Emerald is the green stone of the beryl mineral category, with the presence of chromium and vanadium. The emerald can be found in the color range of yellow green to blue-green in medium-to-dark tones. The bright and vivid green emerald is considered to be a fine one, and they rank 7.5-8 on mohs hardness scale. Usually, emeralds come with heavy inclusions, and that is the reason most of the time they receive the enhancement treatment. Its inclusions are rewarded with the name "jardin" that translates as ‘garden’ as they represent a pattern like moss or garden inside. It can be a one-of-a-kind experience to look at emerald inclusions under microscopic magnification. Therefore, not every time they reduce the value, but sometimes they increase it too. Most importantly, due to its rich and vivacious appearance and rarity, it is one of the precious stones. It acts as a birthstone of May born and stone gift for 25th, 35th and 55th anniversary.

Emeralds have a long history as they are almost 2.97 billion years old. It has been there since antiquity, adorning the crowns, jewelry, swords, belts, and other royal accessories of kings and queens. The Egyptians, the first producers of emerald, believed it was a stone of eternity. The Arabs used it as a talisman because they believed it to be a mystical and +magical stone. And folklore says it could tell the future if kept under the tongue. The stone played multiple roles for different people. Its appearance and inner abilities are both to be credited for it.

Let us understand the benefits of wearing this stone, who can wear it, how to wear it, and what pros and cons it comes with.

Benefits of Wearing Emerald Gemstone Jewelry

Emerald Enhances Your Creative Abilities

The stone is said to boost your imagination and your ability to generate fresh thoughts. People in creative professions like writing, business, and journalism are required to be quick and innovative in their ideas. The stone bestows them with the ability to think in new ways, making them excel at their jobs. In addition to that, it increases instinct and gut, which will help in performing tasks with perfection. If you intend to advance in your work, you should wear this stone.

Emerald Promotes Financial Growth

The emerald stone and crystal help in attracting wealth. It has been a symbol of prosperity and luxury since antiquity. Emeralds were held in high regard by kings and queens and had a high monetary value. As abundance attracts ore abundance, this stone, which is a symbol of royalty, attracts more wealth and financial prosperity. It also helps you improve professionally by channelizing inner abilities like creativity, intellect, wisdom, and other skills, which leads to increased money flow.

Wearing Emerald Jewelry Brings Wisdom & Intellect

Each stone is associated with a planet, and the emerald is associated with Mercury, according to astrology. Mercury is the planet that governs a person's intellect and intellectual talents. The emerald will provide mental strength, a polished intellect, and knowledge, if, Mercury is in the first house of your horoscope. Wearing an emerald also enhances your decision-making abilities, as well as your curiosity and desire to learn more.

Emerald Jewelry Refines Oratory Skills

The mercury planet governs the ability to communicate. And, because emeralds are its principal gem, using them to strengthen your mercury is recommended. Strengthening mercury will give you effective speaking skills and a clear expression of your opinions. If you're a member of the artistic community and have to perform on stage or give a public speech, Emerald can help you gain confidence and improve your delivery. The stone will quiet your mind, allowing you to think and talk coherently. You will also be assisted in overcoming stammering and shyness, which can be major roadblocks in your profession.

Emerald Jewelry Improves Physical Health

Emerald comes with multiple physical benefits. It has proven usage in the treatment of eye ailments, childbirth and fertility issues, as well as life threatening diseases like plague. The stone was made to be worn by a pregnant woman to keep her and her baby healthy and protected from the evil eye. Physical changes in the body lead to mood swings and mental alterations as well. Emerald helps in coping with them easily.

Since ancient times, emeralds have been used to cure eye diseases. Pliny the Elder and Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, have written extensively in appreciation of stone’s capability to heal eyes. Even gem cutters used to use the stone to give their eyes a rest.

Diseases like malaria, cholera, epilepsy prevention, life-threatening fevers, plagues, poisonous effects, kidney stones, heart diseases, toothaches, wounds, headaches, and insomnia can be treated with Emerald. 

Emerald Improves Mental and Emotional Health

The heart chakra is represented by the emerald. It clears all obstructions in the heart that may be causing congested emotions. It will restore your sense of lightness and joy. At times, we feel as if our emotions are guiding us instead of us leading them. We feel helpless in the face of our feelings. You'll need an emerald to save you and restore your vitality. Only someone with a light heart and no mental tension is capable of loving easily and unconditionally. Use emerald to avoid being led astray by chaotic or negative feelings. 

Who can wear Emerald Jewelry?

According to western norms, emeralds are the birthstone for May born people. So, it is recommended for them to welcome more love into their lives. As per astrology, emerald is a stone for cancerians, that is, June and July babies should wear emerald.

And as per eastern belief, emerald jewelry is for people who have mercury as their dominant planet. If not that, then at least your dominant planet should be compatible with Mercury, otherwise it tends to create trouble instead of positive effects.

Who Should Not Wear Emerald Jewelry?

People under these conditions should avoid wearing emerald jewelry:

  1. Mercury is placed in an unfavorable position in your birth chart.
  2. You get impacted by little experiences and events.
  3. You are prone to allergies.
  4. You tend to lie and feel insecure easily.

What are the negative effects of wearing emerald jewelry?

