when purchasing your next piece of jewelry.

September 30, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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