Diamond Terms: Your Essential Pocket Guide

Posted on February 18th, 2020 04:09 PM

Looking for diamonds? This essential pocket guide will give you all relevant information about your favourite diamonds. Many diamond terminologies are big headache for diamond lovers. 


Before you purchase your diamond jewellery, you need to understand these diamond terminologies to make the right decision. We’ve created a list of diamond terminologies that will offer you the great help as well as make your diamond shopping easy and hassle-free. 


Let’s Take a Look at the 4Cs of Diamonds


Once you understand the terms of 4Cs, you will be able to purchase the perfect diamond with higher quality within your budget.  


The grade of diamonds is depending upon the majorly 4 factors, also known as 4Cs: cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. Each “C” of the diamonds has its own grading scale to know evaluate its quality. As all 4C’s help diamond merchants to determine the price of the quality as per their quality and compare diamonds from one another. Also, it’s very important for customers who are looking to purchase diamonds of higher quality. 


First C is “Cut” 


Cut of the diamond is considered as one of the important elements to consider. A well-cut diamond will give the more sparkle as compare to the diamonds with less expertly cut. That’s why it is said “the better the cut, the more sparkle stone will have” 


Second C is “Color”


Usually, the colorless diamonds are more valuable. The color of the diamond is rated on a scale of D-Z with “D” means completely colorless and “Z” being a noticeable yellow. 


Third C is “Clarity” 


The clarity of diamond means the amount/type of inclusions present in it. These inclusions can easily be found on the surface of the diamonds or inside the diamond. A diamond with a lesser flaw receives a much higher grade. 


 Fourth C is “Carat Weight” 


When people hear the term of “Carat Weight”, they think it’s about the size of the diamond. Actual reality is different from this, carat means, the weight of the diamond. 


Apart from these 4Cs, there is one more “c” that most of the people are not aware of. This “C” is most important for the customers who’re planning to buy new engagement rings, wedding rings or any other diamond jewellery. Yes, it’s right! We’re talking about this cost. You can get your diamond in your budget by opting to lower clarity graded diamonds. 


Which are the popular shapes of the diamonds? 


Diamond comes in a wide variety of shapes, but most common ones are princess, oval, cushion and marquise. You can easily find the diamond shape of your choice from popular diamond jewellery stores. 


How Diamonds Can be Classified?


When it comes to diamond shopping, most of the customers are not aware of the technical aspects of diamonds. The consumers further classified these diamonds into four types based on their appearance.  


Let’s understand, how diamond gets classified?


(1)   Natural Diamonds 


What first thing comes to your mind? When you heard the word Diamonds?  A white sparkling s rock that founded from mines.  Yes, you’re right “Natural Diamonds” are same. It is founded in the natural way that’s why known as” Natural Diamonds”.


(2)     Treated Diamonds



These are artificially enhanced versions of the natural diamonds.  These are mind just like the regular diamonds. However, gone through the treatments to make them look better.  As compared to natural diamonds, treated diamonds are sold in the lower prices.


(3)  Man Made Diamonds


Manmade diamonds are also called lab grown diamonds, these diamonds are grown in the lab and these days they are gaining huge popularity.


(4)   Natural Coloured Diamonds


 The natural coloured diamonds are occurred in a variety of colours such as blue, purple, black, green and red.


In the world of jewellery, there is nothing much sparkling than “Diamonds”. So, we hope now you’ll understand all important terms of diamonds and you’ll take its advantage  at the time of  diamond jewellery shopping. 

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