Romantic Gift Ideas For First Valentines Day as an Engaged Couple

Posted on December 31st, 2021 02:24 PM

Well, are you both newly engaged? We bet you’re gushing in love. Why not? This is without any doubt one of the best phases of your love life. The icing to the cake Valentine’s day is fast approaching. We know since it is just the beginning of the new chapter of your love life, you want to enjoy this day of eternal romance to the fullest. But along with excitement, this day brings confusion and thrill. We know-how since it is your first Valentine’s together after the engagement, you want everything to go just right and are already in the hunt for valentines day gift for the couple. The spark of gifting something that could make your significant other feel special is something else after all. Butterflies in stomach already? We understand how eagerly you look forward to this day especially when you’re newly engaged and deep in love. To help you celebrate this romantic day with utmost joy, we’re here with some unique valentines day ideas for couples. Hop on!

What value does celebrating Valentine's Day hold after engagement?

The phase between engagement and marriage is quite fun and when Valentine’s day is between that, it becomes all the more exciting. Why? Since you’re both already so smitten in love, you could make Valentine's Day an occasion to celebrate the deep love you hold for one another. Valentines Day is one official occasion you get to celebrate your love. The time after the engagement is the most exciting and since it’s the big day of love, it calls for a romantic celebration with your fiance, doesn’t it? That’s exactly how you keep the romance in your relationship alive. When looking for a valentines day gift for a couple, gifting each other something that holds great emotional value for the both of you makes your relationship even stronger.

Valentines day ideas for couples after engagement

Since you’re both newly engaged and on top of that Valentine's Day is around the corner, you must be looking for romantic valentines day ideas for couples to celebrate your precious love. That is quite a task since you’re on a hunt for things you both find fun to do together. Isn’t that also the most interesting part of being in a relationship? You’re always exploring! That being said, let’s look at a number of romantic as well as fun things you could do together to celebrate your Valentine’s Day after engagement:

  • Romantic jewelry gift: You’re celebrating your love for one another this Valentine's Day and you’re just engaged! We bet you’re both smitten in love now more than ever. You must be thinking of a romantic gift to make the love of your life feel special. What better gift than jewelry, specially crafted to express your love towards your significant other! Jewelry in itself holds great emotional value for people. And when combined with this auspicious occasion, what better Romantic valentines day gift for wife precious jewelry?

  • Cooking: Yes, cooking together is romantic. Apart from being a fun activity to do together, it gives you a chance to get to know each other better and further solidifies your relationship. Since you’re about to spend a lifetime together, you must be looking to find your joy in the simplest of things.

  • Vacation: Since you’re just engaged, we know how you must be craving some quality time together alone. A vacation is also a great way to detox yourself and get a fresh new vibe. And what’s more romantic than taking a sunbath together at the breeziest of beaches or going hiking together this Valentine's Day. You could make her feel special with a surprise vacation along with a Romantic valentine's jewelry gift.

Top Romantic Jewelry valentine's Day gift for the new couple

Here we come to the most exciting part! As a newly engaged couple, you want to celebrate every occasion together to the fullest. It’s like a new beginning to your relationship. With each passing day and with Valentine’s Day coming closer, your excitement knows no bounds. But along with it, you’re a bit nervous thinking of a valentine's Day gift for the new couple. We know how you just want to express what your partner means to you with a sweet gift that holds some emotional value for both of you. What better way to express your love than gifting romantic jewelry this Valentine’s Day? Having a wide range of varieties, jewelry could prove to be one of the sweetest valentines day gifts for couples. So here we here with some romantic jewelry valentine’s day gift options to help you choose from:

Gorgeous Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring:

Solitaire rings are already a favorite among women! Why? Well, the plus point is that a solitaire ring goes with everything. That combined with the vintage blue color is like a match made in heaven. Blue has been one of the classic colors picks since time immemorial. Since Blue looks good on every woman, this Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring could make a great valentine's gift for a girlfriend. Blue Sapphire symbolizes protection, thus further solidifying your relationship and love for one another. The undying spark of Diamond around just like your love makes this Blue Sapphire ring a classic pick for Valentine’s Day.

Vintage Red Onyx Art Deco Stud Earrings:

Can the trend of stud earrings ever go? Stud Earrings, being a favorite among women, go with any and every outfit and look as pretty. Art Deco Stud Earrings give the most vintage look and can be donned with the classiest outfits of yours. The red onyx embellishment of these earrings symbolizes protection against negative energies, thus protecting your relationship. Also, isn’t read the official color of love? It is the first color that comes to our mind when thinking of romance. The baguette shape of these red onyx earrings makes them look all the more vintage. The Diamond embellishment of these earrings makes its spark unparalleled. An art deco stud earrings as vintage as your love for one another! All this combined makes these earrings a unique valentine's Day gift for the new couple.

Unique Multi-gemstone Stud Earrings:

If she is mesmerized by the beauty of colorful gemstones, we bet she would love these stud earrings. The gemstone of your life who’s made it colorful by being a part of it deserves that pampering after all. Stud Earrings, being one of the most popular jewelry among women, can be donned with any outfit to strike a vibrant fashion statement. The amethyst, peridot, citrine along diamond embellishment makes these multi-gemstone stud earrings a unique pick for Valentine’s Day. We bet these stud earrings are just as colorful as your life after engagement. So why not give her a reason to cherish her love life with these colorful stud earrings this Valentines’ Day? The perfect valentine's day gift for a new relationship you’ve started!