If Emerald doesn’t suit you, it can bring the following negative effects.

  1. It can lead to an unstable mind, and depression, schizophrenia, and other severe nervous disorders.
  2. Relationships with parents, in-laws, and children can suffer, which in turn will cause mental trouble.
  3. Financial losses can increase. Even after putting in your best effort to save the money, it will result in uncontrollable expenses.
  4. The wearer will become restless and impatient, which will lead to a lack of focus in life.
  5. People with skin and throat issues can experience a worsening of the situation.
  6. It can lead to unfortunate situations in life, like involvement in scams.  

Emerald Benefits When Mercury is in Different Houses

Emerald for Aries Ascendant, Mercury in 3rd and 6th House

If you were born in this ascendant, you should refrain from wearing an emerald. Their ruling planet is Mars, which is not compatible with Mercury. It can do more harm than good.

Emerald for Taurus Ascendant, Mercury in 2nd and 5th House

The stone is beneficial for them as Taurus ascendants are ruled by Venus. Venus and Mercury are very compatible with each other. Mercury in the 2nd and 5th houses gives wealth, speech, and in the 5th house, fame, profit, and higher knowledge. Wearing an Emerald Jewelry will ensure the right things flow into your life at the right time.

Emerald for Gemini Ascendant, Mercury in 10th House

Emerald Jewelry is most auspicious for them as the planet Mercury rule Gemini ascendant and 10th house, house of profession. the wearer of the gemstone can see improvement in areas of life like; wealth, career, intellectual abilities, and health.

Emerald for Cancer Ascendant, Mercury in 3rd and 12th House

The stone is not recommended for cancer ascendants. Mercury becomes the lord of the 3rd and 12th houses, which brings expenditure, loss of sleep, and bad habits. Also, it is not very compatible with their ruling planet, the Moon.

Emerald for Leo ascendant, Mercury in 2nd and 10th House

Wearing emerald is not very beneficial for the Leo ascendant as it rules the 2nd and 10th houses. In most cases, this can be harmful, but as mercury changes its position in Gemini and Virgo signs, then it can be worn. In such a case, it will bring money and communication ability.

Emerald for Virgo ascendant, Mercury in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th House

It is highly suggested for Virgo ascendants to wear emerald jewelry. It is the most effective for them as it brings many pleasures of life, like mental stability, good health, and a successful career. For maximum benefits, consult an astrologer as he can recommend the perfect timings for wearing the emeraldgemstone. though it is good for Virgo ascendants under all conditions.

Emerald for Libra ascendant, Mercury in the 9th House

Emerald strengthens the planet for the Libra ascendant, so it is highly recommended to use the stone. Venus, the lord of Libras, is compatible with Mercury. It will give a boost to future career prospects and opportunities.

Emerald for Scorpio ascendant, Mercury in the 8th and 11th House

For those born under the Scorpio ascendant, the emerald jewelry is not a recommended gemstone. Here, Mercury rules the 8th and 11th houses, which aren’t very good for Scorpios. It will bring bad luck to the wearer.

Emerald for Sagittarius ascendant, Mercury in 7th and 10th House

People born under the Sagittarius ascendant are not recommended to wear emerald. For the Sagittarius ascendant, the planet Mercury is the lord of the 7th and 10th houses. Hence, no one, according to astrology, will prescribe this gemstone for you under these conditions.

Emerald for Capricorn ascendant, Mercury in 6th and 9th House

The Capricorn ascendant should definitely wear emerald stones. Mercury is the lord of both the 6th and 9th houses, making it a favorable planet for the Capricorn ascendant. As a result, the wearer will have good luck and a pleasant relationship with their father. You will gain social respect, a name, and a reputation.

Emerald for Aquarius ascendant, Mercury in 5th and 9th House

Natives born under the Aquarius sign can wear emerald. Here, the planet Mercury rules the 5th and 9th houses, which are beneficial for the Aquarius ascendant. The wearer is bestowed with blessings like children, an increase in intelligence, concentration, and command over speech.

Emerald for Pisces ascendant, Mercury in 4th and 7th House

The emerald stone is recommended for natives born under the Pisces ascendant. Here, Mercury is the lord of the 4th and 7th houses, which are compatible with the planet Jupiter. Hence, no one recommends this stone for the natives of Pisces.

How to Wear Emerald Jewelry ?

Emerald jewelry can be worn in various forms, like emerald rings, emerald bracelets, emerald necklace, and emerald earrings. But for astrological purposes, you should wear it in the form of a ring, as it is the easiest way to wear it every day. And for that, you need to be careful of the following things:

  1. Wear it on Wednesday as mercury is its ruling plant
  2. The stone should be more than 5 carats.
  3. Wear it on your right hand's little finger.
  4. It should be encrusted in gold or silver metal.
  5. Sunrise is the ideal time for wearing it.

Style statement wise, emerald is a versatile gemstone. Emeralds with minimalist designs can be paired up with everyday wear, while ones with intricate designs and large sizes are ideal for special occasions and special outfits. Significance-wise, also, it has been multifaceted. The advantages are limitless for the owner. People who want to keep styling and significance in consideration can choose the best emerald jeweler for themselves from Rosec Jewels. 

September 29, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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