The true symbol of positivity and optimism is Citrine. It is a very prosperous gemstone which is the birthstone for the month of November. It is the one that offers financial freedom to the beholder, helps to cultivate a person’s inner power and self-esteem. It is recommended to people who love to use the magical power of gemstone to treat their various issues such as skin or digestion-related issues. You can enjoy yellow Citrine ring with utmost ease by wearing it on a regular basis.

Eight Facts About Citrine to Amaze you

Citrine is the classic yellow stone that will help you to fix your chakra, get your spine issues sorted, and offer better health. The jewelry which will help you become the best of yourself is here, the yellow gemstone which belongs to the quartz family is the crystal clear stone that has a radiant just like lemon.

1. Citrine was worn by Queen Victoria

Victorian Jewelry was an era that remain unmatched and history simply adores the jewelry choices made by Queen Victoria. The trend started by her was later adopted by actresses who rule cinema during the 1930s and 40s. This is one of the gemstones which was considered to be Queen Victoria’s favorite. She wore it in form of yellow Citrine pendants and necklaces.

2. It is easy to replicate

The lack of education about the gemstone often ends up into buying a fake or a replica stone. This is very common in case of precious and semi-precious gemstones. The perfect citrine is rare to find and market is filled with replicas. A deep insight of the stone will help you understand the difference. A fake citrine will have a dark yellow dense color whereas the real one will have a transparent-looking crystal. Next time you buy your yellow citrine jewelry, do not ask for a certificate of authenticity. We offer certified jewelry to each and every customer, you can count on us for real citrine.

3. Consider as Rare

The November birthstone jewelry is considered a rare piece of jewelry and it is the one that will help you outshine your personality. This is the best stone you can add to your daily wear of jewel essentials. The add-on to your dress will help you to showcase your style and choices in the best possible way. Make it all worth it by choosing your best possible piece of essentials as a part of your look. There is next-level fun in considering the stone which is rare in nature as your prized possession.

4. Belongs to Quartz Family

The yellow-orange stone that lets you share yourself in the best possible manner is the Citrine. Usually, quartz is distributed on the surface of Earth but this one is rare. It is not available in abundance and is highly-priced. It is very important to convert the rough Citrine into a finished one in order to achieve its true value.

5. Word Citrine means Yellow

The literal meaning of the word Citrine is Yellow. It is having clear light yellow color and in some cases has orange-yellow color. In case your citrine is having dark yellow color, it is fake. The original one is having a translucent yellow color which almost looks like a clear crystal. The color at first instinct is the one that is the name for the crystal.

6. Color is the key to tracing fake Citrine

The most amazing way to detect whether Citrine is fake or real is to check the bubble inside the same. The near replacement is made of glass and it is very easy to distinguish between real and fake Citrine. Real ones are crystal clear and do not have any kind of bubbles. The color is the key as the fake one has a very dark and intense color in comparison to the real one. The real one will have a very light color. It will help you a lot, just ensure your yellow Citrine rings are real and rare.

7. Popularity grew during the 18th century

It is the period when romantic associations became famous and the symbol of love was adored. Love makes you look beautiful and so is Citrine. It was considered an essential stone and was a prized possession that was gifted by lovers to their beloved.

8. China’s stone of success

The people who have flourished in their field of study often relied upon citrine for the luck factor. It is considered a ticket to success and accomplishment by Chinese scholars. The perfect stone to achieve educational proficiency is the Citrine stone for people. It offered good luck and fortune get the good grades.

The amazing facts of Citrine will draw you towards the crystal and you will be having the best time of your life. The classic way to make the most out of the available stone is to wear it in form of yellow Citrine earrings. You can just wear it and look elegant while you dress for the workplace or just for a coffee date. You can know more about Citrine in our guide.

September 08, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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