Romantic Ruby Wedding Band:

Aren’t Ruby and romance synonymous? We do think so! A wedding band could be the most Romantic valentines day gift for a wife. Being embellished beautifully with Ruby, this wedding band could go with the classiest of your attires. The gemstone of love Ruby further amplifies its beauty. The red color of Ruby gemstone makes its entire look pop out and makes its appearance all the more romantic. On top of that, the red color looks just as stunning on every woman. She could don it with any attire to flaunt your love proudly. A Ruby wedding Band as Red as you’re in love. The spark of a wedding band after you’re just engaged is unmatchable for her after all, making it another beautiful valentine’s gift in our collection.

Heart Shape Ruby Stud Earrings for the one in your heart:

The emotional value behind heart shape earrings is something else, isn’t it? Heart shape earrings symbolize how she resides nowhere else but in your heart. The embellishment of ‘gemstone of love’ Ruby makes it all the more romantic. Who doesn’t like red hearts after all? When gifted by the love of your life after the engagement, the value it holds becomes quite profound. We bet she won’t be able to stop gushing over these Ruby heart stud earrings. Combined with Halo Diamond, the spark of these earrings makes it a unique valentine's day gift for a new relationship. Aren’t red hearts a theme for Valentine’s Day after all? We sure think nothing can ever match the emotional value of red heart jewelry when gifted with love. On top of that, stud earrings are already a favorite among women making these earrings another romantic pick for a new couple for Valentine’s day.

Diamond Pendant Necklace for the diamond of your life:

Aren’t Diamonds already a favorite of every woman? When embellished in a Pendant, who can resist its charm? Since a Diamond Pendant looks great on every outfit, it can make for a classic fashion statement. A Pendant, when gifted from the person you’re engaged to and have promised to spend a lifetime together with, becomes twofold in value. The spark of Diamond embellishment would always be as ceaseless as your love for one another, making it a perfect valentine's Day gift for the new couple.

Ruby Celtic Band Ring:

Did you know a Celtic Band Ring symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty? The Ruby embellishment of this Celtic Ring adds a romantic touch to it. The red color in itself is so expressive as it’s been defined as the ‘color of love’ since time immemorial. What better occasion to surprise the love of your life with a Ruby Band Ring than Valentine’s Day? After all the spark of Ruby gemstone especially for newly engaged couples is something else. That being said, a Ruby Celtic Band Ring could easily be another romantic pick when looking for romantic valentine's day ideas for the new couple.

Diamond Heart Devil and Angel Necklace:

Looking for a unique gift for your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Well, what’s more, unique than a Devil and Angel Necklace to make a rare fashion statement. What’s romantic about this Necklace? Well, the twin open hearts makes this necklace a unique pick for the love of your life. These hearts signify the love with which you’ve gifted this necklace to your wife to be. The Diamond embellishment in this Necklace provides the much-needed spark. The best part about this necklace is that it can be paired up with the most casual as well as party wear outfits and look stunning. A Necklace after all is always a great choice when gifting to the love of your life. It can be a great gift for newly engaged couples in the hunt for valentine's day ideas for teenage couples.

Ruby Solitaire Ring for the precious solitaire of your life:

Can anything ever look as romantic as a Ruby Solitaire Ring? Apart from making a classic fashion statement, a ruby solitaire ring looks as bright as your love for one another. Red color, already being the ‘color of love,’ looks just as pretty on any girl. Isn’t red one of the most favorite colors of every woman after all? The elegance of a Ruby Solitaire Ring is unmatchable, be it with any outfit. The Celtic pattern of this solitaire ring makes it a unique pick for Valentine’s Day. Since you’re newly engaged and about to spend a lifetime together, the value of a ruby solitaire ring becomes all the more profound for her, thus making it a romantic valentine's Day gift for the new couple.

Stunning Ethiopian Opal Solitaire Ring:

The gleaming shine of Ethiopian opal is unparalleled, isn’t it? Ethiopian Opal, symbolizing purity, could insinuate to her how your love for her would always be as pure as this solitaire ring. Since you’re both newly engaged, this solitaire ring becomes all the more valuable for her. The diamond side stone embellishment of this ring combined with Ethiopian Opal Solitaire makes the shine of this ring undying. Which woman doesn’t love to shine in their jewelry after all? And when it’s the shine of love, we know how meaningful it becomes. Apart from that the marquise cut of Ethiopian opal further enhances its beauty. The Celtic detailing on top of that gives a unique touch to this ring. The plus point of gifting this solitaire ring as a valentine's gift for a girlfriend is that it can go with any outfit and look just as shiny.


Valentine’s Day calls for a celebration for couples deep in love and when you’re newly engaged, your happiness must be having no bounds. You must’ve started the countdown for the big day of love already. Along with the excitement, this big day carries thrill and a lot of planning. After all, since it’s a new phase of your love life, you want to celebrate this day on a romantic note. We know easier said than done. Since the big day requires you to be a little romantic, here we have tried to cover everything from the most romantic valentines day ideas for couples to the most romantic jewelry valentines day gift for couples. We know how expressive gifting jewelry can be when you’re just smitten in love. The spark of love when you’re newly engaged is something else after all. That being said, we hope you find the most classic jewelry of all times this Valentine's Day to gift and celebrate your love to the fullest. Here we sign off blessing you both and wishing you a lifetime together!


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