Is Engagement Ring the Most Trending Thing Now?

Posted on June 28th, 2019 11:32 AM
Diamond Engagement Ring

The first official Engagement Rings was put by a man was in 1477 in gold medal with crafted diamond. After that engagement rings are becoming part of the marriage and the custom. In different countries, we have different customs, but the engagement ring is almost in every religion. Engagement rings are not always been about the diamond. In fact, women wear gold, steel or iron rings. A company slogan changed everything- ‘A Diamond is Forever’. That has changed the history of engagement rings. From then diamond means engagement ring and engagement ring means diamond.

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Though it became a recent trend. Men are proposing their beloved partner with the most gorgeous engagement rings. Similarly, women are also not expecting anything less than a diamond ring. And why not it is a symbol of love and commitment and people should invest in it.


Star like Angelia Jolie to Kate Middleton, Beyoncé to Jennifer Lopez are creating thunderstorm with their Diamond Engagement Rings. They are setting the highest trends to match up but every time some celebrity got hitched everyone’s eyes are on the engagement ring. These trendy rings top all charts on social media. Instagram got flooded with the engagement rings pick. Either everyone is discussing the carat weight, or the sparkling is a diamond shape. That itself said a lot of things about rings.

Engagement Ring trends also show the evolution of Engagement Rings with modernized culture. Earlier not too many people think of an Engagement Rings but now it's an essential part of the proposals. Couples are giving it extra thoughts. they are selecting their Engagement Ring more carefully now. everyone wants the most gorgeous Engagement Ring ever.

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Can the size of a diamond ring, reflect the love of two individual shares? Not sure. But diamonds are making noise in the jewelry business with engagement rings. Also, young brides don’t like to wear too much jewelry. An engagement ring is the best accessory that one can carry elegantly on any occasion. Plus, it comes with class and beauty that enhances your personality.

 The variety of options you have in engagement rings are unbelievable like for a classic lady, we have a solitaire diamond ring and, for a traditional, we have an exceptional vintage collection, or you can go with three stone engagement rings like Meghan Markel. Halo setting in an engagement ring is also enchanting. The split shank or twisted bands maximize the charisma of engagement rings. What band will enhance the beauty of your diamond more?  Platinum or white gold band for a sparkling ring or a yellow gold band for a vintage diamond ring or choose a rose gold band for a distinctive engagement ring. Moreover, you can customize your own engagement rings or etched your ring with beautiful designs. People are also customizing couples’ rings nowadays. The everyone love story is different so do their style, but we have plenty of options to select from.


Women’s who got bored with their old engagement designs and they want something new, then they are modifying their engagement ring according to their style. You can add more stones or can reduce stones as per your choice. Or you can put your engagement ring’s diamond in all new setting.

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Engagement ring defines the bond of two souls and affection they share. When someone proposed his love with an engagement ring it itself has so many emotions in it. And one cannot deny that it is the most precious moment of two individuals’ life. After putting an engagement ring, they are becoming the inseparable part of one another life. This ordinary piece of jewelry suddenly becomes the commitment of two souls.

Engagement rings can never go out of trend because marriage is the core of world and engagement are the beginning of it…



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