Top 8 Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

Posted on June 28th, 2019 11:24 AM
Engagement Ring

Finally, you’re on that stage where you’re going to ask your love “will you marry me?” Whether you are planning it from a long time, or you just decided to propose, it is difficult to set up everything perfect to make her feel special, the location, the proposal lines, but most importantly ‘The Ring’. The ring you purchase needs to be as beautiful as your soulmate. After all, she is going to wear this ring lifelong and will cherish your love forever!

We are listing 8 tips for buying the utmost beautiful engagement ring…

Know Your Budget

Before going any further on ring style and diamond, this is the first step you need to take. Decide how much you want to spend on the ring. It is a completely personal decision whether you like to spend your 2 month’s salary or you’re willing to spend your saving on the bling it’s totally up to you but decides a borderline before you go for shopping.

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What Is Your Fiancee's Desire

Your Fiancee is the one who will be wearing this ring whole her life So, rather than buying according to your taste, but something which goes with her style. You probably know her likes and dislikes and if you not, then don’t hesitate to ask her close ones, she might have discussed about her choice in the engagement ring.

4 C’s of Diamond

You need to understand that the diamond ring value is not all about the carat weight. 4 C’s: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color these four factors are equally responsible for the economic value of diamond. So, while purchasing a diamond, focus on all these points.

Right Ring Size

You don’t want to propose her with the wrong ring size, right? No, don’t ask her indirectly about the ring size, girls are way smarter with guessing surprises, and your surprise proposal might get spoiled. Sneak peak into her jewelry box, look for the ring which she wears on the ring finger and takes it to the jeweler for the measurement. Or you can ask her mother or friends to help.

Ring Setting

After you decide the diamond for the ring, you need to think about the setting that will hold the diamond. Choosing the right setting will enhances the spark and beauty more gracefully. Platinum is the best metal to hold your ring, it’s the most durable and sparkling. White gold is less durable but if platinum seems expensive then you can go with this. Yellow gold and rose gold are also can be a nice option.

Shop Together

If you are too confused about what to pick, rather than giving something she might not love it’s better to shop with your other half and pick something gorgeous. You both can give your input in the design and it's the safest option too.

Think About the Bridal Set

You also need to think about the wedding ring while buying an engagement ring. Because ladies love to combine the diamond rings. Make sure you purchase the ring which will suit the wedding band, or you can buy a bridal set for fewer complications.

Insure the Diamond

After Purchasing the ring, the first thing you need to do is to get your ring insured it against loss, accidental damage or theft. You can ask your jeweler or some insurance agency to get diamond insured. But do it straight away after buying.

I know purchasing an engagement ring for your love is the most emotional thing. But you also need to be practical, you are spending your savings on something really precious and expensive. I would suggest take a very wise decision while buying a diamond. It would reflect that you are responsible and dedicated to the relationship. The engagement ring is the beginning of a new phase, start your journey with the mesmerizing diamond ring!


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