Seven Unbelievable Facts About Anniversary Ring

Anniversary Ring

You are married to the love of your life. It’s time to celebrate the love you two share with each other over these years. Stop and cherish the moments you have spent together and how far you have come as a married couple. Anniversaries are commemorated to reliving your wedding day and to remind the vows and the commitment you made to your spouse. Gifts are the way to show your affection towards other. When it comes to anniversary gifts everyone wants to give the most amazing gift to their love ones. To remark this gift forever, ring can be the optimal choice.

Just because you have the breathtaking Engagement Ring and wedding ring, that shouldn’t decrease the excitement of the anniversary ring. I would like to share some unbelievable facts with you which is going to help you in buying the anniversary ring.

1. Anniversary Ring is Wearable in Both Hands.

Not like engagement ring and wedding ring, anniversary ring can be worn on any finger and on right hand also. There is no hard and fast rule to wear anniversary ring. You can choose an anniversary ring for any finger.

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2. Can be Band or a Diamond Ring

If you like to replace your engagement ring than you can buy a solitaire with halo style or a three stone ring. And if you want to upgrade your bridal set than you can add a new trendy anniversary ring to enhance the look.  You can match the anniversary ring to the bridal set or if you want something unique and distinctive you can choose a ruby band also.

3. More Than One Diamond

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Whether you like to purchase a ring or a band, it should feature more than one diamond. Anniversary rings are crafted with multiple diamonds, you can mix match two types of diamond or can go with single type, whatever suits you best!

4. Modify Your Engagement Ring

If you own a solitaire ring and you want something new without changing your wedding ring than you can modify it. You can embellish more diamonds to the ring which will spark your old ring. Or you can add gemstones to the diamond ring. Side detailing is also very traditional trendy, so you can consider that also.

5. Couple Anniversary Rings

If you have a couple wedding band or ring than you can also think over couple anniversary ring. It will compliment your wedding rings. And if you don’t have couple wedding rings than I think you should experiment with couple pair rings.

6. Combination of Metals

Your engagement ring is a platinum ring, but there are no set of stone rule that your anniversary ring will also be in a same metal. You can combine metals to electrify the look. For traditional and vintage look yellow gold can be a great choice and for classic and sparkling look platinum or white gold. You can mix match two metals for your anniversary ring.

7. Customize Anniversary Rings

When you put a little extra effort, it never goes unnoticed! By customize we mean you can design your spouse ring, enhance it with affection and promise of never lasting love. Or you can choose a specific symbol or your love code which makes it more personal. Engrave something which symbolize your commitment.

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These are seven unbelievable and unknown facts about anniversary ring which you should know before buying an anniversary ring. You have come so far gracefully with your soulmate now its time to sit back and cherish those moments which you have spent together, rewind those ups and downs you share, let anniversary ring witness your love!

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