Engagement Ring Is So Famous, But Why?

Posted on June 28th, 2019 11:07 AM

Engagement Rings indicates that the person – men or women, is engaged or married.  The engagement ring symbolizes marriage and forever bond between the two individuals. In different culture, people have different custom but engagement rings are almost in every religion. It represents the agreement to the marriage. In most western countries, only women wear engagement ring and in some, both men and women wear engagement rings. The engagement ring mostly wears on the fourth finger of a left hand, it’s a belief that ‘ring finger’ veins are directly connected with the heart. When your partner put a ring on the finger it directly connects with the heart.

History of Engagement Ring

In 1477 Archduke Maximilian is the first significant man who put an engagement ring on his beloved partner Mary of Burgundy. This influence others and started the culture of engagement ring or giving diamonds to their loved ones. Back then these precious stones are very rare and expensive. The common man is unable to buy a diamond ring. After the discovery of mines diamonds became assessable to people. Though the diamond is not so popular as today. South African company plays an important role in becoming diamond famous. Movies like Titanic also impact ladies a lot.


The idea of an engagement ring is to symbolize the love and commitment of marriage. But now if you are wearing an engagement ring the first question arises is how much it cost? Is it 1 carat or 2 carats? Why you choose round cut? The custom is now lost somewhere between the marketing and modernizing culture. In engagement ring also they don’t see love.


How amazing it is? One small ring of metal signifies so much. Every time you see it, it reminds you of- your vows, why you are a commitment to your significant others, how you fell in love with your partner and how he proposed you… An engagement ring is a pride and a clear message to the world that I love… and will always love you.


The engagement ring is in the shape of a circle which refers to the circle of life. The circle symbolizes no end and no beginning. It’s an infinite circle of love which goes beyond the life that is also an importance of engagement ring to be accepted universally.

Why Diamond Engagement Ring?

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Diamond – A forever, unbreakable and transparent matter. Like a diamond, marriage is a forever bond between two souls, an unbreakable faith one has on each other, and a transparent relationship. It’s a precious stone which you gift your loved one and they will cherish it lifelong. Sparkling diamonds bring sparkles to your love life.  Women love the diamond engagement ring the most and now diamonds are way more affordable than the early years.


Diamond is most popular, but some people also prefer Gold engagement ring or of other precious stones. Gold and platinum are more preferred engagement rings than others. There are various styles are available in an engagement ring.

A variety of styles, shape, and diamonds are available in the market.

You can also customize your own diamond engagement ring to add a personal feel to the ring. Many couples go their birthstones or engraved their partner’s name. There are many ways to hold on the elegance of the relationship with being unique in choices.


Engagement rings express your feelings amazingly. Shower your love on your life partner with the brilliant engagement ring. Love doesn’t need any language; you just need a perfect ring and a beautiful relation. Engagement rings are famous because that’s the only way through which you can make your love last forever. That doesn’t mean if you don’t put a ring than love means anything less. But it’s good to show off sometimes right? And what’s better than an engagement ring.


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