For millennia, amethyst was the most valuable quartz variety. Amethyst was once reserved for royalty, but due to its large supply, it is now more commonly available in modern times. Due to its availability and cost, amethyst is being used in large scale jewelry as well as personalized designer creations. This makes amethyst the most popular colored stone in the world, as well as the most widely grown quartz variant.

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a violet type of quartz that symbolizes purity and spiritual connections. Protection, humility, spiritual insight, and stress alleviation are all said to be benefits of amethyst.

Amethysts were regarded as crown jewels and were extremely precious until the 18th century. Prices of amethyst gemstones dropped when large quantities were discovered in Brazil and other places.

How to Buy Amethyst Jewelry?

Amethyst is a desirable gemstone among jewelry enthusiasts looking to add some violet tones to their collection. Here are some points to remember while purchasing amethyst jewelry:

  1. Choose an Amethyst Color

    When it comes to amethysts, color is the most essential consideration. Amethyst is distinguished by its purple tint, which ranges from light lavender to dark purple.

    Amethyst is likely to fade. Because amethyst gemstones can be huge, their colors are frequently diluted and scattered unevenly throughout the stone.

    On the other hand, some amethyst crystals exhibit intensely rich, deep purple hues. These are the types that are more precious and desirable in the jewelry world. Despite the fact that zoning reduces the value of amethyst, it can still be used in jewelry. It's only that the color will be less vibrant.

    Pick a brilliantly colored amethyst for your jewelry. Because amethyst is so inexpensive, it's reasonable to find a stone with a beautiful color at a decent price.

  2. Choose an Amethyst Cut

    Amethysts are usually cut to enhance their color. Faceting is more ideal for eye-clean crystals with little or no zoning, as it helps the stone reflect even more light.

    Any form of cut, such as oval, cushion, triangular, marquise, or emerald, is available depending on the size of the stone and the dispersion of its color.

    Amethyst is sometimes not cut at all. An amethyst geode is the most popular type of amethyst jewelry. Geodes are circular, hollow rock structures with mineral linings on the inside. Geodes of amethyst are frequently sliced into halves or other sections. This is a popular crystal healing and spirituality tool.

  3. Choose an Amethyst Carat

    Amethysts come in a variety of sizes. If you prefer a huge centerpiece, this is a fantastic option because the cost of amethysts does not increase as the carat weight increases.

  4. Treated or Non-Treated Amethyst

    When crystals are in their natural state, colors are often dull or not visible on the crystal at all. Heat treatment allows the gemstone to bloom.

    The most common therapy for amethyst is heating. The color of the crystal is modified by heating, either darkening, lightening, or entirely changing the hue.

Choose an Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is a stone that complements both basic and traditionalist aesthetics. It can be fashionable and sophisticated, and it can be worn with any attire.

If you like a sleek look, consider dainty studs, stylish pendants, tennis bracelets, or a tiny amethyst ring.

On the other hand, amethysts are ideal as the center stone for enormous cocktail rings or large necklaces if you want to make a statement with your jewelry.

They provide sophistication and grace as dangle or drop earrings, and their bright color can make them the dominant point of an outfit.

The amethyst is undoubtedly a stunning gemstone that must be a part of everyone’s jewelry collection. And if you are new to gemstone jewelry and styling, amethyst would be an excellent choice to start with and experiment with different attires and accessories. Amethyst is beneficial due to its healing properties and stunning at the same time. Nonetheless, this gemstone is widely available and inexpensive. As a result, we get all of the advantages of owning this magnificent gemstone.

September 29, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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