Ten Hidden Anniversary Ring Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Anniversary Ring

Anniversaries are when couples renewing their wedding vows. A tradition to celebrate anniversary started long ago in Germany, if a couple marked their 25th year of marriage, the wife was presented by a silver ornament and if a marriage mark 50th year than the women were presented by a gold ornament. Now it’s a ritual in almost every country to celebrate the anniversary but not only the in 25th and 50th. Couples celebrated each anniversary with love and on some special anniversaries like 5th, 10th or 15th they gift each other precious gifts.

Anniversary Rings are the best way to celebrate memorable passing years! Most of the men prefer to gift their beloved wife a beautiful ring. There are a lot of hidden things regarding engagement ring, thus this guide will help you to know them and buy a perfect engagement ring.

1. When to gift an anniversary ring?

Majority of people like to gift ring on their milestone anniversary like 10th, 25th or 50th. Everyone has different opinions and choices some like to gift it on 5th or while some wait until the 25th anniversary, it’s totally up to you. It’s also common now to celebrate your old anniversary (like 3rd, 9th or 14th) with a ring.

2. On which hand anniversary ring worn?

It doesn’t necessary to wear a ring on a single ‘ring finger’. You can also wear it on the right hand. While some people like to replace their 
Wedding Ring with their anniversary ring, it’s a personal choice.

3. Difference between the anniversary ring and wedding band?

There is no such difference in them. An anniversary ring is the wedding band, just given on anniversary. The design and patterns of the anniversary ring and wedding bands are almost the same. They both do not contain center stone like an engagement ring.

4. What is the men’s anniversary ring?

Yes, men’s Anniversary Rings do exist, it’s just that women rings got more attention. You can gift your partner platinum band or gold band rings on your anniversary. He can replace it with a wedding ring or can wear both on different hands.

5. Can an engagement ring be an anniversary ring?

The engagement ring features a center stone with fancy detailing while anniversary rings are way more simple and elegant bands but if a desire to own another stunning piece than you can go for a marvelous ring also.

 6.  How to choose an anniversary ring?

If you are someone who loves to collaborate things than you should pick something which suits your anniversary or wedding ring - the same metal band as your previous one crafted with small diamond or band design which enlarger the look of your ring. And if you want to replace your previous ring than you can choose whichever design which goes with your style.

 7.  Imbue with Gemstone anniversary rings

Yes, this style is also very trendy in anniversary rings. People love to add colors to their Engagement Ring. Gemstones bands are stylish, elegant and can complement any type of ring, this will be a superb choice for you.

 8.  Adorn ring with diamonds

You might choose a ring that features the exact number of diamonds as your anniversary. Or you can choose eternity embellished by diamond.

 9.  How to choose the best ring for your partner?

Observe your partner's daily routine is she wearing rings regularly or she mostly prefers bare fingers, or she is in the midway? By this, you can decide which ring will suit her best.

 10. Customize your love on the anniversary ring!

You can engrave a beautiful message for her or some quote on an Anniversary Ring. Customizing will give your ring a personal touch and your efforts will make her feel special

By knowing these features, I think now you can easily pick your perfect anniversary ruing for your spouse. 

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