Topaz Jewelry is the most nominally charged one and everyone can get their hands on it. The world of jewelry has fascinating color tones under this gemstone as the main head which includes vibrant and natural colors. The most profound color range of blue is seen in Topaz and we have London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, and Sky Blue Topaz as three variations for one color. Well, each has its value and is sourced from a particular region of the Earth. The precious gemstones have their characteristics and properties which will be amazing to read. Here we are with the most talked-about comparison to brush out the confusion that which gemstone is better. You can have your thought but there is a favorite of the Jewel market and we will be concluding with it. Let’s get started!

What differs between Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz?

Apart from appearance, many bases cause differences between the two types of Blue Topaz. These are:

  1. Color - Color is one of the first and foremost bases of difference between the two the Blue Topaz and these are different from one another. You do not need any telescopic view, it can be seen through naked eyes.
    1. Swiss Blue Topaz: The color of Swiss Blue Topaz is just like a pleasant summer day sky, which is light blue but not as light as the Sky Blue Topaz. It is lighter than London Blue Topaz and darker than Sky Blue Topaz.
    2. London blue Topaz: The darkest ink-blue color just like Sapphire or Tanzanite is the London Blue Topaz. You will have a hard time differentiating between the resemblance of these three but there is a pro-tip, this one is Blue-Dark greenish color and will be having comparatively low price as compared to the other two.

  2. Source of Origin - The different sources of origin are the main contributor to the formation and different characteristics of the stone. The geographical locations of each gemstone are different, let’s learn about these two in specific.
    1. Swiss Blue Topaz: It is found in Brazil, Siberia, and Germany. The highest quality ones are found here which are then supplied all over the world
    2. London blue Topaz: The majority of these are sourced from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia, and Myanmar. It is then sold to jewelers worldwide.

  3. Market Value - The market value of these two types of gemstones differs as one is considered rare and precious and another one is very readily available.
    1. Swiss Blue Topaz: If you are amazed by this one, it is the most precious one and has almost 50-75% more value as compared to London Blue Topaz. It looks perfect in form of a wedding ring and engagement ring. You can check the wide range of these with us.
    2. London blue Topaz: It is having intense blue color but is very nominally charged in comparison to Swiss Blue Topaz.

  4. Adulteration / Type of Treatment - The treatment to rough Topaz ultimately gives the color to the gemstone and for these two, it is quite different.
    1. Swiss Blue Topaz: The rich blue color is all because of the electron beam process
    2. London blue Topaz: It is the color that is achieved by standardized radiation treatment.

  5. Significance - Every gemstone symbolize something amazing and these two are also a symbol of two important traits of life.
    1. Swiss Blue Topaz: The one which is a symbol of peace and harmony in a relationship is the Swiss Blue Topaz.
    2. London blue Topaz: It is the symbol of clarity and enhances communication. It is the one that helps you enjoy better thoughts.

Both types of Blue Topaz have their significance and are much different from one another. The market is amazed by the London Blue Topaz. There are a few perks of buying it, one is it is nominally charged and the second is it is a close replacement of Blue tanzanite and blue Sapphire in terms of appearance. You may have a different opinion and we advise you to choose the one that fascinates you the most.

August 06, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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