Gemstone which is filled with love, affection and a perfect symbol of purity- Diamond. Even though, it is believed that diamond brings endurance to the wearer. Diamond is an exuberant and most precious gemstone that put an quirky and everlasting impact when one saw it. Its mystical healing properties and durability factor makes a diamond most op-table and lovable gemstone of all time. This April gemstone has way more to offer for its customer that embrace their life, spirit and health in a prominent way.

What is diamond gemstone exactly?

In Simple words, this April birthstone Diamond is a mineral which is composed of pure carbon. It is most hardest naturally occurring substances that is highly recognized as a precious gemstone. For its extreme hardness, this precious Diamond has numerous industrial applications. The brilliance, Hardness and striking sparkle of diamond make the gem a awestruck one.

History behind the Diamond Gemstone

The precious and genuine Diamonds are rare and quirky gift for your loved ones. The diamond word adopted from the Greek word Adamas that means “ invincible“ and it is comes in vivid colors that is black, blue, yellow, red and many more. Although the color of the diamond primarily depends upon the type of impurity mixed in it. It is considered as the hardest substance around the globe, this April Gemstone Diamond has its own vast history that need to reveal to understand it more precisely.

First Discovered in India

Earliest, the diamonds were came into existence in 4th century around the globe. The Diamonds were first mined and discovered in India and in the Sanskrit language it is known as ‘thunderbolt’, ‘Vajra’ and ‘Indrayudha’ that is warriors god Indra's weapon and it is addressed as most valuable material already.

Diamond in Europe

Diamonds was started to appear in the Europeans lands that is in the 13th century. Moreover in the 16th century, as the diamond faceting is developed, the diamonds become more prominent and larger discovered. Although these precious stones started to dominate the small stones and larger stones with its beauty in the 17th and 18th century respectively. In the 13 the century, France’s Louis IX made a rule that diamonds are only reserves for the royals only for its value, piousness and rarity. Further, the diamond are taken to the royal jewelers only to make the jewelry for kind and queen

First Diamond cutting industry

As the demand of diamond is increased, the the first diamond cutting industry was set up in trade capital Venice after 1330. Diamond cutting made its way to the Paris and then it went to the Antwerp and Bruges till the 14th century.

Diamond today

Today, diamond is mined in approximately 25 countries and its production is aggressively increasing. It was clearly state that India alone producing 100 million carat diamonds on yearly basis followed by the Russia, South Africa , Australia etc.

World’s largest cut diamond - Kohinoor (Koh-i-Noor)

World’s largest cut diamond - Kohinoor (Koh-i-Noor)

The legendary Kohinoor or Koh-i -Noor is world’s most expensive diamond of all time and its massive weight is 105.6 carat. It is oval shaped diamond that is surrounded by mystery and legends. It is believed that this luxurious diamond is mined in India in 1300s. Apart from this, this precious is always been in controversy as it said that Britain stole this legendary diamond Koh-I-Noor that belongs to India. Rightly or wrongly, the British dynasty acquire this stone in mid 19 century and prince albert has it cut from 186 Carat to 105.6 Carat with the intent of increasing its brilliance and spark.

Diamond color

We know the Diamond is a pure white color gemstone but do you all know that it not a truth, our most loved gemstone diamond is available in beautiful shades too and every color has its own significance that is here explained:

  • Red Diamonds

    Symbolizes courage and these kinds of Diamonds are extremely valuable and rare

  • Orange Diamonds

    It is the symbol of energy and enthusiasm that is also one of the rarest colored diamonds

  • Yellow Diamonds

    Yellow Diamonds addressed the friendship and happiness. One of the most common and fancy colored diamonds that can be the better substitutes for the engagement ring.

  • Pink Diamonds

    It states creativity, joy and romance that is quite rare and kind of most beautiful diamonds of all time.

  • Blue Diamonds

    The blue color diamond is a symbol of power and royalty that is rare and believed that if one gives blue diamond to someone that means they are showing love and respect towards them.

  • Brown Diamonds

    It is a symbol of humility and represent your balance and inner strength.

  • Black Diamonds

    Black Diamond is a symbol of unchanging love that is associated with passion, action and energy.

What does diamond symbolizes and its significance ?

