The birthstone for April is the timeless diamond. The diamond is a popular and timeless jewel that is considered one of the world's most valuable gems.

Every occasion is made unforgettable and every moment is made special with these gorgeous, dazzling jewels. It's no surprise that many jewelry collectors prefer diamonds to commemorate significant occasions. Diamonds are incomparable to anything else, whether you're giving it as a present or treating yourself to some bling. 

And, irrespective of why you buy diamond jewelry, you practically always spend thousands of dollars on these gleaming stones. So, how to pick perfect diamond Jewelry without being deceived and without being confused? As a result, you should select diamond jewelry with caution.

We've put up a simple guide to help you buy diamond jewelry. Read on and make an educated decision.

Things to Remember Before Buying Diamond Jewelry

If you think the sparkling sheen of a diamond can tell you whether it's real or an imitation, think again. Many people mistake fake stones for diamonds because of their lustrous appearance. It's a synthetic diamond that has the appearance and feel of a real diamond but isn't. To make matters even more complicated, it's tough to tell the two apart simply by looking at them. There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure you're buying genuine diamond jewelry.

These include, among other things, understanding the basics of diamonds, carefully selecting a trustworthy jeweler, and requesting diamond certification. Keep these points in mind while shopping for diamond jewelry to get the most bang for your buck.

1. Remember the 4 C’s

The first step in selecting diamond jewelry is to become acquainted with the language of diamonds. This covers the four Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These are the four most important criteria to consider when determining the value of a diamond.

Cut: The cut is believed to be the most essential of the four Cs. It determines the amount of gleam in a diamond. When compared to a well-cut diamond, a badly cut diamond will be dull and shine less. Furthermore, certain cuts, such as marquise or princess, can make a diamond appear larger than it is.More about Diamond Cut >>

Color: The second C is color, which is graded from D to Z. The most expensive diamonds are colorless diamonds rated D. As you progress from D to Z, the diamond's value diminishes. More about Diamond Color >>

Clarity: The next step is to achieve clarity. The small flaws or blemishes in a diamond are what determine its clarity. Inclusion is the term for these flaws. As the number of inclusions in a diamond grows, the clarity of the diamond drops. The better the diamond, the higher the clarity. Flawless (FL) diamonds are those with the highest clarity. More about Diamond Clarity >>

Carat: The carat is the last of the four Cs. The term "carat" refers to a diamond's weight. The carat of a diamond increases with the size of the stone. As the carat value rises, so does the price of the stone. However, please be aware that the price of two stones with the same carat value can differ based on the other three Cs. More about Diamond Carat>>

It's worth your time to learn the 4Cs. It is the international language for describing the quality of a diamond. Being able to communicate in this language gives you the confidence to purchase diamond jewelry.

2. Learn the Variations In Diamond Shapes, Diamond Cutting Style, and Diamond Cut Quality

The arrangement of the diamond's facets is referred to as the “cutting style”. The standard brilliant cutting style, for example, is the widely accepted facet arrangement for round diamonds, with a specific arrangement of 57 or 58 facets. The emerald cut, which is a square or rectangular shape with four extended facets along the sides (step cuts) and polished corners, is another cutting style. A radiant cut diamond is cut in a brilliant manner and has a square or rectangular form.

The cut quality of a diamond relates directly to how well its facets get along with light.

3. Observe a diamond in various lighting conditions

If you've ever wondered why your diamond appears differently in different situations, such as sunlight compared to candlelight or daylight compared to office lights, it's because the cut of your diamond behaves differently depending on the light and environment you're in. The way you look at your diamond – and where you look at it – has a big impact on how it looks.

Jewelry is purchased or given as a present for a specific cause, most typically to commemorate a significant occasion. Choose what you like and what you think looks best. Then take pleasure in the experience of discovering all the numerous looks your diamond can take.

4. Create A Personal Budget For Yourself

Understand that when purchasing diamond jewelry, you must weigh what you can afford to spend and select a suitable price range against your expectations and what you know you would truly enjoy. It's critical to make an informed decision and avoid going into debt over diamond jewelry.

If you want to buy diamond jewelry from a jeweler, you should start planning and budgeting far ahead of time. Though this isn't always achievable, it's the best scenario because it allows you more time to save up for the perfect diamond jewelry you've always wanted, rather than settling for something less perfect because you can't afford it right now.

The basic line is to spend as much as you believe is reasonable.

5. Select a Jeweler

It's effortless to purchase diamond jewelry at any moment, thanks to the ever-growing online jewelry industry. There are plenty of options available to you, and you can save a lot of money. However, this boom has resulted in a large number of scammers on the market. Only purchase diamond jewelry from a trustworthy jeweler, whether online or in person. Don't be attracted solely by big discounts. Examine their online presence for reviews and active social media sites. Inquire whether they can provide proof that the diamonds they're selling are genuine. Don’t forget the significance of the certification. Before making a decision, you should research their return and refund procedures.

6. Always Choose Diamond Jewelry That Has Been Certified

The certification of a diamond is what determines its legitimacy. And reputable jewelers will always give you one when you choose a diamond. A certification acts as insurance if the diamond you buy turns out to be a fake. In essence, do not purchase diamond jewelry until the certification has been obtained.

The report will remove any confusion from your purchasing decision by providing you with the specific great features of the diamond. If the diamond has been treated to improve its color or clarity, the report will state accordingly. Because we understand the emotion behind your diamond purchase with Rosec Jewels, we deliver SGL-certified jewelry that our valued customers can rely on blindly.

7. You Must Insure Your Diamond Jewelry

You'll want to secure your diamond jewelry once you've found one that makes your heart drool. If the diamond jewelry is ever lost or stolen, you will be adequately compensated. Before issuing a policy, most insurers demand a diamond grading report, which is another reason to make sure your purchase comes with one.

No one wants to buy synthetic jewelry. It's possible that what the jewelers claim is too wonderful to be true. Learn everything there is to know about diamonds. When it comes to choosing the right jeweler, do your research. Even if the prices are too good to pass up, don't be convinced by them. Keep these considerations in mind to prevent being fooled into purchasing a fake diamond jewelry.

February 10, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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