The Diamond is the birthstone for April. It is a symbol of everlasting love and is known to give the wearer confidence. As diamond is the hardest gemstone, it provides strength to all those who are fortunate enough to have it as their birthstone.

A diamond is the traditional birthstone of April and holds significant meaning for those born in that month. Other benefits of wearing diamonds are said to include balance, clarity, and abundance.

Origin of Diamond

Diamonds were produced 150–200 kilometers beneath the earth's crust, in the liquefied rock of the mantle, around 3.3 billion years ago. Carbon molecules were compressed at extreme pressures of 45 to 60 kilo bar while being heated to temperatures ranging from 900 to 1300 degrees.

As soon as the temperature dropped, atoms began to bond, resulting in diamond crystal formation. The diamonds were then brought to the surface by magmatic rocks (a blend of molten or semi-molten rock), later known as Kimberlites, during violent volcanic eruptions. The diamonds will then flow through the kimberlite pipes, which are volcanic pipes named after the South African city of Kimberley, where they were explored. Magma would then build up a layer of volcanic material on the surface of the earth, which would cool and harden. Within these rocks, diamonds can be found.

History of Diamond

Diamonds have always been prized for their beauty. According to some historians, they were traded as early as 4 BC. The method by which a diamond gemstone originates deep beneath the Earth's crust and is then driven upward until it is exposed is one of the reasons diamonds are so appreciated and cherished.

However, before this process was fully understood, many ancient civilizations thought diamonds were lightning that had manifested itself on Earth. Perhaps this is why diamonds have long been associated with exceptional healing abilities. According to folklore, the diamond could heal brain sickness, relieve pituitary gland issues, and remove toxins from the bloodstream.

Diamonds were initially mined in India by the Moghuls and Imperial Colony, who were able to readily extract diamonds from deposits along three important rivers. The diamond gemstone is most well-known nowadays as the jewel used in engagement rings.

The diamond has always symbolized eternal throughout history. Whether you're getting married or just want to present yourself a very special piece of jewelry, the diamond offers both beauty and essence.

History of Birthstone

In 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers resolved to publish a reliable List of Birthstones to avoid the commercialization of gemstones and to safeguard clients from being deceived. This list was the go-to reference for customers looking to buy birthstones. The diamond was chosen as the birthstone for the month of April in this list.

Each month in astrology has a correlating gemstone that represents the unique features of each of the months. Wearing the birthstone, according to astrologers and gemstone wearers, protects us from harm and brings joy and love into our hearts.

The diamond, like other precious gems, takes pride of position on the list of birthstones. Astrologers say that the qualities of the diamond are similar to those of born in April.  The April-born, like their birthstone, the diamond, are independent, strong-willed, and hopeful

Why Is The Diamond April’s Birthstone?

People born in April are recognized for their resilience in the face of adversity, emerging stronger and more attractive as a result. Diamonds are associated with romanticism, charm, elegance, craftsmanship, and humanism, all of which are characteristics of an April baby. As a result, the diamond is the ideal birthstone for April.

People born in April are known for their strength. They will listen to their hearts and minds and will not stop until they have completed their goals. They are enthusiastic and do not give up easily when confronted with difficulties or conflict. They march to the beat of their own drummer and have faith in their own ideas. And Diamond also has quite similar characteristics.

The most loved stone bestows courage, pride, and willpower. It alleviates emotional and mental suffering, reduces fear, and welcomes in fresh beginnings. Encourages originality, innovation, cleverness, and intellectual curiosity. It promotes mental clarity and mindfulness.

The Diamond's pure white light, a symbol of purity, helps in the unification of our lives. It exhibits love and clarity in relationships and strengthens bonds. Diamond symbolizes constancy and dedication, and it instills trust in relationships. It energizes the accumulating forces, attracting the manifestation of abundance.

Diamonds and April born are very much compatible with each other. Diamond, by allowing the light of the soul to show through, embraces spiritual growth and reflects the values of your soul's desires. Diamond and April babies are powerhouses of energy. Individuals born in this month are leaders and hard workers who work tirelessly until they achieve their goals. This stone, which never has to be recharged, provides strength and endurance, as well as enhances the power of other crystals.

September 15, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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