Magical Benefits of Emerald

Posted on February 17th, 2022 10:52 AM

Emeralds are precious stones and are as valuable as rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. The lustrous greenstone is part of the beryl family. The color of the stone ranges from light green to a deep transparent green. The powerful stone has been the honor of royals by being with them either in the form of a talisman or by being ingrained in their crowns, belts, daggers, and cross symbols. The first deposit of emerald was found in Egypt. Primary deposits of the stone have been in Egypt, Colombia, and Zambia. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia, the USA, and Russia are other places where it is mined now.

Everyone knows Cleopatra's crazy love for emeralds jewelry. She adorned herself and her home with emeralds and also gifted them to foreign dignitaries. Afterwards, there have been many names from royal kingdom like ; Napoleon, Alexander, Queen Elizabeth II and many more who were attached to the stone and owned a huge collection. There must be something powerful about emeralds that made it the most loved and desired stone in the history. Let us know more about the magic that it can create in you and your life.

Magical Benefits of Emerald

1. More Wisdom

According to astrology, each stone is connected to a planet, and the Emerald is connected to Mercury. Mercury takes care of intellectual abilities and intelligence in a person. This planet in different houses of your birth chart is responsible for maintaining your different skills. If Mercury is in the first house of your chart, the emerald will bring you mental strength, refined intellect, and wisdom. Wearing an emerald will bring you great decision making skills, curiosity, and an inclination towards the attainment of more knowledge.

2. More Creativity and Innovation

The stone is meant to improve the quality of your imagination and the power of new ideas. Writers, businessmen, ,media people, and researchers are genuinely creative, but to be excellent at their work, they need to continuously work to enhance their ability to think differently. The stone will help you see things from a new perspective and be innovative. New ideas will effortlessly flow into your mind. With heightened instincts and gut you will do exactly how you should be doing your work. Wear the stone if you are looking to take your career to new heights.

3. More Wealth

Emerald stone and crystal are used to attract more flow of money. Since ancient times, it has been a symbol of wealth and abundance. History shows how kings and queens treasured emeralds and used them for personal and political purposes. They had a high regard and value for emeralds. As abundance attracts more abundance, this stone symbol of royalty and wealth attracts more wealth. Also, by channelizing inner abilities, creativity, intellect, wisdom, and other skills, it helps you grow professionally, which in turn results in increasing money flow.

4. Love and Faithfulness

Emerald is the stone of the heart chakra. It opens up the heart and clears all the blockages that could be the reason for clogged emotions. It will make you feel light and happy once again. There are times we feel our emotions leading us rather than us directing them. We feel weak, overwhelmed and victim to our emotions. It is then that you need an emerald to rescue you and infuse life force in you. Only someone who is light at heart and free from mental stress can love easily and unconditionally. Use emerald to manage your moods and refrain from getting misdirected by chaotic and poor emotions.

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5. Better Communication

Communication skills are ruled by my mercury planet. Astrologically, If mercury is placed strongly in your birth chart, then one has effective speaking skills and communicate clearly his or her thoughts. And to make your mercury strong, the use of emerald stones is suggested as it is its primary gem. If you belong to the artistic community of people and are required to be on stage and do public speaking, then emerald can help boost your confidence and refine your speech. The stone will keep you mentally calm, which in turn will help you to think and speak clearly. You will get help in getting rid of stammering and shyness too, which can be big stumbling blocks in your career that requires you to have excellent communication skills. 

6. Fertility and Childbirth

Ancient Egyptians used the stone to treat infertility and ease the pain of childbirth. Pregnant women were asked to wear an emerald around their neck to avoid accidents and miscarriages. Aphrodite, goddess of fertility, love, and war, was worshiped with emeralds. If you are someone who is facing a complicated pregnancy and your overthinking mind tells you to be extremely cautious, then you can keep the emerald with you or wear it as jewelry. As the ancients also used it as a talisman, it will act as a protecting agent for you and your baby. It will increase your patience and compassion, and you will be able to cope with physical and mental changes with ease.

7. Eye sight issues

Pliny the Elder had weak eyesight and once used an emerald to see gladiatorial competition. It worked well for him, and he said who "have no better method of restoring their eyes than by looking at the emerald, its soft green color comforting and removing their weariness and lassitude." Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, stated that "the emerald possesses some particular virtues; it imparts its color to water when dipped in it.  It also rests the eyes. " Lapidaries, gem cutters used emeralds to give rest and soothe their eyes. Apart from that, there are many personal anecdotes of people from the 21st century who used emerald for and during their eye treatment, and it helped them to get better.

8. Cures Diseases

Arab gemologists were the first to differentiate between mystical and medicinal emerald gemstones. Because of its mysticism and magic, it is an effective medicine too. Somewhere, both properties compliment each other. Emerald had the ability to cure malaria, cholera, epilepsy prevention, life-threatening fevers, plagues, poisonous effects, kidney stones, heart diseases, toothaches, wounds, headaches, and insomnia. 

9. Mental Health Issues

Ancient practices prescribe the manner of taking emeralds to cure feelings of loneliness. Its effects go beyond physical cures and extend to the brain and psyche of an individual. It calms the restlessness and improves the memory. By wearing emeralds in the form of jewelry, you can get rid of anxiety attacks, high stress levels, insecurities, and constant low feelings.

Emerald is one stone that has a long history of being used as a powerful medicine and talisman. A number of instances from the ancient and middle ages have been documented where emeralds' magical abilities have saved people. Furthermore, previous narratives show that no one has been able to resist its allure and appealing green appearance. Probably for this very reason, it remains "the king of stones."

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