Emerald is one of the four precious gemstones, and have been prized for their beauty and vibrant green color. The stone resembles landscapes with similar green vivid, and lush attributes. Emeralds have been revered since Ancient Egypt, and this adoration has lasted into modern times.

Our Everyday Emerald Jewelry is inspired by nature and the freshness that it offers, and they're exactly what you desire to add some flair to your outfit. Wear these emerald beauties from home to workplace to the dance floor to add some vitality and color in your everyday life.

Emerald Rings

1. Princess Cut Emerald Solitaire Ring

Gift your lady love the classic solitaire made of vibrant emerald stone in princess cut. The stone of the solid gold ring is set with four prongs. It is lovely to look at and so apt for everyday wear.

2. Marquise Cut Emerald Ring with Diamond

Nothing comes close to the elegance quotient of this routine wear Emerald Solitaire Ring. It is fashioned with marquise cut Emerald set in the center in a Prong Setting with sparkling side stones of round cut diamond. Having been crafted in Solid Gold, this Emerald Solitaire Ring is one of a kind indeed. Something that goes with your gorgeous evening gowns as well as formal attires.

3. Emerald and Diamond Stackable Ring

Are you planning to strengthen your bond with a promise ring? Here we have something perfect for you. This emerald ring has five small emerald stones and diamonds on both sides, giving it the look of an eternity band. It is carved in solid gold and can be easily stacked with other rings.

4. Three Petal Emerald Ring for Women

The elegance of petals is something else, isn’t it? Bringing that elegance to your everyday style statement is our Promise Ring adorned with Three Stones of Marquise Cut Emerald. This Three Petal Ring offers a blend of minimal style and youthfulness of emerald. It has been crafted in Gold that bestows its luxe touch to the ring. This Promise Ring also serves as a timeless token of love and commitment.

5. Emerald Solitaire Ring with Diamond

If you’re crushing over Emeralds but can’t ditch the diamonds as well, this ring is the one for you. It has been encased with Marquise Cut Emerald in the center with Scattered Diamonds on the side. While emerald adds a vibrant touch, diamonds enhance the shine of this ring, thus bestowing the wearer with the best of both worlds. This unique Emerald Solitaire Ring doubtlessly knows the way to all of your jewelry boxes.

Emerald Engagement Rings

1. Emerald Floral Solitaire Ring with Diamond Halo

Florals can never go out of fashion, isn’t it? This Floral Engagement Ring is adorned with Round Cut Emerald in the center with Marquise and Round Cut Diamond on the sides. It is designed in a floral inspired pattern along with a Split Shank, thus making it ‘the one’ for your one and only. She could live in this engagement ring and love it just as much, thanks to its classic floral design and subtle style.

2. Heart Shaped Emerald Solitaire Ring with Moissanite

Sure to win over her heart! This is an absolutely lovely piece, set with a heart-shaped emerald, enhanced with sparkling diamonds below. The heart shape and the manner in which diamonds are set on the centre stone, together make it catch the eye. What could be a better way to express your feelings than this symbol of love.

3. Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring with Diamond Side Stone

Add this bold and vibrant emerald ring to your collection and it will uplift your spirits every time you wear it. It is set in solid gold and features an oval cut Emerald as the solitaire, embellished in a prong setting with round cut diamonds as side stones. Representing love and luck, this emerald engagement ring is one of a kind indeed to finally make it official.

4. Classic Emerald Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo

Who says engagement rings need to be all extravagant and elaborate? We bring you a light-weight emerald and diamond engagement ring, you could wear any and everyday. This solid gold ring features a round cut emerald as solitaire embellished in a prong setting with a Sparkling halo of round cut diamonds. Minimal and elegant style combined, this emerald and diamond ring is a highly sought after pick to commemorate the big day.

5. Pear Shape Emerald Solitaire Ring with Diamond Halo

If your fiance likes to keep it simple and subtle and can’t stop crushing over emeralds, lock this emerald engagement ring right away for the big day. It has been encased with center stone of pear cut emerald that has been encircled with a halo of round cut diamonds: classic yet so elegant! Vibrant touch of emerald is so gracefully enhanced with diamonds that we can’t help but fall over its beauty again and again.

