The world recently witnessed a startling discovery that is sure to add a new chapter in the books of history of Emeralds. If you’re an avid admirer of Emeralds and are already intrigued by their enormous sizes, you would thoroughly enjoy hearing from us on this. Well, let us break it to you! World’s largest uncut Emerald found as a single crystal has recently been discovered in Zambia and has deservingly secured its place in the Guiness World Record, verified on 22 April 2022. Huge, right? It’s fondly been named Chipembele. Ever since it caught the sight of the team of geologists. they considered it special. Talk about its exceptional quality or the gigantic size, everything looks as if it awaited to be unraveled to the world.

Emerald- the traditional May Birthstone is hailed for its lush green hues and looks quite a stunner when embedded in jewelry of any kind. There is no denying that everybody who has taken a good glance at this precious gemstone, has fallen head over heels for it. Emerald was the prized possession of Cleopetra and is believed to be mined from as early as 2000 BC. Some significantly large stones have been discovered over the course of last 20 years but Chipembele has taken the internet by storm like no other. Let’s know it all:

Where is Emerald found?

Though Emerald is mined all around the world today, the leading deposits remain in Columbia, Zambia and Brazil. And to no surprise, these are the mines that have gifted us some of the largest Emeralds ever witnessed with Chipembele topping the chart. Other producers include: Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.

Everything you need to know about the Giant Emerald: Chipembele

In the month of May, a special ceremony was held at Gem Geneva, the famous show that showcases exceptional gemstone and jewelry, to honor the owner of Chipembele and present the Guiness World Record certificate. The vivid green hues of this gemstone and its enormous body size captivated the eyes of on-lookers. Right then and there, the world knew it was somewhat special.

Why the name Chipembele? Where even this Giant gemstone was mined from? These might be some among the many questions that may have been recurring in your mind ever since you’ve heard the buzz. Let’s end the dilemma once and for all:

  • Name: Did you know right after laying eyes upon this giant gemstone, geologist Richard Kapeta, joyfully screamed ‘look at this rhino horn’ thanks to its unique appearance wherein it seems to possess horns on top. Right then and there, It was rewarded with the title Chipembele, which is a popular word for Rhino in Bemba dialect, Zambia.
  • The Mine: The mine that beholded this gigantic beauty is none other than Kagem mine, situated in the southern part of copper belt of Zambia. This mine is owned by Gemfields that has partnered with Industrial Development Corporation of the government of Zambia. Interestingly, it is also referred to as the largest emerald producing mine out there and it’s not the first time that it is astonishing us with enormous emeralds. 
  • Discovery: Who has got quite an eye for Emeralds and acquainted us with this gigantic gemstone? Well, the team of geologists led by Manas Banerjee and Richard Kapeta, first laid eyes on this May Birthstone back in July 2021 and there was no going back. They instantly knew it was special thanks to its bedazzling appearance and needless to mention, the whopping size. 
  • Formation: You know what blesses this gigantic gem with such an alluring appearance? Well, Gemfields has stated that Chipembele has been formed under the perfect conditions as a result of which the elements: beryllium, vanadium and chromium have crystallized into enormous hexagonal structures. The formation has been completely natural with zero by-products involved. 
  • Measurements: Hailed for its enormous size, Chipembele Emerald weighs a lofty 7527 carats (3.3 pounds), and has thus established itself as the largest uncut gemstone that is found in a single crystal. This Rhino Emerald, just like the name suggests, is unusually enormous, which results in its rarity. 
  • Appearance: We have already mentioned how Chipembele right from the very beginning was considered somewhat special and its appearance has doubtlessly played a major role in that. It possesses a deep golden-green color and amazes with its eye appealing glassy surfaces. Thanks to its exceptional transparency, it has also been stated that upon shedding a light on this beautiful gemstone, the vividity of green color and even the inclusions are inherently apparent. 
  • Possession: The world sure went gaga over this giant emerald and that made Gemfield’s auction of Emeralds in late 2021 extra special. Israel-based Eshed Gemstar became the proud owner of this May Birthstone and was presented with the Guiness World Record certificate in the special ceremony held in Gem Geneva this year in the month of May (also Emerald’s birthstone which called for double celebration.) 
  • Resemblance with Kryptonite: This gemstone, thanks to its unusual appearance, has been compared to Kryptonite. Remember something? Yes, we’re talking of the famous gemstone that appears in Superman series of DC Comics and is considered deadly for him. Some even jokingly regarded it as a weapon that could finally be used against Superman, referring to their similarity. 

Trip down the lane: Some Biggest Emeralds ever discovered

Though Emeralds are renowned to be found in large sizes in their natural state, some have undeniably stunned everyone with their gigantic sizes. Chipembele has sure shock the world and is currently topping the Guiness World Record, but there have been some enormous emeralds who have not only captivated everyone’s eye in the past but have also secured a special place in the books of history. Stay tuned to be amazed with the gigantic sizes of some of the world’s renowned emeralds discovered in the course of past 20 years:

  • Bahia Emerald: Though Chipembele holds the Guiness World Record for being the largest uncut emerald found as a single crystal, Bahia Emerald is considered as largest single shard of emerald, found as a block. It was discovered back in 2001 in Brazil and is known to weigh a lofty 1,700,000 carats. Moreover, its size has been described as large as the size of an average man’s thigh. Talk about being gigantic! 
  • Insofu Emerald: After Chipembele, Insofu is considered to come second in terms of size and was interestingly also discovered in Kagem mine of Zambia back in 2010. Before Chipembele’s discovery, Insofu was the most prized Zambian Emerald. It weighs a heavy 6,225 carats and has often been compared to the size of a Champagne bottle. The name Insofu stands for elephant in Bemba, Zambia. 
  • Inkalamu Emerald: Discovered back in 2018 by Gemfields, Inkalamu Emerald took everyone by surprise not only by weighing a lofty 5655 carats but also by becoming one of the most expensive rough emeralds out there. Why? Well, similar to Chipembele, it also possess an eye appealing golden green hue along with an exceptional clarity. It is another prized possession of the Kagem mines of Zambia. The name Inkalamu itself means lion in Zambia. 

Wrapping up

It’s not the first time emeralds are taking the world by surprise thanks to their gigantic sizes, surely not the last as well. But securing a place in Guiness World Record has made it clear that the world of gemstones is going to witness some exceptional emeralds, the ones that the world is sure to celebrate. Chipembele has proved to be one of the living examples of that by becoming the largest uncut emerald and Zambian mines, the proud parents. We hope you were just as stunned going through all of it and are more than excited to unravel what emeralds have to offer in the future as well. Stay tuned for all of it!

November 08, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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