We all heard that diamond is a symbol of eternal love and care that lasts forever. Having this jewelry in your closet is no less than a blessing that is priceless and high on demand that every beauty signora wants.

  • Today diamond is a one such gemstone that is a desire of every heart and most loved as engagement ring. This concept came from the strength and invincibility that diamond associated in itself that is what an engagement
  • Although diamond has come up with myriad symbols throughout the centuries and various civilization from mining to jewelry making.
  • Diamond is connected with the royalty, richness and power. Apart from that it also symbolizes the luxury and represent the status and also emanates opulence.
  • One can adorn this April Gemstone Jewelry to signify both beauty and luxury. Its high sparkle and brightness is foremost source of elegance that serves high-end fashion statement.
  • It is the symbol of commitment to the partner and embrace the life long love.
  • It has has the enormous power of healing that can be physical or mental both. Apart from that it cures Glaucoma and clears ones vision.
  • Beside, these gems enhance awareness, awakening inner soul, gives you mental clarity and helps you in accomplishing your life goal.

Diamond as a April birthstone

Diamond as a April birthstone

If we talk about Diamond Birthstone Jewelry Ring astrologically then it is a traditional birthstone of April month. Eventually it holds a significant for those who born in this April month and intended to provide better relationships with their loved ones and boost up their inner strength. Wearing Diamond Birthstone Ring clearly claims such benefits that is balance, clarity and abundance. It is considered as a fortune gemstone for those April born peoples. There are following history stick behind this precious gem that will enjoy to read.

The Origin of Diamond as a April birthstone

This is we all know that every gemstone is associated with specific birth month and put an unique significance on its wearer. it as believed that in the biblical time, this origin of birthstones was happened when the Armour of the priest was fascinated with 12 most precious colored gemstones. As the time pass on, the tradition of wearing gemstone was came into the culture more often. It was believed that each stone holds good luck charm associated to the specific birth month.

Things to keep in mind while buying diamond birthstone jewelry Online

Things to keep in mind while buying diamond birthstone jewelry Online

4C’s of diamond Birthstone

  • Cut : The cut is the most crucial aspect of a diamond as it determines the overall appearance of the stone. If the diamond shines brightly under all lightning conditions, that means it is well cut. Diamonds with a poor cut will not have much sparkle. The cut is responsible for giving the diamond its brilliance, fire, and scintillation. There will be a sudden attraction towards a finely polished diamond. Being a layman, it can be difficult for you to judge the cut on your own, so buy a diamond whose cut grade is determined by a reputed and trustworthy gemstone laboratory. 
  • Color: The color aspect determines the visual appearance of the diamond. The diamond comes in a different range of colors, from yellowish to colorless. It is not that difficult to evaluate with unaided eyes. If the stone appears colorless to the naked eye, then it is a good deal to buy. Completely colorless diamonds (that appear colorless even under 10x magnification) are rare and thus very expensive. On the grading scale, they are graded between D to Z. Rare quality, D grade is the highest and is given when diamonds are colorless and Z grade is given to diamonds when they have yellow or brown color visible with unaided eyes. 
  • Clarity: Clarity is another very important factor for evaluating the real worth of a diamond. It is the measure of the absence of imperfections in a diamond. Every diamond has inclusions within it and blemishes on its surface. Every diamond gets some internal characteristics while in formation. Diamonds with zero inclusions and blemishes are very rare and very expensive. Light inclusions that are not visible to the naked eyes are not harmful, but ones with visible and stronger features can look less appealing. For this as well, you need a grade report from a trustworthy gemology lab. 
  • Carat: The carat is the unit of measurement for diamonds. A 1 carat diamond is 0.2 grams. The price of the diamond increases with the carat weight because large diamonds are rare. One thing that buyers need to be careful of is magic sizes. They are 0.5 carat, 0.75 carat, and 1 carat. The moment the weight reaches the magic number, the price of the diamond increases. 0.99 carat of diamond and the 1 carat of diamond will look the same, but there will be a good amount of difference in their prices. It is a smart decision to go for 0.99 in that case. 

