Emerald, a vivacious green colored stone, is often worn for multiple physical, physiological, and spiritual benefits. Gemstones are attractive to look at and mystical to wear. Emeralds are one of those precious stones. Its rarity, rich and lengthy history with ancients and nobles, and the appearance that is luring people from everywhere to visit it today are some of the things that make this stone special. However, simply wearing it is not enough; you must also be aware of the specifications for how to wear it, when to wear it, and who should wear it.This is important due to the aspect that says stones can have a negative effect too, in some cases, if worn wrongly. Gemstones are recommended for an individual on the basis of their zodiac sign, ascendant sign, and planetary positions in their birth chart.

Why Emerald is Known As May Birthstone ?

Emerald is connected with individuals born in the month of May and to the planet Mercury, which is a giver of wisdom, wealth, and success.

Who Should Wear Emerald Ring?

People born in the month of May and the Taurus sign. Apart from the birth month, western astrology suggests the emerald for cancer signs too. They are emotional, loving, and sympathetic towards the people around them. Emeralds help them to gain strength in difficult times and not let emotional turmoil take over them.

Emeralds are the stones of the planet Mercury. They both reflect each other's qualities. A certain placement of mercury in their birth charts makes one compatible with the emerald stone. Mercury is known to be the king of the planets as it is the giver of wisdom and success in life. 

On Which Finger Should One Wear an Emerald Ring?

For maximum results, as emerald is related to the mercury planet, it is worn on the finger where the mercury mount is located. This is the little finger.

It should be embellished in gold metal and be on display on Wednesday early in the morning. It takes around a month to start working for you, and the effect lasts for three to five years, after which you may need to replace the stone. 

Can Emerald Wear in Ring Finger & Middle Finger?

In a rare case, it can be worn on the ring finger and middle finger because of the rare and auspicious combination of planets on the finger. But to find out what suits you best, a consultation and a proper evaluation by an astrologer are needed.

Can I wear emerald every day?

The answer is a big YES. They might have a delicate appearance, but they are durable enough to be worn every day. The durability of any stone comes from its hardness, toughness, and stability.

It scores 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, which makes it very hard and scratch resistant as compared to most materials that you use and come across every day.

In terms of toughness, emerald is brittle and prone to breaking and chipping. The inclusions present inside them make them a little less tough than other stones.

And in stability, emerald is quite stable. Its color does not fade away when exposed to sunlight. This doesn’t mean you can expose it to chemicals while cleaning.

The only disadvantage to the emerald is that you will find it treated because of inclusions. The oil filler is used to treat them, which is why you cannot get them cleaned through machinery. It can remove the filling. It's a good idea to clean the emerald at home with soap or another cleaning solution.This will make it easy for you to wear it every day.

Can wearing an emerald be harmful?

In a few cases, wearing emeralds can be harmful. As mentioned before, one needs birth chart analysis and mercury planet placement in it to know if emerald is suitable for them. If the planet Mercury is not placed favorably, then the stone isn’t recommended for you.

Other situations when wearing emerald should be avoided otherwise it can be harmful.

  1. Little experiences and circumstances impact you.
  2. You easily get attacked by allergies.
  3. You lie and get insecure easily.
  4. You are already blessed with a brilliant memory.

Negative Effects if Emerald doesn’t suit you

  1. Loss of mental stability
  2. The occurrence of problems like depression and nervous disorders.
  3. Troubled relationships with parents and in laws.
  4. Increased financial losses.
  5. This can worsen the skin and throat issues.
  6. You can turn into a restless person.

To know more about its suitability for you, it is recommended that you consult an expert. That will be helpful in achieving maximum benefits. Because it is a wonderful stone to wear and flaunt, it is important you buy it from a trusted jeweler or dealer in the market. It is important that the stone that you spend on is sturdy for the long term. Rosec Jewels gives the best quality emerald jewelry in the form of emerald rings, emerald earrings, and emerald bracelets. There are a variety of options to choose from the collection that range from everyday jewelry to exclusive pieces for special occasions.

September 29, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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