Tips on How to Take Care of Your Diamond Ring

Posted on June 28th, 2019 03:45 AM

Because your shiner is probably the most emotional and expensive (or I would say most expensive) jewelry you own. For a woman who is not so familiar with wearing precious stones (most of us) on a regular basis, we know wearing a gigantic rich diamond engagement ring is not a right-hand work for you. Looking at your pricey diamond you might be worried about how to clean it, can I wear it all the time, should I take it off and put it into the safest box?

And why not? This is the Engagement Ring you always imagine owning, the engagement ring should sparkle the same as your love, through the years. Diamond might be the hardest matter on earth, but it’s not indestructible, you need to take care of your diamond to maintain its spark. So here are some tips from experts on how to take care of your diamonds.

Clean it Regularly!

If you are not cleaning your diamond regularly than diamond will not shine the same after a few years. Because diamond attracts the dirt, and dirt blocks the light interaction of stone. You can clean your diamond at home with warm water and some drops of soaps or cleanser, once in a few weeks. Or you can also take your precious diamond to the expert for proper cleaning.

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Take it Off While Doing Hand Activities

We know the diamond is the hardest matter but still, we recommend you take it off while doing hand activities like cleaning, washing, etc. Even if you are doing some rough work or playing some sports than take off your diamond ring because it can affect the sparkle and can damage your ring also. If you have a delicate diamond ring like micro pave than there are more chances to lose your tiny petite diamonds, you need to take more care for them.

Do Buy an Insurance

Insurance is important and necessary, as you put a lot in the expensive diamond ring. Most people just purchase the ring and left all the paperwork pending. We highly advise you to get your diamond ring insured as soon as you buy the ring, you never know when it can get stole or damage? And update your insurance in every few years as diamond and precious matter prices get high, it will be beneficial for you.

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Never Take Your Diamond Off in Public

Taking off your diamond ring in public increase the probability of either losing the ring or get stolen. So, avoid taking off the ring, if you need to then wear it on your neck chain, don’t put it in your bag instead carry a ring case with you for emergencies.

Use Ring Dishes in Your Home

Put ring dishes from washroom to every sink, kitchen to your bedside everywhere. Women are most likely to lose things (no offend ladies), so it's better to be more careful and put your ring in a safe place. So, while cleaning dishes, or in the washroom, or when your sleeping you can put your ring to the safe place and there are low chances to lose the ring.

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Check Regularly the Prong and Setting

Some expect advice buyer’s to “Prong Check” their ring once a year. It also depends upon the ring design if your ring is classically designed such as solitaire than it’s not necessary to go to the expert, you can check once in a year but if your ring setting is delicate make sure you keep a close eye on it and check it regularly.


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