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Posted on June 28th, 2019 09:01 AM
Engagement Ring

“Diamond speaks louder than words” Yes, she knows how much you love her, you have said it thousand times. What’s new you going to do in your proposal? Which makes her sure that you are going to value your relationship forever. You will say “I am going to propose her on her favorite place or somewhere she always wanted to go, I will do this and that everything” I agree, you will do that, Afterall, she is the one you want to spend your whole life with. But have you thought about “The ring”, no? then you must first think about the ring with you are going to propose her, because not like man, women always fantasize about the engagement ring. It should be on your first priority.

Go with Diamond or Go Home!

Why Diamonds Rings only? Didn’t you listen “Diamonds are women’s best friend” it’s not just a phrase it is true. When it comes to a proposal ring, just don’t think twice to go with diamond rings. A diamond engagement ring will make her glow like never before. Outstand with your engagement ring and make her eyes sparkle with happiness. But how? How are going to pick the perfect ring for your soulmate? Don’t worry we got you! We have some spectacular diamond ring for your lady.

If You Don’t Know Where to Go? Go With - Solitaire

Strong, Beautiful, Brilliant – just like her! Solitaire Diamond Rings are the classic piece, you can never go wrong with. One gigantic stone embellish in the center of the ring and the platinum shank ring will perfectly compliment the diamond. If your budget is little tight then don’t worry you can pick a gold band. Gold band rings will spark the ring perfectly. White gold will add a modern touch, yellow and rose will add a traditional touch to the ring. If she is modern yet classic than solitaire ring will glorify her persona.

More is Less! - Three Stone Diamond Ring

More is less, in terms of the diamond. The more diamond you add to the ring, the more it will spice it up! Different from the solitaire, Three Stone Diamond Ring has three stone at the center of the ring which enhances the center look brilliantly. You can add whichever stone you like, to the three stone ring. Or you can beautifully combine two types of stone to electrify the brilliance. It's trendy, modern and it’s three stone will symbolize your past, present, and future. Your love will definitely love this piece!

Spirit of Maximal Fashion – Halo Rings

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Show her you can go beyond tried and tested! With halo style, you can make a solitaire ring much more sparkle. Around the center diamond, small round cut diamonds are engraved which maximize the overall sparkle. Even if you cannot afford the big diamond you can get a look of a big diamond ring with the combination of halo style to the ring. Halo Diamond Ring will magnify the shimmer and if it combines to the round cut diamond it can do wonders for you.

Engagement rings are a very personal thing, it should tell the story of the person who wears it. So, choose something which will signify your love and your soul. Give her something that she’ll cherish whole her life. I think you have decided what to pick for your lady, right? Now, what are you waiting for? you just need to pick the perfect location and time, bend down on your knees and keep your heart in front of her.

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