The Reason Why We Love Anniversary Ring

Posted on June 28th, 2019 04:08 AM
Anniversary Ring

Anniversaries are a milestone in a relationship that should be celebrated. By celebrating we mean you need to spend time with each other, make each other feel special or gift something to the spouse to thank and make them feel that they still meant everything to you and to cherish your love.


The history of anniversary gifts says couples should give each other wood on their 5th anniversary, tin or aluminum at their 10th, and at their 15th anniversary, they should consider a piece of gold jewelry. Nowadays couples celebrate every anniversary with something special. To commemorate anniversary some people, choose a fancy vacation or some choose a beautiful anniversary ring. Anniversary rings are often bands embellished with diamonds. For women, diamonds can never be enough so the anniversary ring can be the best pick as an anniversary gift.

After 10 tor 15 years (even after 5 years) man choose to celebrate their wedding by surprising her. The best way through you can surprise her is giving a ring on your old anniversary like 6th or 11th!  She cannot imagine that you’ll go out of the way to surprise her.


To compact her engagement ring and wedding ring give her another stunning piece. While we chose the engagement ring and wedding ring you made some mistakes, right? After spending so many years with each other you know her choices better. So, the anniversary ring also summarizes how well you know her. So be careful!


If you’re planning to surprise her with a ring, then choose something which is going to compliment her engagement and wedding ring. Mostly women love to wear all their rings together to glorify the sparkles. The anniversary should enhance the glow. Or you can take her to the shopping to select a perfect ring for herself. because she exactly knows what she wants so it would be perfect to let her select her gift.


You can add the anniversary ring as the complementary or if you have a perfect engagement and wedding ring set then you can also wear an anniversary ring on the right hand. 

 Anniversary rings are not just for women, you can also give your man an anniversary ring. He can wear it with an engagement ring or can replace an engagement ring with the anniversary ring. If he wishes he can wear it on his right hand also. A man also deserves to feel special and loved. 

Gold setting to commemorate your precious 1-year memories

Gold diamond rings!
You can go for a gold vintage ring to celebrate your joyous 1 year of marriage. It will elegantly elaborate on the visual impact of another ring. For a classic ring, you can go with yellow or white gold whichever compliments your engagement ring best or choose rose gold for a unique anniversary ring.

Gemstone for your colorful 5 years

Gemstone rings!
The gemstone will add color to your ring set and to your marriage also. Either you can pick a gemstone ring or a gemstone band. A sapphire anniversary ring will be a classic piece to please your lady or a ruby ring or any other gemstone whichever go with her style.

Diamond for a 10th-year milestone

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To celebrate your first decade what else would better than a diamond? A diamond ring is classic, sentimental, and closest to a woman's heart. She can add this diamond band to her diamond engagement ring to enhance the shimmer.


It's important to make people feel special and make them realize that they matter to you. By gifting anniversary ring, you not only celebrate your previous years but it’s a commitment to love each other the same in upcoming years also. Celebrations don’t rely on dates or on years, but your wedding date is surely the one date you want to celebrate forever. Love needs to celebrate!

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