Emerald Wedding Bands

1. Emerald and Diamond Band with Beaded Gold

Vintage and vibrant: our Emerald Wedding Band enhanced with Diamond and beaded Gold. With its precise design and antique touch, this emerald wedding band makes for a statement hard to resist. Emeralds, deservingly hailed as the king of jewels, bestow this gold beaded ring with its glamorous green hues.

2. Emerald and Diamond Full Eternity Wedding Band

Are you a sucker for some extra glitter and shine? Then this ring is made for you. Studded with a row of round cut Emerald stones with diamonds above and below, this wedding band makes for a priceless beauty to present your ladylove with. Present it to her as a wedding band or birthday gift, it will work for any occasion. Teaming up this band with other emerald jewelry pieces will enhance the overall look.

3. Created Emerald and Moissanite Half Eternity Ring

Let her soak in the warmth of sparkling greenery with this created emerald half eternity ring. Hailed as a symbol of eternal love, this ring is studded with created emerald and moissanite in an alternating pattern. It is a well hues and ever sparkling token of love that can be presented to your ladylove on any occasion, be it valentine’s day, anniversary, wedding birthday or just another day of your expressing your love.

4. Created Emerald and Moissanite Eternity Wedding Band

If you’re a romance fanatic and can’t stop gushing over greens, this created emerald ring is the one for you. Presented as a gift that represents eternal love, this ring is the modern way of expressing love for couples. It has been adorned with Princess Cut Created Emerald with a row of Moissanite above. Just something she’d love pairing up with her engagement ring.

5. Emerald Statement Eternity Band Ring

Some jewelry pieces are timeless. Their charm never fades away, and this emerald eternity band is one of them. The solid gold band features an emerald studded all over the full eternity ring. Making a statement without being extra is not so tough anymore. You also found the companion to your emerald engagement ring.

Emerald Earrings

1. Emerald Solitaire Stud Earrings in Prong Setting

Add an aesthetic charm to your outfit with these Solitaire Stud Earrings adorned with Round Cut Emeralds in a 4 Prong Setting. These Round Stud Earrings are crafted with solid gold for an opulent appeal.

2. Floral Emerald Cluster Earrings for Women

These lovely Floral Cluster Stud Earrings are designed with sparkling Round Cut Emeralds over a Solid Gold base to make for a charming accessory for your everyday looks. Wear them every day for a chic look.

3. Emerald and Diamond Starburst Stud Earrings

For women who love the blend of colors and neutrals, we bring to you our emerald and diamond stud earrings. This Beautiful and Lovely Stud Earring is embellished with Oval Shape Emerald set as a centerpiece and encircled with Halo of Round Shape Diamonds. Crafted in Solid Gold, these emerald stud earrings can be worn comfortably to your workplace or just any outing.

4. Emerald and Diamond Floral Stud Earrings

The thing about florals is: they are fascinating in any form. But more so when it is our go-to studs that we’re talking of. Adorned with gorgeous green emerald in the center with round cut diamonds all around in a floral design, these emerald stud earrings are something you’d never want to take off. Specially if you fancy florals as much as we do!

Emerald Necklace

1. Emerald Solitaire Pendant for Women

If you can’t keep your eyes off classics, this is easily the one for you. This is a traditional solitaire pendant fashioned with a round cut Emerald solitaire set in a bezel setting. It has been crafted in Gold and is an accessory your ladylove would love to wear anyday, everyday. Nothing short of graceful, indeed!

2. Emerald Three Stone Necklace in Gold

A very elegant and classic Trio Emerald Pendant features 3 round cut Emerald set in a bezel setting in Solid 14k Gold. It is made to match all your outfits, be it formals or party wear. The Three stones of emerald carry an endearing meaning and represent the couple’s past, present and future together. In a nutshell, it signifies lifelong togetherness. That makes it one of the most sought after options to present to your ladylove on a birthday, anniversary and valentines’ day.

3. Emerald Teardrop Pendant with Moissanite

Enhance your look with this Teardrop Pendant. It is embellished with a pear-shaped emerald set as a solitaire in the center in a Prong setting with a series of round-shaped moissanite around, composed of solid gold. It is ideal to be gifted on Mother’s Day, thanks to its royal and graceful fashion appeal.

4. Emerald Open Circle Pendant for Women

This Eternity Pendant features round-shaped emerald gemstones set in a Pave setting. It makes for an ideal birthday or Valentine's Day gift. Classic yet so fashionable: the USP of this open circle pendant is that it really goes with any and every attire, be it formals or casuals.

