Victoria Beckham, Halle Barre, and Jacqueline Kennedy have surely given us emerald engagement ring goals. Their choice and styling of the engagement ring has reinforced the fact that emerald is extremely enticing. There are many other celebrities that have also taken the less traveled road by choosing gemstones other than diamonds. As their choices are closely watched and used as an inspiration, colored stones have become more popular as engagement rings, due to them. Not just for the vibrancy that it offers, but also for the uniqueness that it brings. Its rich green hue is capable of attracting anyone’s quick attention. You can get it made in different cuts and settings, and it can be paired up with different metals and stones.

What is an emerald ?

Emerald is a lustrous green stone that comes in different tones, from light green to a deep transparent green. This precious stone is a beryl mineral variety and acts as a birthstone for May-borns. Their rarity sometimes makes them more expensive than even diamonds.

Emerald engagement rings can be made for all kinds of women, those who like to make a bold statement or those who intend to keep it subtle.

But learn the pros and cons of emerald engagement rings, the right cut, and other aspects before you decide which emerald jewelry to buy for your special day.

Pros and Cons of Emerald Engagement Ring

Pros of Emerald

1. Emeralds are Versatile

Emeralds can fit into a variety of settings and styles. Not only that, you can get them in any size that suits your taste and personality. They are good for engagement as well as wedding rings. Most importantly, anyone can wear them. Whichever style of emerald one chooses to go with, it will make him shine bright.

2. Emeralds are Not so Common

The first and most common choice everyone has is a diamond for engagement rings. Those who like to do things differently go for colored gemstones as their center stone. And a few of them choose emerald. It is certainly the most unique and right choice that you can make.

3. Emeralds Have High Value

Emeralds can be a great investment for the reason that they hold their value if kept in good condition. Because of the fact that they are 20 times rarer than diamonds, they are one of the most valuable stones. Hence, the price and worth are also quite high. 

Cons of Emerald

1. Emeralds Have Less Durability

They are soft and fragile, scoring 7.5-8 on the mohs scale which is less as compared to other precious stones. But an expert can safely cut emerald stones into a variety of shapes and styles and place them in protective settings that could make them appropriate for everyday use.

2. Emeralds are Heavy Sometimes

They might be soft, but they are heavier than other stones. That’s an important factor to know and be aware of before choosing to wear it for life to come. If you think you are someone who doesn’t have a problem with carrying a heavy ring, then you can ignore this aspect.

3. Emeralds are Hard to Clean

Most of the emeralds are fracture-filled, making them difficult to clean with machines. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners can weaken the filling of oil and resin. Therefore, it is best to clean emeralds at home by scrubbing the stone gently with warm and soapy water.

4. Emeralds Have Inclusions

They are known for their heavy inclusions. Almost every emerald comes with imperfections that are easily visible to anyone. They are often described with a fancy name, "jardin," which can be translated as "garden" in French. In spite of that, emeralds are desirable.

Important factors to look for in your Emerald Engagement Ring

1. Color

To determine the quality of an emerald, color is an important factor. The stone should be free of color zoning and have an even distribution of color, tone, and saturation. The most desirable colors are vivid greens that are not too dark or too light in tone, as well as those that are transparent.

2. Clarity

Most of the emeralds are filled with inclusions. But they don’t always diminish the appearance of the stone, but rather add more beauty to it. Therefore, these inclusions are rewarded with the name "jardin". A good cut will ensure imperfections do not come up to the surface or corners of the stone. Eye-clean emeralds are very rare. High quality emeralds with inclusions are often sold easily, but if they affect the transparency, then they come at a lower price.

3. Emeralds are enhanced

All emeralds receive oil treatment to fix fissures and improve clarity. This is a widely accepted treatment of stone. But in some cases, dyed oil is used, which proves to be only a temporary treatment of the stone. Make sure to have complete information on the nature if treatment given to the stone.

4. Sourcing the Emerald

Go to a trusted jeweler only for your engagement ring so that you only procure high-quality diamonds. Also, emeralds are come from different places, and some, like Colombia, are known for premium quality emeralds. This can be a quality and price deciding factor for the stone.

Looking after your Engagement Ring ?

1. Regular Cleaning is a Must

Clean your ring thrice a week, beginning the day you put it on your finger. don’t wait for it to get old. And it should be cleaned with lukewarm soapy water and dried with a soft microfiber cloth.

2. Don’t Soak Overnight

Other stones can be left overnight in order to give dirt time to get washed off completely, but emeralds shouldn’t be. As it is already enhanced and has a protective layer on it. Leaving it for a long period of time in water is not recommended. Clean it by scrubbing with a soapy cloth or in soapy water.

3. Keep it Away From Extreme Temperatures

Extreme heat and cold can cause the emerald to crack, especially at hot temperatures. The stone can suffer from a change in appearance that would be less appealing. Wearing clothes in the cold for extended periods should also be avoided.

4. Store it in Soft Environment

Due to their brittle and soft nature, emeralds are prone to breakage if not kept properly. Choose soft pouches or padded boxes to keep your emerald safe and scratch free. A little bit of effort has to go in if you want your emerald to look new even after years.

Do you know that, in spite of a few imperfections, the emerald is known as the "king of stones?" The gorgeous looking stone is single-handedly capable of making you shine in the crowd. It is 2.97 billion years old and comes from an affluent background. There might be no other stone as valued and honored as the emerald. Choosing an emerald for an engagement ring is surely a unique option, but make sure to buy it only with the right understanding. This would take you only to the best.

September 21, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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