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Posted on June 28th, 2019 10:07 AM
Engagement Ring

The trend comes and go, yes you need to be upgraded with new trends, but I recommend you celebrate your own sense of unique style. Because buying an Engagement Ring is once a lifetime thing and it’s a very personal choice. A lot of trends are upgraded from past culture and have some sense of a touch of the past era.


Some brides are attracted towards vintage design where some are into modern diamond ring rings. But a classic big solitaire ring always has a special place in the market. From the most famous round cut diamond brides are moving towards oval, cushion and emerald cut diamonds. A variety of colors, cuts, style are acquirable nowadays.

Romantic Three Stones Diamond Ring

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These are the most trending and enchanting diamond rings. Princess Meghan Markel also preferred three stone diamond ring for her Engagement. From celebrity to common brides everyone loves this style of rings. It symbolizes life’s three phrases beautifully- Past, Present, and Future. You can customize your own ring and can add sparkling Diamonds and Gemstones to the ring.

 A Classic Solitaire Diamond

Elegance in simplicity! Classic solitaire is timeless, always trending and best pick for your lady. Solitaire diamond ring features a single captivating diamond in the middle of the ring. An eye-catching ring and can carry with other band rings also to enhance the beauty. Princess cut, round cut, cushion cut or emerald cut diamond as per your style can customize in your ring.

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Sparkling Halo Engagement Ring

Seal of love. Halo engagement rings ensure shimmer with every moment. A halo ring features a design that surrounds center stone enclose with enchanting small stones gives a spanking look. The design serves to make them look more mesmerizing by maximizing its charisma.

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Infinity Diamond Engagement Ring

Symbol of an infinity of endless love and commitment, this ring will demonstrate your devotion and vows towards your partner. Infinity diamond rings are the perfect gift for Valentine's, or for her birthday or some any special occasion. Mix matching with other jewelry can create a. breathtaking look

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Wide Band Engagement Ring

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The wideband engagement ring features more composition design and has more space for creative patterns. Brides are more drawn to a wide band engagement ring for its sustainability and create a marvelous look on the finger. 

Beautiful Floral Engagement Ring

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Floral design is always the ultimate expression of love and when it comes to engagement rings brides do consider this style for a more fascinating look. It gives your finger a beautiful touch. Small diamond detailing makes it more eye seeking. Floral rings can be crafted in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

Best Tips to Care For Jewellery

Apart from this style, you can also consider pave or prong style for the more sparkling ring. Or you can go for a double halo style. Wedding bands are also most peoples beloved these days. 

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