The Emerald Gemstone, one of the oldest stones, is a stone from the mercury planet. This gemstone is said to be best suited for people with the Mercury planet sitting in a favorable position in their horoscope. Or it should be at least compatible with the dominating planets in your birth chart.

Emerald is worn to attain "financial success, creativity, new ideas, and business growth." It is sometimes combined with other gemstones to strengthen other planets. But before doing that, one must have a consultation to know whether two gemstones go well together or not. The wrong combination can lead to hazardous consequences.

Here, in the blog, we are going to expand our understanding of what ones contradict with emerald and why you shouldn’t ever wear them with this gemstone. 

Emerald and Pearl

They might both be beautiful, but they decrease each other’s value. The combination of emerald and pearl can have dangerous effects. The Moon is associated with the mind.The stronger the position of the moon, the better the mental stability of a person. Mercury is the planet of communication. Despite the fact that the planets have a friendly relationship, the stones representing them are never recommended to be worn together. They are considered to be conflicting. It can lead to the loss of finances and good health.

Emerald and Yellow Sapphire

Jupiter is the ruling planet of yellow sapphire, and Mercury and Jupiter are contradictory planets. Thus, wearing an emerald with a yellow sapphire is not at all suggested. Though both of the planets are healing planets, they come with opposite energies that do not align with each other. Wearing them together can lead to problems like a lack of clarity and perplexed speech. The ill effects of both stones overpower the powerful aspects and bring the negative effects to the forefront.

Emerald and Red Coral

Coral stone is associated with the planet Mars, which is considered the enemy of the Mercury planet. The relationship between the two isn’t very friendly. Therefore, wearing their primary stones together would lead to bad luck by invoking opposite forces. Refrain from wearing emerald and red coral gemstones together. However, if you still wish to wear them together for the reason that you really liked a piece of jewelry that had these two stones, it is suggested you consult an expert and experienced astrologer who would give you an answer only after analyzing your birth chart.

It is completely advisable to not wear these stones together. But if you really want to, you can move to another alternative, which is buying lab-created gems, as they do not carry the powerful properties that naturally created stones carry. This will satisfy your fashion craving while also protecting you from negative consequences. With Rosec Jewels you can find lab created and natural emerald jewelry in a variety of designs and settings with other gemstones.

September 20, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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