Topaz is a beautiful stone that is adored by the person who believes in it and wears it for a long period. It is having another name which is “gem of the sun”. The golden color Topaz or Yellow Topaz is the one that was given the other name. Back then it was a very popular term for every other stone, it was considered a Topaz. It is mainly because Topaz is widely available on the surface of Earth. It is not a rare piece and is nominally charged. You can wear Topaz Rings, Topaz Earrings, Bracelets, and Necklaces to add this amazing stone to your jewelry collection. If you have an interest in spirituality, then this one is the best-recommended stone to help you meditate.

All you need to know about Topaz - Spiritually

For many centuries, Topaz has been valued by our ancestors. The colorless Topaz was also misunderstood as a diamond even before it was discovered in certain places. The rich history of this gemstone is amazing and every dynasty had a tale related to it. Various cultures and religions have been considering Topaz as their ticket to please God. Hinduism holds a strong place for Topaz and it is considered a holy stone. The African community used it as a major part while interacting and worshiping spirits. It is considered a very sacred stone and is also one of the elements that protect the deities.

To uplift yourself spiritually you need essential stuff to make it big, this magical crystal is one such gift you can enjoy all your life. Did you know, you can wear a Topaz engagement ring and enjoy a tremendous amount of wealth, all your life? Yes, this one is magical and holds so much positive energy to boast you with confidence. The importance of spirituality is correlated to good energy, a positive mindset, peace, and the right attitude toward life. The warm energy emitted by yellow Topaz is valued at the next level. The calmness of Blue London Topaz is invaluable. It instantly works with your mind and you get a better way of looking at things.

Types of Topaz Stone and their Significance 

Wearing a Blue Topaz Stone is effective and highly beneficial but it possesses historical and scientific that you all must know so you can understand it more closely. Although the significance of Topaz depends on its color that is enough to amplify one luck. 

  • Imperial Topaz

    Imperial topaz is one of the rarest Topaz for the backstory of the royal family. It comes in warm hues of pink, peach, and orange and is most commonly found in Minas Gerais in Brazil and Russia’s Ural mountain. Although this stone signifies that it enhances the authentic self, revels in good fortune, and trusts its powers. 

  • Mystic Topaz

    Mystic Topaz is one of the most striking varieties of Blue Topaz that is coated with a thin layer of titanium that created a Prismatic iridescent effect. Although, this Mystic Topaz needs delicate care to maintain its color, and polishing or rubbing should avoid, or else it would harm the stone completely. The Mystic Topaz symbolizes empathy and kindness and holds the fact that it has certain spiritual and healing properties. 

  • Azotic Topaz

    Azotic Topaz possesses the same properties as Mystic Topaz but it is orange-pink in color and slightly lighter in color. Although this Azotic Topaz stone is perfect to do as jewelry and beautifully set in the metal gold contrast. This stone has numerous healing properties such as it manifesting self-healing, and desires, promoting self-love, and enhancing confidence levels. 

  • White Topaz

    White Topaz or Glacier Topaz is most widely known as a colorless diamond and opt for an affordable alternative for an engagement ring but not too good to wear for daily use. Moreover, the White Topaz empowers you with good and clear thoughts bring out a sense of individuality and help you to get the right approach in doing any sort of work. 

  • Blue Topaz

    Blue Topaz is available in a variety of colors such as London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, and Sky Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz is a rich blue color whereas Swiss Blue Topaz is very lighter in color blue tone. Although this stone is extremely rare and widely used for curating jewelry. Blue topaz is a stone of love, loyalty, and commitment that enhance the intimacy between lovers and possess physical and mental healing properties. 

Important offerings of Spirituality with the help of Topaz

The people who have a lot of fear and struggle to fight back are the ones which are in deep need of spirituality. The gemstone-like Topaz is ideal for them and they can attain spiritual upliftment and enjoy the limitless offerings.

Peace of mind - A mind which has a better outlook is always at peace. Topaz Rings help you get positive energy and enjoy peace of mind which is available from the regular wearing of the stone. A person who is completely involved in bringing everything together requires mental strength.

Balance of emotional & Physical well-being - The balancing of emotional and physical well-being is important for every person and it helps you to enjoy every moment of life. The classic London Blue Topaz Bracelets are the ones that let you meditate with all the positive energy. The energy will be giving you balancing and with regular practice, you will be able to enjoy it to the next level.

Upliftment of Health - Health needs you to put yourself completely devoted and hence you will be able to concentrate and improve it. Favorable circumstances only contribute to giving you a chance to improve your health, Topaz is one of those stones that lets you be yourself and enjoy your newly attained health.

Strength to fight with situations - The best offering is the inner strength, that lets you fight back against your circumstances and achieve your goals in life. The word strength is a powerful one, it’s that personality trait that lets you be the person who has awareness about their circumstances and knows how to overcome the same. London Blue Topaz Rings offer you the strength to act right and achieve miles.

Other Benefits of Topaz

  • Prevents possible distress or hurt and acts as an evil eye protector.
  • It can make you famous by giving you all the good fortune.
  • A remedy to treat eyesight suggests drinking the wine charged with Topaz for a continuous 3 days and even rubbing of same can help.
  • People with mental instability were suggested back then to wear Topaz Necklaces.
  • Improves calmness and helps to treat anger issues.
  • It can make the person confident and help to treat issues of a nightmare.

Side effects of Topaz Gemstone 

If you are one of those who is in love with Blue Topaz Gemstone, but you have to know about the bad effects on the wearer that helps you in taking the right decision. There are numerous Side effects of wearing Blue Topaz gemstone that you must know mentioned below:

  • Loss of reputation 
  • Problems to children 
  • Chances of getting stuck in debt
  • Relationship problem
  • Fever or acute disease chances increase
  • Business loss 

The effectiveness of these gemstones differs from wearer to wearer but you can neglect these side effects by wearing a pure and natural blue topaz gemstone. Although it is not easy to detect whether the gemstone is good or so in that situation you have to check the 4C’s of Blue Topaz Gemstone. 

Rare Facts about Topaz that you must know

  • It is believed that Topaz is named after a small island in the red sea name “Topazos” where golden color gemstones were found.
  • The Topaz word was derived from the Sanskrit word - Tapas means fire.
  • Topaz gemstone was first found in blue or brown color and it comes to existence that the other colors of the Gemstone such as green, yellow, violet, red, pink, and orange are highly precious and it is known as rainbow gemstone real
  • Wearing a piece of topaz jewelry enhances strength and helps you to think of better prospects. 
  • This Topaz gem is effective in treating anxiety, obesity, muscle cramps, diabetes immunity, and joint cramps. 
  • Topaz gemstone is believed that accentuate the bond between lovers and strengthen it.  
  • Topaz size can reach up to 4 feet and approx weigh hundreds of pounds.  
  • It is used as a stone to celebrate the 4th and 19th wedding anniversaries.

Your spiritual journey is incomplete without energy-providing stone. London Blue Topaz is here to offer you positive energy and good fortune to allow the benefits that are available on the path of Spirituality. The commitment will help you to have better self-control and make it worth it for yourself. It is not an expensive one and you can easily get a designer diamond and Topaz ring for under a thousand dollars.

September 29, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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