10 Things you Most Likely Don’t Know About Engagement Rings

Posted on December 5th, 2019 01:29 PM
Engagement Ring

Mostly people don’t know the facts of the diamond engagement ring till they went to purchase a diamond ring. There are many aspects of diamond engagement ring other than carat weight and color of the diamond. Here are 10 things you most probably don’t know about the diamond and you should know before purchasing your engagement ring to save your money. This will secure you from hackers. Let’s have a look.

1.  The Four C’s of Diamond

Quality of diamonds rings are assessing by the 4 c’s of the diamond.

  • Cut – cut doesn’t refer to the diamond shape (e.g. round, oval, etc.), but it means to diamond’s polish or symmetry. The beauty of the diamond depends most on these factors. 
  • Clarity- All diamonds contain some imperfections. Clarity refers to the degree at which imperfection is present on the surface of the diamond. The diamond which contains numerous imperfections is low on clarity chart.
  • Color- Diamonds comes in various colors, some of them are very rare thus high in the price. White diamonds are high in price but a tint of yellow can low its price. Less colored diamonds are high in price.
  • Carat- Carat is a unit of weight. Diamonds are sold in carats. One carat is approximately equal to 0.2 grams

2.  Solitaire rings are supreme

Solitaire is 30% of the total diamond rings available in the market. Solitaire engagement rings are most popular among brides.

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3.  Your Diamond Should be Certified

The most important thing to look when you are purchasing a diamond ring is certification. Diamond should come with the certification of authenticity. Value of diamond depends on four C’S, it can be certified by a various agency like GIA, etc.

4.  Platinum bands are worth

Yes, platinum is the most expensive metal to craft your engagement ring. But platinum is worth it. It is more durable and more better looking than gold.

5. Return the ring

Jewelers return the ring. If your lady does not like it, you can exchange the ring. But for that, you need to check their turn policies of jeweler’s shop before buying the ring.

6. Modify your Ring

If you don’t like your finance choice or you want a new design on your 20 year’s old engagement ring. You can easily modify your diamond ring. You can add more stones or reducing the stones to make it simple.

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7. Choose Diamond Shape According to your Finger

If you have long fingers than round cut, princess cut, or cushion cut diamond will glorify your hand more beautifully and if you have small chubby fingers than oval cut or pear diamond will work for you.

8.  The shape of Diamond Affects the Price

The shape of a diamond can affect the price of the diamond ring. An oval shape or marquise diamond will cost you less with same carat weight. So, by being smart in your choice you can purchase a diamond ring under your budget.

9.  Round is Everyone’s Favorite

Round cut shaped diamond is most beloved among brides. Its texture is simple and classic and looks gorgeous on everyone.

 10.   Carat Weight Myth

We think by reducing carat weight we can reduce the diamond price. But it isn't true, the one-carat diamond can cost you more than two-carat diamond. Diamond price equally depends upon color, clarity, and cut.


By considering these things you can select the beautiful engagement ring which symbolizes your love and soul. This will increase your knowledge about an engagement ring and make you more aware about the choices you have. We know choosing an engagement ring for your partner is a very heartfelt choice, but you are also buying a diamond and spending your savings on something expensive, so you need to be wise also.

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