Citrine, the yellow quartz is considered a magical crystal that offers a lot of good fortune to the beholder. The light yellow stone is the most fashionable stone one can ever get for themselves. It is considered the perfect accessory for women who love to celebrate and enjoy all the occasions. Create a specific fashion statement by using magnificent Citrine Rings, Citrine Earrings, and Much more.

Meaning & History : Citrine November Birthstone

Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November and is considered the first choice for people who want financial abundance and good health. It is a rare stone that belongs to the family of Quartz. Irrespective of the fact that Quartz is available in abundance but Citrine remains rare. The real Citrine is hard to find and hence there are many fake stones that are sold in name of Citrine. It is heart-breaking and for avoiding such a mistake to buy a fake one, we suggest you get the certificate of your purchased jewelry. The meaning of the name Citrine means “Yellow” and so is the color of the stone. It is considered as the stone which offers financial abundance to the beholder along with the best of health. With these benefits, it is also having another name “success stone” which holds a special place in the history of Chinese Scholars.

Health Benefits of Citrine Birthstone

The various health benefits of different types of birthstone are enjoyed by the people who wear it. Let’s focus on the one’s which are offered by Citrine.

The most evident benefits of Citrine are:

  1. Positive energy: Ever thought about seeking positive energy from a gemstone. The positive energy will allow you to affirm the goodness of gemstone and the much-required luck. It helps a person to enjoy a positive attitude and make amends with their near and dear ones. The instant connection will be felt by the beholder with the gemstone. It is the classic way to welcome the positive energy in life. Positivity is important for every person and we are here with a catalog that will help you share yourself as an energetic person.

  2. Treats depression: Depression is a major issue that needs to be sorted out with the help of a gemstone that lets your personality outshine in front of others. Citrine lets you be yourself in every possible way and helps you to create an impact over others by believing in yourself. The various issues such as depression will be gradually getting better and will fade away with the passage of time. Try yellow Citrine bracelets to enjoy the offerings of the magical stone.

  3. Helps to Succeed: Get your definition to success redefined with the help of yellow quartz which is available to outshine your inner self in the best of way. You can make your professional and personal life better in every possible way as this one is the stone for success or success stone which will let you be the person you are and are willing to be in your life.

  4. Self-Confidence: The jewelry can help you become self-confident, make the most out of the available opportunity and pump yourself with the much-needed confidence. You will be able to notice the change in your personality soon you wear a yellow Citrine earring. These beautiful lemon color earrings are your accessory for lobe piercing.

  5. Clarity of vision: The most amazing feeling can be attained just by counting on the yellow stone which will offer clarity of vision. It is believed to offer every person better eyesight and will be considered as a beneficial stone for their attitude towards others.

  6. Financial abundance: The ample wealth that will be enjoyed by the beholder will reflect the true value of the stone in their life. It is one of the major providers of wealthy fortune to the person who starts wearing it on a regular basis.

  7. Peace of Mind: Peace will be the best offering of Citrine to the person who commits to wear it.

The perfect way to enjoy your jewelry is by wearing it in the most elegant way, Eternity rings are the most amazing options to wear Citrine Jewelry.

Meaning & History : Topaz November Birthstone

The yellow mineral stone is termed Topaz. Though topaz has many different colors and those are considered suitable for other months. For November Birthstone Yellow Topaz is the ideal choice and is usually considered colorless. The well-known tales of making people invisible were one of the first amazing qualities of this marvelous stone. Back in the 17th century, every yellow stone was considered as Topaz, gradual awareness about the compositions have burst the myth. The major difference between Citrine and Topaz that can be seen with naked eyes is the color variation. Citrine has a lighter shade and Topaz has a very dark shade.

Health Benefits of Topaz Birthstone

  1. Helps to calm anger: The need to control anger is frustrating but if it can automatically slow done and you can act normally is the best thing that ever wants to do and must have access to. Topaz lets you be yourself completely. You can easily calm your anger and get rid of the odd emotions within a few seconds. Topaz easily calms your mind and offers you a sense of assurance about the controlled behavior.

  2. Promotes activeness: The best of the active persons are considered as part of the Topaz club. Well, it is noticed by people who have already worn Topaz, they experience a high level of energy and are highly engaged in their routine. You can easily incorporate such activeness by wearing Topaz rings and enjoying your true potential.

  3. Helps a person to gain strength: The lack of strength is never felt by people who are committed to wearing Topaz on a regular basis. This lightweight stone can easily blend into your personality and you can enjoy it all without much thought.

  4. Offers Longevity and wisdom: A rare positive trait of character is offered by the Topaz to the beholder, it is the one that offers you wisdom and longevity.

  5. Controls strong emotions: The emotional state of the person becomes better and they get good control over their emotions. Topaz is a nominally charged stone and it lets you be the person you want to be in the future by controlling the rage of emotions.

Citrine and Topaz are having different shades of yellow and are equally beautiful. Both are highly recommended for the health benefits the November Birthstone hold for their beholder. We have listed both in our categories of jewelry and are offering a wide range of varieties. You can explore them under the name “November Birthstone Jewelry” and enjoy the certified jewelry.

September 28, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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