An amethyst stone is a variety of quartz and is loved for its vibrant purple hue. It can vary from a light purple tone to a deep purple. Do you know that the Greeks believed that amethyst prevented them from getting drunk and staying sober? Its name has been derived from the word "methustos", which translates as "intoxicated" and adding prefix “a” makes it "not intoxicated". Though it is found all over the world but extensively mined in Brazil, Korea, and Pakistan.

It is a highly spiritually significant stone. Buddhist monks connect it to Buddha and use it as their prayer beads because it is meant to calm their minds. Others associate it with the crown chakra, and use it to relieve people from ailments related to the head region like headaches, mental chattering, and confusion. Let us look at few of the prominent emotional benefits of this universally recognized stone.

  1. Raises Our Vibration

    This is more of a spiritual benefit of amethyst, which in turn works on your emotional well-being. Once you raise your vibration, you automatically feel uplifted and experience a healthy flow of emotions and happiness within. The stone will help you overpower all emotional turmoil and win over the circumstances instead of getting bogged down by them.

  2. Connects with Higher Consciousness

    By activating the crown chakra, amethyst connects you with the higher consciousness. You feel more aligned with the universe, which in turn expands your wisdom and make you less fearful and more confident. Your inner chaos will settle down on wearing amethyst.

  3. Relieves Stress

    Alternate medicine practitioners, astrologers, and healers use it for its ability to relieve stress. It helps you get rid of anxiety, depression, and fear. It forms a protective aura around its wearer and prevents the attack of negative energies.

  4. Provides Emotional Stability

    Because amethyst regulates emotions, wearing it will make you feel secure and grounded. It can help you recover from overwhelming emotions that you might be experiencing due to any grief, loss, fear, or unknown reason. The divinity of the stone guards you, removing all your fears and apprehensions.

  5. Helps in Anger Management

    Amethyst works exceptionally well for people who tend to get angry easily. It flips the rage with a sense of serenity and a calm state of mind. It is wonderful for you if you are hot-headed and easily get into arguments, as it will bring you back by soothing your mind. By setting your mood, it will set your relationships.

  6. Makes Decision Making Easy

    The mental chaos and unstable mind hamper you from taking any decisions in life. Amethyst helps you overcome that mental state by harnessing the inner sight and stability that is required to make choices. With all the challenges that life throws up, instead of feeling fearful and unsure about the results, it shows the next path to follow.

  7. Makes you Courageous

    When your fear fades, you automatically become courageous. Amethyst does that job well by improving your intuition and providing a sense of security. Blockages in the third eye chakra suppress our abilities to perceive reality and, in turn, add emotions like fear and anxiety. This indigo stone awakens your crown chakra and you feel strong enough as an individual.

Amethyst is undoubtedly a wondrous stone that can add more spark and vibrancy into your life, and can bring you back peace and harmony in your life, along with the healthy emotions that you deserve to live with. Its purple color not only looks beautiful but also does beautiful things to you. Unravel its gifts by wearing them in the form of earrings, rings, and other forms of jewelry. Rosec jewels offer a wide variety of attractive designs. You can explore them and choose what suits you best.

September 20, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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