5. Unique Heart Infinity Pendant Necklace with Emerald

Make your love eternal by gifting this infinity gold pendant necklace to the one your heart belongs to. The Emeralds are attached to the Twisted Rope Infinity, which crosses the Heart Pendant Necklace in a gracious way.

Emerald Necklace Set

1. Floral Jewelry Set with Emerald

Be the epitome of grace for your onlookers by donning this fascinating Floral Jewelry Set. It is adorned with prong-set emeralds and is perfectly supported by the lovely pair of earrings. This unique jewelry set could be a great anniversary gift for your wife. While the vibrant green color of emeralds bestows it with a youthful charm, its floral design works like an icing to the cake. It looks great paired up with the most classic as well as printed attires, because what doesn’t go with florals right?

2. Classic Created Emerald Jewelry Set with Moissanite Halo

Say hello to halo and say it quite often because our created emerald jewelry set with moissanite halo is your next everyday staple. That the classic design of this beautiful pendant and earring set would tell. It has been adorned with round cut lab created emerald in the center enhanced with halo of moissanite all around. Something all the fans of vibrant green hues of emerald combined with some sparkles won’t be able to resist.

3. Emerald Flower Jewelry Set with Diamond Halo

Don this emerald flower jewelry set everyday and let your elegance steal the show. It has been fashioned with Round Cut Emerald in the center enhanced with a sparkling Halo of Pear Cut Diamond all around in the pendant and partially in the earrings, crafted in a floral inspired design. This Floral Jewelry Set elevates your everyday style with pure grace.

4. Splendid Emerald Bar Jewelry Set

Dazzle around in this bar jewelry set studded with round-cut emeralds. A perfect gift for ladies born in the month of May, as this pendant earring set is embellished with the May birthstone. It has been embedded with a series of round cut emerald in a vertical bar pattern and makes for one of the most sought after pick for those dazzling That stunning green outfit is waiting to be teamed up with this ravishing set. 

5. Floral Emerald and Gold Triangle Jewelry Set

Look chic and modern in our Open Triangle Jewelry Set with an Emerald Floral design crafted in Solid Gold. This earring and pendant set will give you a unique and modern look. Mother, daughter, wife, or fiance, it will make an ideal gift for every special woman in your life. 

Emerald Bracelet

1. Seven Stone Emerald Station Chain Bracelet

If you’re someone who likes to keep it simple and classy, an Emerald Station Chain Bracelet is the pick for you. It has been adorned with Round Cut Emerald stationed (just like the name suggests) at a uniform distance from each other and crafted in Gold. Such exuberant class that you would never want to take it off!

2. Emerald Diamond Station Chain Bracelet with Illusion Setting

This elegant Valentine's Day chain bracelet is ornamented with round-shaped diamonds and emerald gemstones, set in an illusion setting. This chain bracelet is a comfortable and light weight accessory to wear anyday, everyday.

3. Endearing Emerald Three Stone Chain Bracelet

If you’re someone who likes their jewelry to carry a significant meaning, when presented as a gift (and like who wouldn’t), look no further. This Bracelet has been fashioned with three stones of emerald that signify past, present and future, thus insinuating that you two are meant to be together for a lifetime. Therefore, it makes for an endearing pick to be presented on Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary and also mother’s day.

4. Princess Cut Emerald Solitaire Bracelet

Truly for all the pricesses out there! Let less be more wearing this Solitaire Bracelet that has been fashioned with a precise princess cut in the center. This Emerald Solitaire Bracelet is a light-weight, minimal pick to elevate your street style.

5. Emerald Arrow Cuff Bracelet for Women with Diamond Accent

On this anniversary, show your love to your lady love with this dazzling arrow cuff bracelet embellished with a round Emerald gemstone that is set in a prong setting in a triangular form with a Diamond Accent. This beautiful cuff bracelet is composed of solid gold metal and will give you a completely chic look. When presented as a gift, it could serve as a reminder to her that you’d forever be there when she feels lost and directionless.

Emerald jewelry gives you and your outfit a vibrant appearance. The vivacious green color is not to be found in any other gemstone. If you love to accessorize every time you get ready, then this gemstone is a must have. Rosec Jewels is offering you these pieces made of the highest quality and best looking styles.

October 20, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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