Engagement Ring Vs Wedding Ring - Separate Ring for Separate Ceremony

Posted on April 1st, 2021 06:29 PM
Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring

So, you are prepared to commit your love to your partner, firstly, “A Big Congratulations!” is in the queue. And secondly, if you are searching for the one perfect ring to honor your love, then you must know there is not one ring but two. Yes, you read it right, you must look for an engagement as well as a wedding ring. It is crucial for your wife that the wedding be a dream wedding for her and wouldn't she love you even more if you remembered this smallest detail right. The basic difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring.

Is the engagement ring different from the wedding ring?

Wedding ring

Wedding ring

Engagement Ring

Engagement ring

Importance of Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

The significance or you might say the logic behind both the rings is in itself a great difference one can hope to look for. An engagement ring is a symbol of the proposal of your love to her. It is more of a question you ask without exactly using the words - if she is ready to accept you as your other half.

A wedding ring, on the other hand, signifies your commitment to the relationship. Not only the commitment, but it is also a representation of the official bond of marriage, to be called man and wife before the eyes of people. When these rings are worn together, then they are meant to show your love and commitment in front of the world.

Know the Design

Engagement rings are often crafted with either a stand-alone stone or a dominant stone surrounded by smaller side stones. It doesn’t always have to be a diamond ring or any other expensive deal. Any simple solitaire engagement ring or fancy vintage ring can suffice for the occasion depending upon your choice and the budget.

While, traditionally, a wedding ring boasts of simple yet elegant designs like an eternity band clad with comparatively smaller diamonds. It can be crafted out of solid yellow or white gold depending upon your personal preference.

Engagement Ring Vs Wedding Ring Price

Engagement rings tend to be encrusted with larger gemstones compared to wedding rings which usually have smaller stones attached to them. This brings about a significant difference in the carat weights. Hence, engagement rings tend to be heavier than wedding rings in terms of a carat. 

This difference in the weightage of both the rings creates a difference in what they will be costing you. In general, engagement rings tend to be costlier than their counterparts. But again, there is no set rule for it and it totally depends upon personal preferences and the budget you have in mind for the rings.

Do I have to buy an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

Again it comes down to your own choice if you are a person who doesn't mind throwing traditions out of the window. If you are not, then you should opt for both rings, else there are couples who can mutually agree on a single ring to symbolize both your engagement and married status. However, choosing a single ring for both purposes is mostly preferred due to the fact that it is more comfortable that way.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about one more ring if you are a little bit clumsy and have the habit of forgetting. 

Sometimes, it might even get troublesome to find the right match for one another, so in order to avoid any hassle, you can easily go for a single ring.

Engagement & Wedding Ring Combinations

If you are a person who likes to do things traditionally or don’t mind spending extra money but also don’t want to take the trouble of looking for a matching pair then you can always choose out of the options available as the Engagement & Wedding Ring Combinations. 

They are designed in a way that would perfectly fit in the fingers of your other half without creating any fuss. And you don’t even have to worry about them being mismatched.

In conclusion to the aforementioned content, we can sum up the facts that the choice of getting an engagement ring and a wedding ring separately totally depends upon your own preference. You can even get one if you like and can also opt for a combination of both if it suits your purpose. However, the purpose of both rings needs to be clear.


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