Emerald is one of the most fascinating gemstones ever created. This gemstone has captured the hearts of both ordinary people and nobles with its beautiful green tint. However, due to the stone's enormous popularity, there are many fakes on the market today. As a result, we've made a list of a few things to remember while shopping for an emerald gemstone to avoid buying a fake.

You can identify the difference between a natural and a fake Emerald by looking at the following attributes:

1. Color of the Emerald Gemstone

When planning to purchase a natural Emerald gemstone, one of the most important elements to consider is the emerald's hue. The color of the gemstone usually helps us determine its purity. You can examine the hue of your gem by holding it up to the light. Genuine emeralds have a pure green or blue-green color. As a result, if the stone you're holding has yellow or brown undertones, it's certainly a fake. And natural emeralds, unlike fake emeralds, have a uniform color distribution.

2. Clarity of the Emerald Gemstone

It's extremely important to note that an Emerald can’t be completely clear. While brighter emeralds are thought to be clearer and superior than those with lower brightness, finding an emerald that is fully clean will be quite tough. While exceptionally clear emeralds do occur, they are relatively rare. As a result, when you plan to buy an Emerald, you must take extra care. A stone that is absolutely free of any form of inclusion and is distinguished by perfect clarity can definitely be a fake one. A striking feature of natural emeralds is that they have several imperfections, the majority of which are unnoticed to the naked eye. These inclusions resemble small micro-filament strands and are frequently surrounded by tiny bubbles.

3. Fire

"Fire" refers to the sparks of color that a gemstone shows when light strikes it. It occurs in addition to the shine of the stone. While emeralds glitter a lot, they don't have a lot of fire. Holding your Emerald under bright light and looking at its shine is a wonderful way to ensure the naturalness of an Emerald. If the Emerald exhibits a brilliant rainbow of hues, it is doubtful if it is a natural Emerald gemstone.

4. Hardness of the Emerald Gemstone

The edges of a real emerald's facets should not represent traces of ageing as they are quite firm. Since some emerald imitations are composed of softer materials, their facets become less sharp with time and appear chipped.

5. Price of the Emerald Gemstone

Emerald is one of the most expensive gemstones out there due to its gorgeous color, profound history, magical benefits, and rarity. As a result, if someone is selling it for a lower price, there is a big possibility it is a fake.

6. Temperature of the Emerald Gemstone

Most natural gemstones feel cold to the touch. An Emerald gemstone is not an exception to this fact, but it must be at room temperature for this to work.

7. Get your Emerald Examined by an Expert

While all of the methods listed above can help you determine whether or not your Emerald is natural, you may still have concerns about the gemstone's legitimacy. Having the stone professionally assessed by a certified jeweler is the best approach to confirm this. They will be able to check your gemstone and certify its identity using specialist techniques.

Emerald has an unrivalled allure that any girl would want in any form of jewelry, but if you want to reap all of Emerald's mystical benefits, it must be natural, not lab-created or synthetic. We've outlined a few points above that you can consider before making such a precious purchase.

Now that you're well-informed and set to make an informed decision, have a look at our wide range of Emerald Necklaces.

September 21, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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