Rhythm of Love: Solitaire Rings

Posted on July 18th, 2019 02:30 PM
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A Solitaire Ring showcase the beauty of a single diamond in the center. Solitaire Engagement Rings are perfect for the brides who love simple and elegant things. These rings are classy and traditional. Solitaire rings are timeless, they never go out of trend.
Many people don’t know any shape or cut diamond can look gorgeous in a solitaire ring. It gives the diamond a center stage and gives space to shimmer. Mostly people like to pair a solitaire ring with prong setting of small diamond stone to enhance the spark.
If you are looking for a simple yet classy engagement ring, then don’t think twice before picking the solitaire ring. It can glorify the persona gracefully. Here is some Solitaire Engagement Ring which you can prefer for your lady.

Prong Setting Solitaire Ring

The prong setting is the most popular setting among Solitaire Rings. Small claws held a diamond in place, we call these claws ‘prong’. They are attached to the base of the ring and they slightly held the diamond. With round cut diamond people generally choose 6- prong setting or 4- prong setting. The different diamond cut needs a different prong setting.

Twisted Shank Solitaire Ring

With a twist in the shank, this Solitaire Diamond Ring is simple yet modern. In this twisted shank magnify the beauty of an elegant solitaire ring. Twisted Shank looks stylish in any metal band. You can get a Gold Twisted Solitaire Ring if you want a rich traditional look, or you can get a Platinum or White Gold Twisted Solitaire Ring if you want the modernish look.

Prong Side Stone Solitaire Ring

For more sparkle, brides love to add tiny diamond side stones in prong setting. It’s the most popular solitaire style. Small and petite round cut diamond looks mesmerizing on the sides and it electrifies the shimmer of the center diamond. It’s not too simple not too dramatic, just the perfect pick for you. You can have center gemstone with small diamonds on the side, this will look distinctive from the usual diamond ring.

Engraved Solitaire Diamond Ring

For a bit traditional look, you can also purchase an engraved solitaire diamond ring. Its shank is engraved with a delicate design which gives you a rich vintage look. Engraved designs with solitaire make a breathtaking combination, you can choose any metal band. While yellow gold will enhance the old love charm and white gold and platinum would provide a classic fresh touch.

Halo Solitaire Ring

When tiny diamond stones are encased around the center stone to enhance the sparkle of the ring is Halo Style. Halo style will give glimmer to the gorgeous solitaire ring. Halo solitaire ring will look beautiful in any metal band. And the best part of this style is a number of diamonds will combine to bling and look like a big center diamond.

Bezel Solitaire Diamond Ring

Your diamond will be encased in a bezel setting will be more secure and there is less chance of diamond to get damaged. Any shape or cut diamond can set in a bezel setting. It looks way simpler and if you do handwork a lot, sports or anything than this setting will keep your diamond a more save than prong setting.

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