Consider the shape and size of your diamond

Diamond is come up in versatile shape and size and all this depends on your choice that what is your budget and you want to buy or can afford. As we all know that diamond is an expensive kind of gemstone that can put burden on your pockets. Firstly you have to check your finance and decide the type of diamond you can afford or a good deal for you. If you can afford big stone with good carat quality then buy accordingly but if you are feeling it is out for your range then you can go for a small stone with low carat to get the ring of your dreams.

Certification is must

Quality of a product is something that is taken as a priority when you are purchasing precious Gemstone like diamond. You should check the product grading report that is issued from a reputed laboratory like AGS or GIA. Although this report deal with a versatile details that majorly focuses on the 4C’s of the diamond. It is you duty to examine the diamond more closely but these factors must be your first priority to look into the diamonds quality.

Benefits of Diamond Birthstone

Besides recognized for its mesmerizing beauty and symbol of forever love, diamonds are best known for its astrological solution and its healing properties. According to the astrological believes diamonds has the ruling planet of Venus, that is a planet of love, care, affection and beauty. Although it is one of the nine gemstone listed in the Navratnas and as per the Vedic astrology, precious Diamonds perfectly goes with Tauras and Libra Zodiac signs. Whereas, in the western science, diamond are prescribed to the Sagittarius Sun sign. Lets have a look at the benefits that diamonds gemstone jewelry holds for us:

  • Enhance the physique

    Diamonds holds numerous health benefits to wearer. As per the astrologers, natural diamonds radiates cosmic energies which has an immense power to improve your overall health condition such as curing asthma, liver, improved digestive system and throat disorders. Apart from these, it is beneficial to cure several organs such as lips, jaw and skin related ailments. Wearing real diamond ring jewelry with the right prescription helps you to remove all the negativity and Evil Eye.

  • Evoke one’s emotions

    Diamond is addressed as the stone of emotions and Positivity. As the planet of love and emotion, it enhance the traits of Positivity in one’s thought and evokes the inner feeling and emotions. It strengthen the mind of wearer and supplicating the sentiments that keeps a good grab over being emotionally. Besides all of that, wearing a Real Diamond Gemstone Bracelets can easily eliminates evil effects and fearful thoughts.

  • Spiritual Benefits

    It is believed that the one who wears this Diamond Gemstone Rings, encourage them to perform good deeds and also inculcates the divine bliss and acclimation feeling. Furthermore, it gives the wearer enough strength to deal with all kinds of uncertainties with ease. Diamond is considered as the panacea for the professionals such authors, actors, painters and musician.

  • Adds Positivity, Confidence and Boosts

    Besides from being a paradigm of royalty and beauty altogether, April Birthstone Diamond is such confidence booster that motivates the wearer to do a certain piece of work with all the productivity. When you wear the Authentic Diamond Jewelry, it radiate prosperity and strength that in result brings Positivity, Good luck and creative guidance.

Occasion specific diamond jewelry gifting ideas

  1. For All Romantic Occasions

    A diamond has the ability to uplift the vibe and mood of any occasion. If it is Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, diamond jewelry is sure to give your woman that boundless happiness. Eternity bands, the ultimate symbol of eternal and everlasting love, are gifted to mark a milestone in marriage. You can never go wrong with this one. Solitaire rings, or heart shaped rings or pendants, would look perfect for Valentine's Day and for your dating anniversary.

  2. For Achievements and Accomplishments

    She is indeed a lucky woman to have a man who celebrates her small and big achievements. You can choose a pair of diamond studs earring or a delicate bracelet , a necklace with a very small half-carat diamond or a pendant with her initials. They are perfect to celebrate milestones in her life, like graduation, a promotion that she has been working hard for, or a new job. She is truly worth it.

  3. For a Special Surprise

    If you are looking forward to surprising her on her birthday, planning to show your gratitude on this woman’s day or thinking of gifting something special to your mother on Mother’s Day, then a three-stone diamond ring, floral pendant necklace, diamond earrings, tennis bracelet in rose gold metal or a cluster diamond band can be some great options.

How to wear Diamond as a jewelry

Diamond are the most expensive kind of Gemstone that can be style in versatile way and holds a spark which will rock your world. Here we are sharing some tips that will surely help you to stand out in the crowd.

  1. Wearing Diamond Gemstone Jewelry as Earrings

    Wearing Diamond Gemstone Jewelry as Earrings

    If you want to wear diamonds on every day look, then opt for the Diamond Stud Earrings that will give you subtle look. Often people say that it is not possible to wear diamond throughout the day, then Diamond Earrings are is something to break this chain. The best part of wearing diamond stud earrings that it pairs perfectly well with your most of the outfits. They add a touch of classiness, plus they match with everything.

  2. Diamond Pendent Necklace

    Diamond Pendent Necklace

    Diamond pendent necklace are elegant and classy by nature. These Diamond necklaces can be the perfect option for sophisticated look and goes perfectly well with black outfit, cause the darkness helps the diamonds to stand out more. besides this, it can be the amazing option to gift your better half.

  3. Diamond Solitaire Rings

    Diamond Solitaire Rings

    Nothing is better than having a Diamond Ring beside you . Wearing diamond as a ring is the perfect way to attract the fortune if you are a April born person. With the growing trends, the Diamond Stacked Rings or Wedding bands preferred over the years with different diamond cut, shape and size. Although these are the accessories that upscale your outfit that you wear on special events or parties.

  4. Diamond Bracelets

    Diamond Bracelets

    Besides from diamond necklace or rings, tennis bracelets is actually a don to look diva jewelry piece. The best part of wearing a diamond bracelet can give a retro touch to your outfit and enhance the charm. Also it can be stacked as the diamond rings with the different styles.

    Make the diamonds you new best friend that goes with you in every special moments and uplift your mood with glamorous spark.

Alternatives for April Birthstone jewelry

Alternatives for April Birthstone jewelry

Diamonds are precious, classy and loved by every beauty signore. With its exuberant qualities, the diamond is extremely expensive and not possible for everyone to purchase it. But don’t worry there are few substitutes or alternates for diamond that helps you to take the benefits of this April birthstone more easily. Lets have a glance over the some preferable substitutes.


As per the Tibetan birthstone calendar, Opal is the birthstone for April born peoples. basically Opal gemstone is known for its stunning spark and a symbol of hope and purity. Greek believed that it brought the power of foresight to its owner. In metaphysical world, opal is known for its reflective properties and fine vibration.

White Topaz

White Topaz have some historical argue to considered as April birthstone besides that is used as that because of its visual similarity to diamond as well. White topaz is one of the Gemstone that is suggested by countless jewelers as a substitute or alternate April gemstone cause of its similarity to the precious diamond. It is believed that the one who wears white topaz, became the more aware of his thoughts, actions and also remove the negative energy as well.

White Sapphire

White sapphire is one such most preferable and wearied alternative gemstone for April birthstone jewelry. Wearing White Sapphire Gemstone Ring bring inner peace, release tension, remove unwanted thoughts and helps you in dealing with depression as well.


Moissanite is preferred as a Diamond Stimulant that you can wear as a April birthstone or its substitutes. It scatter the light very well and has the higher light refraction power than diamond gemstone and appear more brilliant. Known for its enormous power to balance, amplify focus and transmit energy. It also increase creativity and inspiration in order to knowledge retention.

There are numerous option for birthstone for April, depends upon degree of historic roots and metaphysical properties that you can choose as per your reliability.

Fun Facts About Diamond Gemstone

As we all know that Diamond is one such sparkling and precious gemstone that is loved by every age group women. If it is this much famous then surely there would be so many interesting facts connected to the diamond that you soul surely be aware of. Here is a list of some facts that will definitely amaze you.

  • It is believed that diamond is billions of years old or more than three billion years old. 
  • As per the believe of roman culture, Diamonds are the tears cried by the God or the piece of falling stars. 
  • Approximately 80% of diamonds is used for the industrial purpose. 
  • These are the hardest natural mineral and it is only scratched by another diamond only. 
  • Diamonds are embarked as a symbol of courage, strength and invincibility. 
  • It is a April month birthstone. 
  • Diamond are found about 100 miles under the earth and can only be carried out by volcanic activity. 

To Wind Up

Diamond is something that no soul can deny. Its allure, purity and perfection attracts the person and make them fall in love with them. If you are looking for a precious diamond gemstone jewelry online then you are the right place, Rosec jewels is one of the best diamond jeweler y manufacturer company that is known for its piousness and quality that is unmatched. Visit us at and purchase your kind of April birthstone jewelry.

November 05, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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